If you’re looking for an awesome Minecraft Prison server, this list will help you. These are the best servers that offer double XP and more!

The “op prison servers” is a list of best Minecraft servers that have been created by the community. The list includes servers with DoubleXP and other perks.

Best Minecraft Prison servers - DoubleXP

For years, community members have flocked to join prison servers in Minecraft. The idea is to start from the ground up and work your way out of jail. However, how this is accomplished differs from server to server. Typically, this entails a difficult grind, such as mine, woodcutting, or any other kind of repeated resource extraction. You may then exchange your obtained resources for money, allowing you to advance and strive for independence.

Overall, prison servers revolve on a gritty approach to achieving a goal, which has a significant draw among those who appreciate it. The greatest Prison servers in Minecraft are listed here.

Servers for the Hunger Games in Minecraft

Minecraft’s best prison servers

Gaming Is Complicated

Best-Minecraft-Prison-servers-DoubleXPPlanet Minecraft provided this image.

Aside from an excellent Prison server, Gaming Is Complicated also offers server modes ranging from Pixelmon, Skyblock, Factions, and Creative. They provide a great Minecraft server experience, backed by a loyal player base in the thousands.

mp.mc-complex.com is the website’s IP address.


1652147355_287_Best-Minecraft-Prison-servers-DoubleXPMineHeroes provided this image.

In MineHeroes Prison, you have the option of selecting how you wish to play. When you reach level Z, you are given the opportunity to prestige. You may build a cell for player businesses and storage throughout your Prison adventure. Enchant Coins, Custom Enchants, and MineCrates are just a few of the game’s features.

MineHeroes IP: mc.mineheroes.org


1652147355_651_Best-Minecraft-Prison-servers-DoubleXP Image courtesy of ManaCube

Olympus is a prison mode in ManaCube where players mine, farm, and construct to advance. You start as a slave in Olympus and work your way up to Titan status. Once you’ve arrived, you may choose from thirteen different rebirths based on Greek gods.

lobby.manacube.net (IP)


1652147356_418_Best-Minecraft-Prison-servers-DoubleXPPlanet Minecraft provided this image.

MCPrison delivers the first-ever personalized aquatic Prison experience, with Backpack upgrades, Gemstones, Private Mines, and Buff Stations, to mention a few.

mcprison.com is the website address.


1652147357_458_Best-Minecraft-Prison-servers-DoubleXPMineSuperior.com provided this image.

MineSuperior is one of the most popular Prison servers, with a large number of players. The game is well recognized for its superb gameplay and the usage of Tokens to enchant equipment like pickaxes, axes, swords, and even armour.

IP address: hubs.mcs.gg


1652147357_173_Best-Minecraft-Prison-servers-DoubleXPMineVille provided this image.

MineVille has a Survival and Skyblock mode in addition to their Prison mode. MineVille is noted for its frequent upgrades and large amount of material, which includes unique Enchantments, Crates, Chests, Races, and much more.

IP address: play.inpvp.net


1652147358_686_Best-Minecraft-Prison-servers-DoubleXPMineVille provided this image.

OPBlocks is a high-quality Prison server with plenty of unique content, a welcoming community, and helpful staff. They include the original Candy Prison, a candy-themed variant of OP Prison that has caused quite a stir among gamers.

play.opblocks.com is the website’s IP address.


1652147359_264_Best-Minecraft-Prison-servers-DoubleXPDoubleXP took this screenshot.

This Pokémon-themed server is friendly to novices and is updated often. Factions, SkyBlock, BedWars, and more games are included in addition to the Prison mode.

play.pika-network.net (IP)


1652147359_727_Best-Minecraft-Prison-servers-DoubleXPPluteria provided this image.

Pluteria takes place in a space between 10 districts, each with its own unique setting. This server’s community is rapidly expanding, so join now to see all this server has to offer.

play.pluteria.com is the website’s IP address.


1652147360_329_Best-Minecraft-Prison-servers-DoubleXP9MineCraft.net provided this image.

PRISON OF PURPLE is a server dedicated to solid gameplay. Features include custom plugins, voting and ranking rewards, excess of loot, a balanced economy, and consistent challenges that are always fresh and unique.

Purpleprison.com is the website address.

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