Hello everyone, my name is Aron and I’m going to show you something very special today. You want to know a secret? There is a Sims 4 mod that lets you marry your Sim. It may seem a little ridiculous to release a mod on your blog that lets you marry your Sim, but it’s actually a very important and special thing. Why? Well, you see, Sims 4 is a video game. And video games can…do things.

After the fun with bridal shower invites, you can now have fun with your Sims. This video will show you all the Sims 4 CC and mods for your Sims 3 bridal shower. Step by step tutorial for matching you Sims Bridal Shower theme.

Getting married and experiencing a sacred moment as a bride is a unique experience for millions of people. I hope so. For a moment, the bride-to-be should feel like a king. After all, it’s her big day! A declaration of love for the rest of your life certainly deserves to be celebrated with fanfare, and I suppose that’s why all wedding and pre-marital events have become such cherished traditions. There are engagement parties, bachelorette parties and bachelorette parties. All holidays are about joy, gifts and, of course, treats. At a bachelorette party, all of these things come together while friends and family support the bride-to-be. Such a special moment is worth playing for your Sims. And according to this list, you have everything you need to get there.

Small gift in three heights

word-image-10448 Check out this AC. If your Sim is hosting a bachelorette party, gifts are a must. The gift system in this game is not that great (unless we are talking about Christmas). So personally, I’m happy to have only decorative boxes. You know, the illusion of exchanging gifts without the bride-to-be getting a trash can or something. It doesn’t matter if nobody opens anything. And these three gifts, of different sizes and heights, will look great.

Five-course buffet

word-image-10449 Check out this AC. As with any gathering, there should be food at the party. Whether it’s a taco bar or elaborate appetizers, it’s important that hungry diners have something to fill their bellies. Some will take offence at the discrepancy, like Snob Sims. But in any case, no one should complain about free food. This round table with cover is perfect for a wedding reception. You can choose from three different meal sets, namely breakfast, gourmet meal and ice cream meal. I think only one of them would really be suitable, but hey, do it yourself.

Colours of party decorations

word-image-10450 Check out this AC. All the gifts and treats in the world, no matter how wonderful, are not enough to make the holidays a success. To set the mood and make the bachelorette party stand out among other days, beautiful decorations are essential. Normally, these items are only visible in The Sims 4. But with cheating, you have everything you want at your fingertips. Those banners and balloons are too good not to cheat, especially now that this tinker has repainted them. There are variations of purple and green, purple and blue, red and green – all of which would be perfect for a bachelorette party.

My Girls Posepack

word-image-10451 Check out this AC. It’s always nice to have photos of a happy event to look back on. This set of poses is designed for 11 Sims and is probably best for getting everyone in your Sim’s wedding party in the same photo. There probably won’t be many more guests at the party than there are now. I mean, 11 sims? ! That’s pretty much the whole population of Willow Creek. So make sure everyone is dressed up. This is not the time for city people to show up in their awful outfits. You can then keep your Sim with all his favorite girls as a souvenir. You can also look at some of our favorite sets of boyfriend poses that would fit well into your bachelorette party.

Non-standard central components

word-image-10452 Check out this AC. Tables are a must for any party, whether it’s for seating, food or gifts. So why not decorate them with centerpieces? Most of the pots in this CC set are white, which fits perfectly with the overall wedding theme. The flowers in it are beautiful, and there are many to choose from. Whether it’s mixing and matching or finding a pattern that you really love and will use over and over again, there are more than enough patterns out there.

Collab with friends Posepack

word-image-10453 Check out this AC. While the poses above will accommodate everyone at the bachelorette party, it’s fun to take a few photos with your Sim and the people closest to her. You know, the crew. Roll or dice. Probably her best friend and/or her sister. This pack contains fun casual poses for 2-4 sims. Many of them contain signs of peace, which makes them truly revealing. If you use any of these six poses, you and your Sims will get great photos to remember. Or at least until you get tired of the simulation. But using poses makes every important event in your Sim’s life special.

Carla Dress

word-image-10454 Check out this AC. The bride-to-be certainly doesn’t want to show up at her party in an old dress she’s worn a million times. Sometimes it’s fun to be the shining star at events….. Especially when they’re hovering around you! If you add this dress to your ensemble, you’ll have a casual yet stylish bachelorette party outfit. The deep V-neckline allows for the use of many accessories. There are 18 designs in warm autumnal tones, but also in white if you really want to make sure no one forgets who the bride is.

Dgandi Dress

word-image-10455 Check out this AC. This is another good choice for engaged sims and potential guests. It has a nice lace pattern that makes it a little more formal. As far as I know, the dress code for weddings is pretty broad, meaning there usually isn’t one. If the hosts don’t announce it officially, you have to go by your gut and decide what would be most appropriate: casual, formal or something in between. Almost anyone will tell you that it’s always better to be a little dressed up than not at all. And that’s the golden mean this custom dress offers.

Party decoration TS3 to TS4 conversion

word-image-10456 Check out this AC. No matter what anyone says about The Sims 3, it had a lot of great features. Sure, there may be some hiccups and glitches in the game. But these Sims knew how to party. From banners to balloons, some of the best things that made TS3 great are now available to us in The Sims 4. There are even a few banners with engagement rings! But if it’s too much for a bachelorette party, other options are always a good choice. The flowers and balloons (both on and off the banner) definitely make it look like a bachelorette party.

Modified gift battery

word-image-10457 Check out this AC. At the beginning of this list, we talked about gifts. I think it’s only fair that we end up the same way. Like most CC gifts you can find for The Sims 4, these gifts are technically designed for Christmas. But the nice thing about swatches is that you can lose that Christmas feeling pretty quickly if you choose the right colors. Red and green can create a festive atmosphere. But different shades of blue, pink, beige, white and other colors will be perfect for a bachelorette party. Especially now that they have been pushed back by that creator, Martin. The EA version is quite massive and looks like someone bought the bride something the size of an oven. But now these personalized gifts are much more appropriate.

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