One of the most fun classes to play in Outriders is Pyro. Destroying enemies with fire and burning projectiles never gets boring, and this class can do serious damage with the right build. This is one of the best pyromancers to level up in Outriders.

Best pyromancer for alignment inproperty

Below we present one of the best Pyromancer models to level up quickly in Outriders, with an overview of the class tree, best skills, best weapons and armor, mods and attributes.

best leveling tree pyromancer class

We recommend choosing the most competent of the class at the top of the tree, Ashtree Specialty. Here are a few to choose from:

  • Ashes to ashes: Every time Ash hits an opponent, a vulnerable stat is also hit.
  • The Ashes Test: Enemies hit by the ash take 30% extra damage.
  • The Ashes Test: Enemies struck by the ash take an additional 10% damage.
  • Burn it: When the burn on the opponent is complete, apply Ash’s status.
  • Assault Master or Master Sniper: Increases [Weapon Type] damage by 20%.

This is essential equipment for a facility that focuses on volcanic explosions and severe fire damage. You can mix and match them, but make sure you select them and then focus on the specifications for the type of weapon you choose.

Best skills for pyromancer group

Like all Outrider classes, Pyromance has eight general abilities, three of which can be placed on the action bar at any time. As for the best, one of the basic skills is Heat Wave. This skill causes a wave of fire that inflicts fiery damage and burns all enemies in its path.

Second, Volcanic Ammo is a heavyweight that is timely. Volanic Rounds fills the magazine of your current weapon with incendiary bullets that ignite the air around enemies, burning them. When a projectile strikes, it deals skill damage and pierces the target, damaging others behind it. This power lasts until you reload or change weapons.

Finally, Ash Blast is a solid third choice. It creates an anomaly radiation that inflicts ash on all enemies in a large radius around you. If you use all three in combination, you can destroy all enemies in your path.

Feel free to experiment with other abilities, as much of this game depends on how you want to play with your character. Maybe you’d rather use something like Ray and Eruption.

Best weapons, armor and mods for Pyromancer

As for weapons, opt for a model with more ammunition, given the capacity of Vulcan bullets. Good options for mobbing are light machine guns, assault rifles, or dual-purpose weapons. For bosses, you’ll probably want an automatic shotgun, as they do a lot of damage in the current state of the game. The explosion and heat waves caused by the ash contributed greatly to the massive damage caused by shotguns.

There are a few mods at the beginning of the game that help you get the armor. For the Heat Wave skill, there are some good mods like Ride the Wave that allow you to activate the skill again. Tidal Wave does the same thing, but it’s a different modifier, so you can stack them to get three times Heatwave. Finally, Burnt-Out is another great damage booster, as it deals 25% more damage to damaged enemies for 8 seconds. You’ll probably use these mods early in the game, until you unlock some of the better mods.

If you get volcanic orbs, use the extra Mag mod. The volcano’s ammo ceases when you reload, essentially doubling the activity time. Another consideration when using a shaft radius is the longer range of the shaft, as it increases the range many times over.

In general, you should choose the Bullet Lightning mod to get a guaranteed 20% more damage against enemies hit by burns. You can imagine that opponents are almost always under this effect.

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