Your sims need to rest.

And while some Sims have the luxury of sleeping on a king-size mattress, others are just grateful to have a couch to sleep on.

Today we find a golden mean with pallet beds that you can easily add to your TS4 game with a small CC.

My student bed was a pallet bed, and honestly, it was very good.

Of course, sometimes the casing breaks or falls off. But that’s what happens with these beds.

8. Pallet frame and mattress

Look at this CC

This pallet bed covers all the bases.

An ordinary mattress, held together by two layers of wood. What else do you need?

If the tray wasn’t so high, this bed would have ended up on the floor.

A good choice for sims who live in smaller houses and want to put a bed in the small space they have.

7. Wooden pallet bed Guri

Look at this CC

This bed is a step up from our previous pallet bed, and it comes from the maker of Guri.

This version has a headrest in the frame and should be even more suitable for smaller apartments.

There are 6 different color duvets and pillows to suit Sims preferences, and the entire bed frame is finished with a dark oak brown trim.

Not bad for a simple evening.

6. Double bed

Look at this CC

The next pallet bed looks a bit more spacious and of course has some sort of coffee maker.

This is a classic double bed plastered on a pallet, with 6 unique patterns for the covers.

Worn t-shirts with floral blankets definitely fit the atmosphere of a grandmother’s house.

Definitely a little more detail than the previous entries, but still missing is the bed frame, which has more than just stacked pallets.

5. Scandinavian modern bed

Look at this CC

Look at this thing. What an elegant design, well placed on these trays.

An incredible design characterizes this CC pallet bed.

The RightHearted designer also changes palette patterns to 4 options, not just pillows and blankets.

It’s fair to say that the modern look of a pallet bed can be difficult to achieve, but this bed is exceptionally simple. And the overall look is very bold.

Definitely a snobby cousin of the pallet bed family.

4. Alachi and brick wood pallets bed

Look at this CC

This CC isn’t much different from the CCs we’ve discussed so far, but it’s the rendering that sets it apart.

The design and details of this Alachie & Brick Sims piece are insane.

The pallets really look like they’re made of wood, and the panels have ripples that make you look twice to make sure it’s not real.

The mattress actually rests on a slightly larger pallet. The perfect bed for any quality space in your simulation room.

3. Illuminated paddle bed

Look at this CC

This is a unique pallet bed that can be used for more than just sleeping.

The bed is only half of the palette, leaving room for other items and clutter to add to this palette.

If your sim lives in a cramped apartment and doesn’t have room for nightstands or dressers, this bed can be used as storage for the alarm clock or books.

This is an original idea to give some more space to Sims who can use this 2 for 1 item.

The perfect choice for cool sims living in the big city.

2. Lightweight Loft Kit

Look at this CC

Although this is a complete set from the maker of novvas, we will focus on the pallet bed that comes with this CC set.

This is another bed with even better details, plus a double tray that has a smaller tray just for the bed.

You’ll find gold and grey quilts for a modern touch, with a corner on the tray to put your phone or lamp.

In short: a versatile pallet bed with a perfect design.

There is nothing better if you are looking for detailed and regular use.

1. disastrous bed

Look at this CC

Who would have thought the first item on this list would be a disaster?

Honestly, it’s a disaster.

Popular designer kardofe_ offers us this bed that is literally lined with bricks.

The bottom pallet has a layered brick pattern on the base of the bed, while a traditional pallet is used as the headboard.

This other unique piece is available in 3 colors, my favorite is the burnt orange which gives a rustic look with the surrounding gray wood.

It may not be the most comfortable dream you’ve ever had. But it really helps.

And I have to say, this is the most creative CC pallet bed I could find, which sets it apart from the rest.

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