Cooee! Duel Links offers two main options when it comes to buying cards in the shop: traditional boxes and structured games. Although boxes have their advantages, structured card games can be very useful for both new and experienced Duel Links players. These special boxes usually contain items that are not in the normal boxes, and in some cases these cards can have a crucial impact on the meta-game.

With all this in mind, let’s look at the structural bridges you should consider in U-Gi-O! Duel to the left:

Stories of noble knights

One of the last launch bridges, Tales of Noble Knights, is, as if its name is not obvious, a bridge dedicated to noble knights. This game contains many Noble Knight bases that have appeared in other boxes, including the Noble Knight Drystan, the Noble Knight Medraut, and various equipment spelling cards that are the driving force behind this archetype.

In addition, the Tales of Noble Knights come with two new xyz monsters: Holy noble knight of King Artorig and Artorig, king of the noble knights. The Artorig can be a force when it comes to clearing the area of spells and traps, while the Holy Noble Knight does the same with the monster area.

Gaga XYZ

Around the Gaga archetype used by Yuma from U-Gi-O! In the ZEXAL series, Gagaga XYZ has a number of smart weapons that can be useful for both new and experienced players. As with the monster cards, Zubababancho Gagagacoat can be specially summoned if you have a Zubaba or Gagaga monster in the field. On the other hand, Bacon Savior can help players avoid LP damage if this card is banned from the cemetery during the Battle Step.

However, perhaps the most valuable card in this Structure card game is the Cowboy Gagaga. The four-star monster of Syz, Gaga Cowboy, can damage the opponent once per turn 400 LP when he is in a defensive position. In attack position, the cowboy can receive 1000 ATK of damage per step and reset the attacker’s target with 500 ATK.

Generation of Heroes

HERO cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! The card game has been around for over 15 years and the archetypes Elemental Hero and Hero of Fate have remained largely relative in the TCG ever since. HERO monsters are also very relevant in the game Duel Links, and the game Hero Generations has made the management of the Elemental/Fate/Mask HERO archetypes much easier.

Hero Generation contains a variety of cards in the Hero Rising game, plus Mask Change, a valuable Quick Play spelling card. With the Mask Swap, players can pay tribute to a HERO monster and in turn summon a masked HERO Fusion monster from the Extra Deck that has the same attribute as the target to which the tribute is paid. The HERO Koga mask, which has 2500 ATK and can reduce the ATK points of enemy monsters, is also part of the Hero Generation.

Although it takes Destiny HERO monsters and three copies of Masked HERO Anki to successfully play this archetype in Duel Links, Generation of Heroes is a good basis for those who want to play a HERO type card game.

Masters of Chaos

The Dark Mage archetype has been the subject of several updates of the prohibition list, but with the right construction it can still be a decent option. While the Chaos Structure Masters game has little to do with the archetypal Black Mage, it does have a map that’s incredibly useful for any construction revolving around the monster like Yami Yugi: Black Cavalry.

The Dark Cavalry, which normally can be a special sum of money from an extra bridge with the Timaeus Eye, can be used as both a high ATK cap engine and a denial engine. As part of the Black Cavalry Effect, Duelists can discard a card while on the field to cancel the activation and resolution of the opponent’s Monster or Spell/Trap Card effect.

Other cards from this game can also be used, such as the Chaos Ritual Monster card and the Advanced Ritual Art Ritual Magic card.

Legends of the white dragon

The Blue Eyes archetype is one of the most popular in Duel Links, so it makes sense that the fifth and final Structure Deck that we present includes support cards for the Seto Kaiba Ace monsters. The White Dragon comes with several useful cards, including Cosmo Brain, which can help with the special convocation of the Blue-Eyed White Dragon, and Dragon Spirit White.

The Dragon Spirit White is considered a normal monster in the graveyard or in your hand, which means it can be summoned by Special Summoning with the effect of Cosmo Brain. Moreover, the Spirit of the White Dragon can banish a single spell or trap card from the field if it is a normal or special spell. Even better, the opponent can’t activate a spell or trap once Spirit of Whiteness has focused on him.

Yes, you need more cards to complete the blue-eye archetype. But, if you are going to climb the bridge of the blue-eyed white dragon, this structural bridge is essential.

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