Throughout history, the French have introduced many revolutionary innovations: Movies, cell phones, aspirin and staplers.

But if there’s one thing the French are really good at, it’s creating high-end fashion houses that redefine luxury.

Louis Vuitton is just one of the many French brands that dominate the luxury fashion industry.

And considering it’s been named the world’s most valuable luxury brand more times than Leonardo DiCaprio has won an Oscar, it’s safe to say LV knows how to stay on top of its game.

Now you can offer your Sims the fashionable world of the rich and famous with a piece of this Louis Vuitton CC!

10. Elasticated long waist dress

Sims 4 CC Elastic Waist Maxi Dress

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The Louis Vuitton monogram is a status symbol.

It’s like the Midas king of luxury brands – any item with its iconic design becomes a retail goldmine, even fake!

No wonder this LV dress looks sophisticated from top to bottom.

Let your Sim try it and he’ll never take it off again.

9. LV Handbag

Screenshot of LV Sims 4 CC Bag

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Louis Vuitton has come a long way from designing large suitcases.

We now have transparent bags, which wouldn’t look so bad if there were no security risk.

Still, the French fashion house could use more out-of-the-box thinking, which this QC clearly gave (pun intended).

8. LV Bags forsockets

LV Sports Bags for the Sims 4

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Celebrities have a lot of baggage. Louis Vuitton in particular.

From carry-on luggage to wheeled suitcases, celebrities are doing their best to take their glamorous travel to new heights.

Some have private jets waiting on the tarmac, others have Louis Vuitton suitcases going through the baggage scanner.

Spending thousands of dollars on a place to store her underwear and sleepwear seems like a bit of a stretch…. but, boy, doesn’t it look good?

Give your Sims a nice bag with these LV Duffle Bags, which come in 3 models.

7. WittonBelt bag

Belt bag Vuitton TS4 CC

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Fanny packs are back in fashion. And this time, no one is laughing.

This whimsical accessory has been the laughing stock of the fashion world since the 1990s, simply because no one knew how to make it work.

Then came the modern-day influencers and villains of the 2010 Instagram years who gave Neville Longbottom butt packs.

Louis Vuitton, of course, took the train and produced this elegant piece for those old enough to see its possibilities.

Get this realistic rendition of Louis Vuitton’s Bumbag and become the fashion frontrunner of the millennium with your Sims.

6. Louis Vuitton Collection

Louis Vuitton Sims 4 CC Collection

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After numerous Google searches to find out why Louis Vuitton is so expensive, all results indicate that the fashion house is of impeccable craftsmanship.

It’s like making a jacket pocket and making it looks pretty cool.

This Monogram Admiral jacket from the LV Real collection is based on the iconic Monogram canvas and has more compartments than the JanSport backpack.

As embarrassing as it may seem, it’s a pretty amazing addition to the anti-theft trend.

5. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collection

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Sims 4 CC Collection

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Supreme and Louis Vuitton are poles apart in terms of demographics and aesthetics.

Supreme inspires a cult of unruly youth, while LV attracts sophisticated mothers and women with money to burn.

In terms of aesthetics, Supreme is the king of streetwear, while LV reigns supreme over designer bags.

But from an unlikely collaboration between the two brands, an unexpected love child was born that surprisingly exceeded expectations.

Get the complete Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection from Simsrunway, which includes a backpack, bandana, bomber jacket, LV skateboard and more, plus a set of additional colors for more options!

4. Fundamentals of BT

Screenshot of LV Basics Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

With Chanel and Hermès, Louis Vuitton completes the holy trinity of designer handbags.

Desirable, durable and expensive, these three big brands have a lot in common.

But even within this elite group of brands, LV shines by systematically producing classic handbags that justify their price.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull and Speedy are two of LV’s most famous icons. And they’ve always been fan favorites, simply because they serve the function of all bags – to store a lot of things.

These quirky bags can hold more than a pack of gum and a wallet, and that’s enough to convince me that these two bags are worth downloading.

3. Baby

A small hammer for Sims 4

Consult this CC

The little Louis Vuitton lives up to its name.

This little bag (which is verging on impractical) is a nice touch, even if it doesn’t seem to hold more than a phone, a few dollars, and a few coins.

La Petite Malle may not have enough room for handbags, but it’s a perfect tribute to Louis Vuitton’s history of making elegant suitcases.

You have the ability to stage Petite Malle in the TS4 games as a decoration or functional handbag and enjoy over 6 samples each!

2. Louis Vuitton Collection SS20

Louis Vuitton SS20 Sims 4 CC Collection

Consult this CC

There are not many LV brand clothing items for The Sims online.

But the creator of the CC, mountaindorfsims, made sure you never had to look again.

Louis Vuitton’s SS20 collection is a wide selection of ready-to-wear clothes and accessories that meet all the needs of Sim in the OOTD.

The collection is divided into women’s and men’s clothing, with over five pieces in each category to complete any look from head to toe.

1. Louis Vuitton Classic Speedy

Louis Vuitton Classic Speedy Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

The heart of Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand that has become famous for its stunning range of designer handbags.

To top it off, it’s the Speedy, LV’s most iconic handbag since 1930.

This mini luggage is the crème de la crème of the brand, the indispensable Louis Vuitton bag that was probably your mother’s first love.

With so much praise, there is no doubt that this classic Speedy is the number one CC Louis Vuitton for every Sims 4 player.

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