Genshin Impact is a 3D anime-themed first person hand to hand combat game. It has many features that make it unique like the use of resin and polygonal graphics, but one thing that makes it stand out from other games is its ability to play anywhere in the world without any restrictions or censorship.

The “how to use resin in genshin impact” is a question that has been asked by many users. There are many ways to use resin in your Genshin Impact. These include using it for defense, offense, and speed.

Best ways to use resin in Genshin Impact

Resin is an important resource in Genshin Impact that enables you to engage in specific activities. Resin is also linked to character advancement, since many of the goods you’ll need to advance your character are hidden behind domains that need resin to access.

Because there are so many various ways to spend resin in the game, there are times when you may choose to use it for one item over another. Mora isn’t required every day, and a new item isn’t required every day.

Here are some examples of how resin may be used in Genshin Impact:

Bosses Every Week

Best-ways-to-use-resin-in-Genshin-ImpactImage courtesy of miHoYo

There are many Bosses Every Week in Genshin Impact that drop Artifacts, Ascension Materials, Talent Level-Up Materials, and more. These bosses include instances such as Childe, Dvalin, and the Raiden Shogun. These are tough fights but are able to reward you with a lot.

To claim the reward of a weekly boss, you’ll need to spend 30 Resin for the first three Bosses Every Week and 60 Resin afterward. This is an expensive way to spend your Resin, but it’s also necessary, as this is the only way you can obtain certain Talent Level-Up Materials. As this is a weekly instance, it’s recommended to set aside one day to burn through the Bosses Every Week you need.


The Lost Valley Domain The Chasm Genshin ImpactPhotographed by

Domains are locations where you may engage in combat. You have the option to redeem some Resin for a prize at the end of this combat. Talent Level-Up Materials, Artifacts, and Weapon Ascension Materials are among the rewards available in each realm.

You must spend 20 Resin every attempt to obtain the award in a domain. If you receive a new strong weapon or character, it’s a good idea to look for the appropriate domain and spend your resin there.

Outcrops of Ley Line

1651982842_503_Best-ways-to-use-resin-in-Genshin-ImpactPhotographed by DoubleXP

Outcrops of Ley Line are activatable fights that are found in the overworld. Once you defeat the enemies that come from this fight, you have the chance to redeem some Resin for Character EXP Materials or Mora.

Like Domains, Outcrops of Ley Line require you to spend 20 Resin per reward. If you need to level up a new character or are in desperate need of Mora, this is the best way to spend your resin. Otherwise, you should look elsewhere.

World Leaders

Genshin ImpactPhotographed by DoubleXP

World Leaders are bosses found in the overworld that drop exclusive Character Level-Up Materials. These bosses are the only source of these Character Level-Up Materials, meaning you must fight these bosses periodically if you get a new character.

Defeating a World Boss gives you the chance to spend 40 Resin for a reward. The best way to utilize World Leaders is to stockpile many of the materials they drop while waiting for a new character.

Resin Condensed

Activate the mechanism The Chasm in Genshin ImpactPhotographed by DoubleXP

Resin Condensed is a consumable item that converts Original Resin into a new form of Resin. When you use this while claiming a reward, you will gain double rewards.

To make Resin Condensed, you need to spend 40 Resin and 1 Crystal Core. Making this item does not grant you extra rewards, but instead saves the time you spend when farming areas like Domains. It’s recommended to make these items if you plan on spending time farming Domains.

In Genshin Impact, they are the finest methods to spend Resin! You only have a certain quantity of this resource each day, so use it carefully.

The “genshin impact resin refresh time” is a question that has been asked many times in the Genshin Impact community. There are multiple ways to use resin, such as using it for decoration or for your deck.

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