The mobile gacha genre is a relatively new Japanese entertainment genre that’s taken over the internet. Basically, these games entail obtaining items through random “grips” (gachas) and trading them in for prizes and in-game items. It’s a fascinating game genre that’s taken off in Japan, but what about the rest of the world? The following list is a compilation of some of the best gacha games out there.

Gacha games have been a staple of mobile gaming for a good while now, and they’ve evolved considerably in recent years. Popular mobile titles like Fire Emblem Heroes are using the monetization model to make the game more accessible to casual players, while other games like Vainqueur Online are taking a page from Overwatch and pushing the combat to the forefront while still using gacha mechanics to enhance the gameplay experience.

Role-playing games are fascinating, and they have been a huge part of video games for decades. While most of the top-selling games today are built around a single genre, games can often branch off into different directions, which makes them more diverse and interesting than their mainstream counterparts. Mobile games have a lot to offer in terms of their originality, variety, and creativity.

Best Mobile Gacha Games

My buddies and I have developed a semi-regular ritual in which one of us, like livestreamers, will broadcast our gacha games to the other anytime we complete a lengthy run of pulls. No one can dispute the basic pleasure of unpacking heaps of boxes in quest of sparkling objects, no matter how rudimentary that may be. If you’re interested in starting your own gacha addiction, there are plenty of games to choose from. In 2021, here are some of the greatest mobile gacha games.

Impact of Genshin

Genshin Impact, one of the current gacha scene’s power players, has only been around for about a year or so, but thanks to its blend of expansive, Breath of the Wild-style gameplay and massive roster of charming guys and gals, it’s quickly established a reputation that rivals the industry’s biggest names. Even if you don’t spend any money on the gacha, you’ll still be able to play a large, well-made game.

Best Mobile Gacha Games | Genshin Impact

Honkai’s Influence

Honkai Impact, MiHoYo’s prior game before Genshin Impact, is similar in concept, but focuses on character-action gameplay rather than adventure RPG gameplay, akin to a diet Devil May Cry. Don’t worry if you like large character rosters; this game’s is much bigger than Genshin’s.

Best Mobile Gacha Games | Honkai Impact

Another Garden of Eden

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space stands out among the gacha games. Don’t get me wrong: there’s still a lot of gacha to pull, but there’s less of a focus on social aspects and log-in incentives. It’s a game for those who want to play at their own speed rather than feeling obliged to check in every day. This is excellent since you’ll want to read Masato Kato’s time-spanning tale from Chrono Trigger.

Best Mobile Gacha Games | Another Eden

Dragalia was defeated.

Nintendo’s first real attempt into the mobile gacha RPG genre was Dragalia Lost. It’s a pretty basic JRPG, but the characters have been given a lot of thought, with complete voice acting included. There have also been crossovers with Fire Emblem, Megaman, and Monster Hunter.

Best Mobile Gacha Games | Dragalia Lost

Tales of the Guardians

Guardian Tales alternates between top-down dungeon crawling action and block-based puzzle games. The more than 50 characters you may choose from all have subtle differences that make for an engaging gaming experience. This isn’t a game to play on your lunch break.

Best Mobile Gacha Games | Guardian Tales

The Women’s Frontline

Cute anime females and futuristic, high-caliber guns are two things that people like. Assemble a group of highly skilled troops and participate in real-time strategic warfare. You’ll like Girls’ Frontline if you enjoy games like Advance Wars.

Best Mobile Gacha Games | Girls' Frontline

Azur Lane

What else do people like except ladies and rifles? Combat at sea. No, really, military boats are popular for some reason, or at least I think that’s why Azur Lane became so popular. Azur Lane is a game that combines strategic, simulated battle zones with classic sidescrolling shoot ’em up action.

Epic Number Seven

Epic Seven calls itself a “playable anime,” which is a wide term, but whether you agree or not, you can’t dispute that it’s a gorgeously crafted turn-based JRPG with animations that match some of the genre’s greatest entries.


Tower defense is the one genre that has gone hand-in-hand with mobile games since they became a thing. To fight off a conga line of deadly enemies, set up your heroes with appropriate strategic positioning. For those survival game lovers, there are also base-building aspects, including resource collection.

Fantasy Granblue

Granblue Fantasy is the epitome of a gacha game success story, having grown into a whole series with anime, EVO-grade fighting games, and merch galore. The modest smartphone game that began it all is a traditional JRPG chock-full of endearing characters. Try rolling with the Lowain Brothers; they’re a hoot.

That brings us to the end of our selection of the top mobile gacha games to try in 2021. Which ones are you going to play?

Overlord is a popular mobile game where you raise a demon army of monsters. The game has a free advanced version called Overlord II, where you can get in-game gold currency and use it to buy items that will help you level up faster.. Read more about most popular gacha games 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Gacha game 2021?

The best Gacha game is a game that has the most variety of items to choose from.

What is the best mobile Gacha game?

The best mobile Gacha game is probably Puzzle & Dragons.

What Gacha game is coming in 2021?

We do not have any information on this yet.

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