OSRS is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online game with over 200 million players. It was released in 2001 and has been developed by Jagex Games Studio since 2002. In OSRS, players can explore the land of Gielinor while doing quests to acquire experience points, level up skills and collect rare items.

The “best way to get medium clues osrs ironman” is a question that has been asked by many OSRS players. There are many ways to get Medium Clues in OSRS, but the best way is by using a clue scroll.

Best Ways To Get Medium Clues in OSRS –

There are many sources in Old School that may yield medium hint scrolls. Whether you want to practice for a certain ability while learning it or learn it as quickly as possible, these are the greatest options to consider:

  • Eclectic Implings Opening (Fastest but also most expensive method)
  • Eclectic Implings to Catch (Costs nothing, requires 50 Hunter)
  • Guards being killed (Zero requirements)
  • Taking Stone Chests Apart (Decent thieving training)

Treasure Trails is a bigger action in which the player must follow a series of cryptic clues, maps, and locations in order to discover a desired casket full of riches at the end of the trail.

There are five distinct levels of clue scrolls depending on their complexity, ranging from simple to master, and each tier has its own prize pool (though they do share some of them).

When it comes to medium hints, the great majority of players are chasing one item in particular (which also happens to be the most costly), the Ranger Boots.

Overall, completing clue scrolls is one of the most popular activities in Old School RuneScape since it is a fascinating treasure hunt with a possibility of winning the jackpot.


How to Get Medium Clue Scrolls (All Methods)


Eclectic Implings Opening


Looting eclectic impling jars for clues / OSRSLooking for hints in various impling jars.


Even while the clue scrolls aren’t tradeable, there is a method to get them indirectly via other players by purchasing and opening Eclectic Impling Jars.

Opening these jars gives you a 1/25 chance of acquiring a medium hint scroll, making it the quickest method to acquire one.

The main downside of this strategy is the big sum of money required to get started (if the goal is completing the average amount of clues for a single pair of Ranger Boots).

Remember to retain and sell anything else you obtain when you open these implings. It is quite beneficial in reducing losses!


Eclectic Implings to Catch


Puro-Puro hunting implings / Old School RuneScapePuro-Puro hunting implings


This technique, like the last one, is based on eclectic implementations, but this time we’re catching them on our own!

We can decrease costs by hunting the animals ourselves, making this a far more lucrative, if slower, pastime.

While many varieties of implings may be found in the overworld, we’ll be catching them all in Puro-Puro, the impling homeworld.

The technique is extremely straightforward once you arrive. Catch a variety of implings till your inventory is full, then go to the adjacent Zanaris bank to rinse and repeat!

It’s worth noting that these implings will always appear on the same tile.

If you discover their spawn, all you have to do now is stand next to it and wait for the monster to respawn, then capture it (no-one likes running around aimlessly).

It takes 50 Hunter to catch these implings, and although completing the “Lost City” quest isn’t required, it’s suggested for best banking.


Guards being killed


Guards being killed in Falador / OSRSGuards being killed in Falador


A long time ago, before the aforementioned flying usurpers dethroned them, Guards being killed was always the go-to method for getting medium clue scrolls.

But it doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile!

Guards are low-level animals that can be destroyed by anybody who has spent a few hours on Gielinor, hence they appeal to a wide range of players.

Falador Square is one of the ideal spots to assassinate said Guards.

Not only can you locate a lot of them in a short distance here, but it’s also a multi-combat zone, which means you can lay down a dwarven multicannon and afk all you want.

If you’re low-leveled and out of supplies, there are a few banks in the city where you may simply replenish your supplies.


Taking Stone Chests Apart


Inside the Lizardman temple, there are stone boxes. / OSRSInside the Lizardman temple, there are stone boxes.


The final worthwhile action is to open the stone boxes under the Lizardman Temple beneath Molch.

The player gains 200 Thieving experience and some treasure for successfully opening a stone chest, with a 1/100 chance of finding a medium hint scroll.

The majority of the objects you may get aren’t very noteworthy, however there are a few standouts, such as:

  • Bolts made of onyx
  • Seeds of Ranarr
  • Seeds of Snapdragon
  • seeds of tortol
  • An uncharged Xeric’s Talisman (particularly handy if you don’t have one previously)

If you fail to open the chest, you’ll be sent outside the temple, to a region populated with violent lizardmen, with a 1/8 chance of being teleported outside the temple. Low-level players should always have an anti-poison and a few food items on them.


Extra Tips & Tricks

Here are some more details that all prospective clue searchers should be aware of:

  • You can only have one hint of each tier at a time, so it’s best to finish the current one before moving on to the next, or drop it if you can’t satisfy its criteria.
  • Completing a tier of Combat Achievements increases the chance of finding the associated hint by 5%. (from all sources except implings).
  • Completing the Falador Medium Diary, meanwhile, boosts the Guard’s clue drop rate by 20%.
  • Consider utilizing the Magic Butterfly Net instead of the regular net for hunting implings.
  • Snare and entangle are two spells that may be used on implings to keep them from escaping.
  • Carrying a lockpick boosts your chances of opening a stone chest successfully.
  • Finally, when robbing stone chests, a Gem Bag may be utilized to keep all of your jewels.


A medium clue scroll yields an average reward. / OSRSA medium clue scroll yields an average reward.


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