Fallout 4 is a game where the goal is to create a character that you develop as you play. Fallout 4 bases these attributes on the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system… If you want more information about the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system, click here.

The caveat in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system is that once you have created your original character, you can only add points to each stat and receive bonuses by matching them. It is therefore useful to know how to get up quickly. This way you can really let your enemies down, even on later and more difficult map sections.

Before mentioning the great possibilities of fast adaptation, it is important to note that the number of points in your intelligence affects the number of experience points you gain (XP). At the same time, the Secret Service has some of the best bonuses in the game. It is highly recommended to invest intelligence points at an early stage in order to take advantage of the late game.

Another thing that some people miss is making sure you earn XP for a limited time. You can rest well if you sleep in your bed for a while. This gives +10% XP for eight hours (in game). This can really increase the number of XP’s you earn on bigger missions. It also works for even smaller things, like killing enemies or building your colony.

Hint: There are a lot of bugs and glitches that you can quickly get XP in this game. However, most people who play role-playing games only play them to gain experience, which is why this article does not focus on them.

Central tasks–.jpg

The main mission is the first launch of Fallaut 4. It’s a story to help you find your son and take revenge on those who kidnapped him. It also helps you by teaching you the basics of the game.

The main missions must be completed to reach the end, and you have a choice between all the missions that will affect the rest of the game.

Although Fallout 4 has been criticized by some for its lack of variety on major missions, it is quite fun. In addition, the main missions are the fastest way to increase the level of your character as you progress in the game.

It is important to understand that although this method gives you a lot of XP, some of the latest main missions are quite complex and require more XP than the main missions offer.

Although you can choose between four main factions, Brotherhood Steel will provide you with more XP in the long run due to the number of primary and secondary missions. If you let yourself be cleaned at a high level, they are probably your best choice.

Secondary emissions–.jpg

It’s part of the most important missions. Of course, there are some brilliant missions. Although these people tend to be more hated (especially when Preston Garvey says another side needs your help), they’re a way to make sure you have a constant stream of XP, even late in the game. Bethesda has made sure that no matter what happens, you can always go up because there is no level limit (although your game will collapse if you reach level 65,535).

However, non-radiation quests can be quite fun, because Fallout is constantly known for its strange side quests that really add to the atmosphere of the game (for example, the side quests here will be monsters).

Although some of these quests are extremely unrealistic (see the quests on the Kid’s side in the Refrigerator), completing them will be very exciting and will give you a break from the search for your son while you get the XP you so desperately need.

Most secondary missions are the result of exploring the terrain and stumble across it randomly, or are taken over by an NPC scattered throughout the game map. It is therefore advantageous to follow the next point:


Going through downtown Boston or the Shining Sea is one way to quickly get a good XP. There are many places in these two areas. If you find a slot, it gives a decent XP pulse. A pair that comes with a good rest and you’ll find that your XP just for exploring.

It has to be said that it is indeed difficult to explore new areas. It’s something you should probably think about until you’re well rested.

With each new location or detection zone, new (and more complex) enemies appear. Make sure you have a good grip on the game before you stray too far from the sanctuary.

In places like downtown Boston there will be hordes of supermutants, but also looters and other things trying to kill you. In other rich places like the Red Sea, there are hordes of mutant creatures trying to kill you (and probably eat you up). But when you’re done, it’s worth it. This really leads to the following way to get XP:


This is probably the funniest way to get XP (unless you play as a Peacekeeper). You get XP for killing things! The game also rewards you for killing tougher enemies such as death slaves, mirelurke queens and kings, and other high-level enemies against lower-level enemies such as radars and spinning tops.

While killing things requires combat (which can take a long time), as well as ammunition and enough weapons, clearing hordes of enemies in specific locations is a way to quickly win XP and increase your level. Besides, as a hero in the desert, you must have bloody hands.

So don’t be afraid to enter the castle and destroy the swamp queen and her various henchmen! The XP reward is worth it. By the way, do you have a lock that doesn’t like locks? The castle will also be a camp that you can build, which is another way to get XP:

Residential complexes–.jpg

This method is probably often neglected because it gives so little XP compared to other methods. However, if you build a few hours with a good break, XP will start working soon.

Since you will probably focus on building colonies in the middle and end of the game, you will have the opportunity to invest in your intellectual stats until you are ready to start building fortress-like colonies.

Although it takes a lot of resources to build the right colony, building things like walls is cheap, but it still pays off and gives XP. Do not underestimate the amount of XP for the short time it will take to place the wall in the colony.

It should also be noted that everything you build is linked to sources such as water pumps, water treatment plants, crops, etc.. So you get more XP than an average building and parts.

So if you find a new colony to build, don’t rush to work on it. Not only will you get XP, but the remaining bonuses they offer will be very useful.

Audio tests–.jpg

This one may not be as visible as the others. However, if you talk to someone and he or she gives you some kind of language test (e.g. by swapping instead of accepting the starting price), you will automatically get an XP if you pass the test.

Although the language test is not as common as in previous competitions such as Fallout 3 and Fallout : New Vegas, the game’s getting a little tangled up. If you are able to use this XP

However, to take full advantage of it, there are a few things to emphasize, and one of them is the charisma statistics in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. If you have less charisma than you need, there are several clothes you can wear to help you.


Believe it or not, another way to get XP is to modify your armor and weapons. You should do it anyway if you want better armor and weapons. If you combine it with a well-equipped person, it’s basically free XP!

So don’t be afraid to experiment with different models. Go crazy by equipping a baseball bat with barbed wire or a rocket launcher with a bayonet. Maybe you don’t think it works for you, but you can get XP.


I hope all these paths will help you in your quest for higher levels. At some point you’ll notice that you’ll get XP without even trying as the game progresses. Although there are tips and tricks to speed up the process, the most important thing (as in any game) is to have fun and enjoy the trip and, of course, not to become the next Death Claw meal.

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