Oh, yes, the turtleneck. A fashion trend that seems to come and go and can be a very controversial option for a winter top.

Personally, I like it. This allows you to free yourself from bulky scarves and huge coats, while keeping your neck perfectly warm.

They are also perfect for academic styles, chic third-grade styles and bohemian styles, and are also an excellent option for ledges in cabins.

And to reiterate my points, here’s my list of the best bottlenecks of custom content for TS4.

Let’s see how fashionable and practical a turtleneck can be.

10. Colour of jumper with pieces

Consult this CC

First of all, let’s talk about what a turtleneck is.

Some may say that the only true turtleneck is one that reaches all the way to the chin.

But I disagree.

Sometimes called mocknecks, these are sweaters and shirts with a slightly shorter fabric running down the neck to insulate everything and keep you warm. And for me, that’s enough to convince me of the idea.

If you’re looking for a sweater for your Sim that won’t completely swallow her neck, but will keep her warm when the snow falls, options like this Chunky Cropped Sweater CC are your best bet.

It’s big, warm, has classic cozy seams and comes with 48 patterns. So you can combine it with any accessory.

9. turtleneck in pure sims

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With a similar idea in this CC, a faux crew neck sweater might be the best option for fall.

These sweaters can be worn in early spring or late fall, as they are not the kind of thick sweaters made for Christmas.

But they won’t leave your simulation naked.

These sweaters, which also come in a variety of colors, have a somewhat problematic texture. That makes them a great pair with jeans and boots in need.

Add a few small accessories, like a hat for extra warmth, and your Sim is ready for any weather.

8. Marigold Sweater Plate

Consult this CC

Marigold’s sweater recoloring is the perfect CC when your Sim doesn’t even want to think about going out.

You want to sit on the couch all day!

Simple, practical and without having to run the heating at full speed. This turtleneck is airy in every way, which is usually a good thing (isn’t it?).

Invite Sim to make her favorite hot drink and order a pizza for dinner, because this Sim is getting ready for a great treat!

7. Sleeveless top with turtleneck

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You love the look of a turtleneck, but the weather outside doesn’t require your sim to wear this look?

With this sleeveless turtleneck, all your problems are now solved! Well, not all problems, but definitely her wardrobe problems.

Instead of a long-sleeved top or a traditional sweater, this CC comes in the form of a sleeveless top. Whatever the weather, your Sim will keep you cool and comfortable.

This top is available in 16 colors and has a fun retro style.

This makes it perfect with wide leg jeans, a straight skirt or even a pair of sneakers to create an outfit.

6. Accessory for Clara turtleneck

Consult this CC

Everyone loves a layered look every now and then.

And with a turtleneck, you can enjoy the contents of your heart.

Whether you want to wear it with a loose T-shirt, a top with spaghetti straps or even a dress, this Clara CC turtleneck works just under the top layer.

So you can add it to all your existing favorites that don’t have a long collar.

5. Basic turtleneck

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So far we’ve seen a lot of turtlenecks for our Sims women, but what about the men?

Although the game has a feature that allows both genders to wear the same styles, it can be difficult to find the right male-style clothing (if you only have extremely feminine clothing).

Sometimes you have to go back to basics.

And we have this simple turtleneck to the rescue!

That’s what the title says: basic. Which is certainly not an insult. Its simple and practical design makes it the ideal option for all members of your Sim household.

All you have to do is choose one of the 30 colors. Solutions, solutions…

4. Amy Tertlenek

Consult this CC

Many of us are intimidated at the thought of slinking around in an extreme turtleneck, even though it’s our Sims who are actually wearing clothes.

But it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Large, voluminous collars can complement many outfits, especially if everything else is fairly plain in contrast.

If you’re ready for an awesome turtleneck that reaches all the way up to Sims chin, check out this CC.

It’s lightly textured and hugs your Sims’ body perfectly, so they can fit into jeans and look great in style instantly.

3. Clean turtleneck

Consult this CC

It’s for guys who want to keep it neat and casual.

With a monochromatic color palette, we have an old CC turtleneck.

And the simplicity of the name says a lot about how it should be worn.

No fancy details, no crazy textures, nothing that distracts from your Sims’ imagination.

Just a classic turtleneck.

2. Cora Sweater

Consult this CC

This turtleneck Core Sweater CC is now available in a variety of fun colors and patterns, all with a touch of warmth.

Did someone say the first day of fall?

Everything here, from the stripes to the style, seems to be inspired by the Art Deco movement.

These sweaters are the easiest way to make a bold statement with Sims clothing.

1. Alejandro

Consult this CC

The Alejandro collection is not limited to just one way your Sim can wear a turtleneck.

No, it offers two charming styles that they can incorporate into their wardrobe by rotating.

One of them comes with a tank top style zipper dress for a fun and casual look.

The other option is a simple top with spaghetti sleeves that you can wear with matching pants or skirts.

Your Sim never has to choose which style he prefers because he can have them both!

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