Biomutant is an upcoming open-world game which is being developed by Experiment 101, a small, independent studio based in Sweden. The game’s narrative is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the player character has to combat an evil force, known as the Rephaim. The Rephaim are a mutated race of beings that are trying to destroy the last remnant of humanity. The player will be able to select from five different character classes that will be able to use two different sets of skills.

Biomutant is an open world RPG, with a focus on exploration, crafting and survival in a mutant infested world. It’s set in an imaginative post-apocalyptic universe, in which you play as a customizable mutant character. Early in the game, you will choose from one of three different classes. Each of these classes comes with their own unique abilities that you can upgrade as you level up.

Biomutant is an open-world action-RPG about fighting mutated animals and wielding bizarre biological weapons. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, you’ll start off as a weak little creature, and will gain powers and abilities as you fight your way through the land. The game is all about experimenting with different weapons, skills, and mutations to build the character that’s right for you.

word-image-10765 This Biomutant Class Guide introduces you to all the different classes in the game, their starting abilities and the benefits they have. The choice of class depends on the fighting style that suits you best. Each class has a different weapon and fighting style, with various perks and skills to create the specialized class of your choice. There are a total of 6 different classes, including the DLC class.

Biomutant Class Guide

Below we have listed all the classes in the game with their benefits and starting abilities.

Dead eye

This is a very flexible class that many players will choose, especially considering the combination of weapons and perks that come with this class. If you choose this class, you get a two-handed sword combined with a pistol to use as a weapon. In addition, the Dead-Eye class gains the starting skill Perfect Reload. Allows you to instantly reload your weapon at long range, and the next clip increases damage by 20%. Perks

Perk The effect
Crackshot Non-automatic rifles increase attack damage by 20%.
Fast charging The cooldown of ranged weapons has been reduced by 25%.
Sniper Non-automatic rifles have a 10% bonus to the probability of a full hit.
Gunslinger The firing rate of the double-barreled weapon has been increased by 20%.
Sniper A two-handed weapon deals double damage.


A commando is a trained elite soldier in a special operations unit. If you want to use distance weapons, this class does very well with its initial skills and benefits. As an initial skill, a commando gains rage, which deals an additional 10% damage to the target when attacked with a ranged weapon. Perks

Perk The effect
Incentive Your armor and melee attack damage increases by 20% if your health drops below 20%.
Adrenaline Your attack speed with a melee weapon increases by 10% if your health drops below 20%.
Shock Shotgun blasts have a 5% chance of stunning a small enemy with each hit.
Cruelty Critical damage from distance attacks is increased by 10%.

Psi Freak

Psi-Freak is a unique class with a Spark Gauntlet weapon, which can be used for electrical attacks and chained together for decent attack technique. In addition, you have the starting power Megamind, which gives a 20% increase in the regeneration of ki energy. Perks

Perk The effect
Night At night, you have the quality of intelligence.
Spiritual fusion Force damage attacks have a chance to cause a critical hit.
Psi-Spikes Power attacks do more damage to the target.
The brain drain. Attacks that inflict force damage restore your health by 20%.


This is one of the best classes you can choose from the beginning. The saboteur is equipped with a two-handed weapon that can be used by two people. But you also get a gun, which gives you a high bonus on the chance of a critical hit. If you want an agile class that hits, choose Saboteur. This class also gets the Hypergenetic start perk, which reduces dodge energy by 20%. Perks

Perk The effect
Reflexes Enemies’ ranged attacks have a chance to miss you completely.
Agile Your escape distance is increased by 20%.
Moving target When in combat, your base movement speed increases by.
Dodge Your armor increases when dodging and/or in the air.


This is another good class to choose, but it’s a little less good than the distraction class. This class gives you a two-handed weapon and a pistol that gives you a bonus to the chance of a critical hit. The starting advantage of this class is toughness, which gives you +10 armor. Perks

Perk The effect
Paramedic Health regeneration by items and set increased by 10%.
Ricochet An enemy ranged weapon attack has a chance to bounce back and damage the attacker.
Invincibility Your armor and melee damage increases when you are at full health.
Call waiting Dodging a smaller opponent will cause him to stumble and fall.


This is a DLC class that can only be obtained by pre-ordering the game. The mercenary gains the Double Handful of Money skill, which allows him to equip and use two different one-handed weapons against enemies. It also contains rage, which increases the damage of melee attacks by 10%. Perks

Perk The effect
Megamind Attacks with melee weapons inflict more damage on the target.
Reflexes Kee’s energy regeneration has increased by 20%.
Invincibility Enemies’ ranged attacks have a chance to miss you completely.
Cruelty Your armor and damage from melee attacks increase by 20% when you’re at full health.

Read other guides to biomutants: This is the end of our guide to biomutant classes. Post your comments below.When you create your character in the new game Biomutant, you choose one of the game’s three classes. Each of the classes has its own skill tree, which you can use to customize your character to your liking. The three classes are: F.I.S.T. (Feline), Tech-Tribe (Human) and Numskull (Mutant). The 3 classes differ in their abilities and attributes. This guide will give you an overview over the 3 classes, their starting attributes and their starting abilities.. Read more about biomutant best class reddit and let us know what you think.

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