Your best travel guide to the best holiday destinations in Catania – big and small. Settlers of Catan is one of the most popular and best-selling board games of all time. With this knowledge, the creators have built the universe of Catan over the past 25 years. This means not only many side sets, but also many important extensions and scenarios. There is some mash to sort, so use this as a buying guide to find out which katana extension to buy. Here is our complete guide to the best settlers of the Catan expansion.

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major expansions (total 5)

Best Settlers of Catan Expansions | 2020 Definitive Ranked List

#05 | Katan: Explorers and Pirates (2013)

Katan: Explorers & Pirates is at the top of the list of the best expansions. If you’re not ready to own them all, you should definitely welcome them in your collection, but maybe you shouldn’t start. Enlargement comprises five scenarios and three missions; some use missions, others do not. There are three main differences in the fine variations in the layout of the tables, the types of cities to buy and the possibilities to earn points.

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Best Settlers of Catan Expansions | 2020 Definitive Ranked List

#04 | Katan: Traders and barbarians (2007)

Katan: Traders & Barbarians takes this place on the list of the best settlers of the Catan expansions because the game options are correct, but they are not absolutely necessary. It’s nothing special, it’s a compilation of small extensions and options. The scripts contain : The Catana fisherman, the Catana rivers, the Great caravan, the invasion of the barbarians and traders. The fisherman is probably the most popular, because the towns in the harbor also produce fish and this fish can be used for special purchases.

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Best Settlers of Catan Expansions | 2020 Definitive Ranked List

#03 | Katan: Seafarers (1997)

Katan: Sailors rank third in the list of the best settlers of the Expansion Catanas, because if you want to expand outside your usual area, that’s very important. It’s about having a lot more room to work. Players can build waterways that look a lot like roads. This leads to the creation of new islands that offer new opportunities in the field of raw materials. There are so many that they’ll take them out of other rooms as soon as they’re discovered.

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Best Settlers of Catan Expansions | 2020 Definitive Ranked List

#02 | Katan: Cities and knights (1998)

Katan: Cities & Knights makes a list of the best settlers of the Catan Extensions as it brings the most interesting new dynamics to each of the Catan Extensions. This adds several new aspects, including the following important ones: the creation of knights to protect the land from a barbaric invasion, the use of three new means and the construction of improvements to the city that will benefit its owner.

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Best Settlers of Catan Expansions | 2020 Definitive Ranked List

#01 | Katan: Expansion for 5 – 6 players (1996)

Katan: The 5-6 player extension is at the top of the list of the best Katana extension settlers because it offers the absolute majority of all extensions you can get. The expansion expands the game, while others in this list offer new things, what it does is add more of the main game that you like. Even if you don’t want to play a 5-6 player game, adding space in a 3 or 4 player game makes a whole new frontier. It may be easy, but everyone should start here.

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Also sold as an extension of Settlers of Catan, but with slightly less script. They are numerous and we knew it was certainly important to include them in our ranking of the best settlers of the Katan extension. Usually they take existing game elements and give you tasks, but they are all very different.

#09 |WeStayHome (2020)

In difficult times, it is important that people support each other. This has changed the mood of the thief, who has now started allocating resources instead of stealing them.

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#08 | Katana’s writings: Santa Claus (2015)

Santa needs wool for his new coat and elf cape. If you give the Santa wool one by one, you can enhance the magic of the island of Catan. Once the spell is cast, he offers the settlers Christmas presents and can even hunt the thief and/or protect the spell! This expansion increases the strategic value of the wool, which is considered the least attractive product in the basic game.

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#07 | Katana’s writings: Easter bunny (2020)

In this printed and playful scenario of the basic game Katan, the Easter Bunny needs wool to make a spawning jersey. If you take the Easter bunny wool on your turn, you can move it around Katana. When the rabbit arrives in a hex, it leaves gifts for the settlers and can even chase away the thief!

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#06 | Katana’s writings: Crop Trust (2018)

The players balance the individual harvesting needs with the collective goal of storing and preserving the seeds in the seed cellar. Players harvesting too many crops threaten seed diversity and put Qatar at risk of mass extinction and food collapse.

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#05 | Katana’s writings: The legend of the pirates (2017)

Please note that you will need sailors for this. For example, there are four new, interconnected scenarios that tell the legend of the buccaneer on the occasion of Qatar’s 20th anniversary: Sailors. Each scenario can be played individually, with players trying to win the game by ten victory points as usual, but players can also keep track of their points at the end of each scenario, as the effects of one game affect the other.

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#04 | Katana’s writings: Legend of the Conquerors (2019)

Keep in mind that you need cities and knights for this. In more than three chapters, players discover another chapter in the history of Catania. Other elements of the game require deep strategic thinking and offer the most intense challenges players have ever faced.

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#03 | Katana’s writings: Enemies (2012)

Helping enemies. The Katana Guild rewards such noble behaviour with graceful tokens. Each guild helps us in different ways: by giving us routes, development maps, random resources, preferential agreements or even victory points.

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#02 | Katana’s writings: Oil wells (2011)

This is where the settlers coming to Catania, Eureka! scream when they first discover black gold on the island. This source offers great opportunities, but at the same time poses a threat to the intrepid settlers who leave their mark on the island by claiming it for themselves. Unfortunately it is only second in the list of the best settlers of the Catalan expansion for this section, which is great.

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#01 | Katana’s writings: Assistants of Catana (2010)

This mini-extension consists of ten character cards, each with its own special ability, which the player can use once or twice before exchanging them for another one. For example, Marianne allows you to take any resource card if you hand over anything other than 7, but you do not get the means of that handover. This is an excellent script that easily tops the list of the best installers of the katana extension for this section.

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Do you agree with this list of the best extension writers? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or on our BGH Facebook page!

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