Developer Warcave has revealed details of its upcoming Black Legend adventure strategy title. The details include some of the game’s key features for fans of turn-based strategy, including a full list of classes and information on the alchemy attack system.

If you’re a fan of strategy games, one of the most anticipated features of the game is the ability to change your team members into one of 15 different classes that are unlocked throughout the game. Classes range from alchemist to sniper, allowing you to choose your preferred strategy.

The creative director of the game, Menno van der Heyden, said about it

We want players to be creative with the settings available. As for class skills and equipment, it’s important to experiment with different combinations to find the best way to protect your group or defeat a boss. To survive in the City of Grant, a diverse range of services is needed.

When you unlock a class, you must collect all the equipment you need for that class while exploring or fighting. Unlocked skills can then be used by characters of any class, allowing players to experiment with a variety of cross-class constructs.

Here is the full list of Black Legend classes in Warcave:


  • Alchemist: Trained in the noble art of alchemy, these heavily armored individuals spend day and night honing their combat skills, aiding allies and depleting enemies with a mixture of powders, explosions and potions.
  • Gingerbread: The label of paddleboat sailor doesn’t mean much to this hardened ocean. They are armed with both melee and distance options, and have a variety of tools and curses to be as versatile as possible within their team.
  • Commander: Beacons of inspiration on the battlefield, these tacticians pinpoint targets, inspire their comrades and instill fear in the enemy, passing the momentum to their allies with their own offensive capabilities.
  • Doppelganger: Those who master the art of the great sword rely on heavy combat damage to prepare their allies for devastating results. Large swings can hit some enemies, while a solid blade is mainly meant to injure others.
  • Dragoon: Light on his feet and specializing in pyrokinesis, Dragoon leaves a flamboyant trail. Without concern for their own safety, many who encounter the dragons are reduced to ashes.
  • Duelist: These masters of the sword, bearers of fine steel and unshakable honor, use every tactic to achieve victory in direct combat. Their strength, speed and skill is matched by very few and they would not want it any other way.
  • Executor: Justice is inevitable when it is in the capable hands of these ruthless men and women. With their heavy armor, they bring death quickly and efficiently, with an axe or a bullet.
  • Security: The Elders defend the weak, their shields deflect the worst damage, while their hands administer the appropriate punishment to the guilty. They can’t find any tougher opponents in the fight and need a solid plan of attack to parry their formidable defense.
  • Inquisitor: The hunters who roam the streets are looking for any kind of corruption. They have made it their mission to protect humanity from anything unnatural, and you wonder how much of their own humanity they have left behind in their quest for the power to do so….
  • Landsman: Proud bearers of spears and halberds, hardened by years of walking through every landscape known to man. Their endurance training makes them the fastest in the field when it comes to wearing heavy armor, and they excel at limiting the enemy’s mobility when on the attack.
  • Marauder: Heavy weapons and light armor define the tactics of these tyrants, who rely on brute force and speed to crush their opponents.
  • The mercenaries: The basis, the foundation of all wars in the world. These men and women are fighting not for a cause, not for glory and faith, but for money. How appropriate that you should begin your journey in this way. Their lack of advanced combat equipment is compensated by their ability to adapt to any situation, as they can equip all weapons and armor.
  • Epidemiologist: Master of humor, the body holds no secrets from these protectors of the plague. What can heal can also kill, and their tireless research has made deadly enemies and wonderful companions.
  • Horn: The term villain is not a dirty word, but a term for the seedy leaders of the street. They are deft and cunning, easily able to detect and exploit weaknesses before resorting to the safety of Grants coat.
  • It’s funny: These soldiers, masters of the crossbow and rifle, reign at the edge of the battlefield, firing with deadly accuracy at distant targets. Keep your enemies at bay, and they in turn will easily keep the enemy at bay.

Furthermore, the alchemical combat system adds an explosive touch to Black Legend battles. The system consists of four stages of the Magnum Opus process, also known as the Phyllospere, Nigredo, Albedo, Crinito and Rubeido processes. By going through these four steps with a fine-tooth comb, you’ll create a variety of brutal combat effects, such as B. :

  • Bronze: A combination of rubeido and crinitis forms a disease.
  • Red: Rubedo, representative of the Organization for External Bleeding.
  • Crimson: A combination of Rubedo and Nigredo, stands for internal bleeding.
  • Black: Nigredo, represents the black bile caused by a violent blow.
  • Money: A combination of Albedo and Nigredo who are Venom.
  • White: Albedo, representing the ooze of metal poisoning from sharp weapons.
  • Gold: Combination of albedo and crinitas, represents weakness of mind and soul.
  • Yellow: Crinita, that means yellow bile caused by explosives.

Leave your comments below and let us know what you think of the class match system and alchemy in Black Legend.

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