The only thing worse than being killed by a killer in Dead By Daylight is not knowing who the best killers are. Whether you’re trying to find a new character to play or just want to see your favorite killer in action, this list will help you find the perfect match.

The dead by daylight best killer for beginners is a game that has been out for a while now. It’s a horror game where you have to kill as many people as possible. This list will be updated every year so check back often! Read more in detail here: dead by daylight best killer for beginners 2021.

For novice players, playing as the Killer in Dead By Daylight may be a difficult job. Despite the fact that you are the most frightening creature on the field, you are outnumbered by the Survivors, who have more than a few methods to get away from you, despite the fact that you are quicker. As a result, certain Killers aren’t ideal for beginners. You’ll want a Killer with a basic playstyle that’s easy to pick up so you can practice with them before going on to the more complicated characters. With that in mind, these are the finest Killers in Dead By Daylight for beginners.

Killers is a free DLC that comes with the base game.

These Killers are either included in the basic edition of Dead By Daylight without any further purchases or are available for free download, so give them a try if you’re new to the position.

Hillbilly Culture

Best-Killers-for-beginners-in-Dead-By-DaylightImage courtesy of Behaviour Studios

When the Hillbilly cranks up his chainsaw, it will accelerate him away in the direction he is looking. Any Survivors struck with this assault will be knocked out in one hit. He’s also one of the most difficult Killers to lose in a pursuit, making him one of the most popular Killers for newcomers. His benefits include:

  • Pallet stuns don’t stay as long as they used to.
  • Auras of Survivors who try to blind you with a torch may be seen by Lightborn.
  • Tinkerer- get informed when a generator has been restored to 70% of its original state and is no longer detectable.

The Hunter’s Wife

1626768855_355_Best-Killers-for-beginners-in-Dead-By-DaylightImage courtesy of Behaviour Studios

The Huntress is a lady that stalks her victim while humming a creepy lullaby. In addition to her up-close physical assaults, she launches hatchets that may be used to strike Survivors from afar. While hitting your hatchet throws requires some talent, it’s a straightforward procedure that makes the Huntress a lot of fun to play and easy to get. Here are some of her special benefits:

  • When you enter Bloodlust (a quicker speed during a lengthy pursuit), the fear radius and red stain are deactivated, and you get more Bloodpoints in the Hunter category.
  • Hooking Survivors causes skill checks to offer more delayed warnings. Hex: Huntress Lullaby- Failed skill checks have a regression penalty, and hooking Survivors causes skill tests to give more delayed warnings.
  • If you are 32 meters away, you may temporarily glimpse the aura of a Survivor entering the Killer’s Basement.

The Trapper is a character in the game Trapper.

1626768855_147_Best-Killers-for-beginners-in-Dead-By-DaylightImage courtesy of Behaviour Studios

The huge man on the cover of Dead By Daylight is The Trapper. As his name suggests, he sets up bear traps for unsuspecting Survivors to fall into. The character puts out a scream as the trap clamps on their leg, letting you know where they are. It doesn’t get much more complex than that for the Trapper. His special benefits include:

  • When hauling a survivor to a hook, the terror radius and speed are enhanced.
  • Brutal Strength- It’s easier to damage generators and shatter pallets and walls than it is to break them.
  • When you’re inside your fear radius, Survivor skill tests happen more often and are more difficult to pull off.

The specter of the Wraith

1626768856_745_Best-Killers-for-beginners-in-Dead-By-DaylightImage courtesy of Behaviour Studios

In Dead By Daylight, The Wraith is about as straightforward as Killers get. He has the ability to conceal himself and move about the arena virtually undetected. There will be no fear radius warnings for Survivors until you appear close to them, at which time it will be too late. His special benefits include:

  • Bloodhound- You can notice Survivors’ blood pools more easily and follow them for a longer time if you use a bloodhound.
  • Predator- Scratch marks provide a more accurate indication of where a Survivor has gone.
  • Increases your field of view with Shadowborn.

DLC Killers for a Fee

To be playable, all of these characters must be bought. If you’re searching for a solid way to get into the enlarged roster, look no further than these beauties.

The Clown

1626768856_772_Best-Killers-for-beginners-in-Dead-By-DaylightImage courtesy of Behaviour Studios

Clowns are one of the most prevalent irrational phobias, therefore it’s understandable that Dead By Daylight would include one in their game. The Clown throws a bottle that breaks, releasing a gas cloud that causes anybody running through it to slow down, lose their eyesight, and cough uncontrollably for a few seconds. This makes catching up to Survivors a lot simpler, so make sure you properly position your bottle tosses. The following are the Clowns’ unique benefits:

  • Bamboozle- vaulting barriers (other than pallets) will cause the entity to prevent Survivors from vaulting that obstacle for a brief period of time.
  • Survivors in your fear glow heal at a slower rate.
  • Hooking a Survivor will enable you to immediately inflict 25% damage to partially replaced generators by using Pop Goes The Weasel.

Cannibal Cannibal (Leatherface)

1626768857_659_Best-Killers-for-beginners-in-Dead-By-DaylightImage courtesy of Behaviour Studios

Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is well-known among horror aficionados. He has a chainsaw that, as you would expect, can one-hit opponents when he charges it up and swings it around fiercely. During this period, any pallets that are dumped on you will be swiftly destroyed. Barbeque & Chilli, one of the greatest perks in the game, is available to the Cannibal.

  • When hooking a Survivor, look around for the auras of all other Survivors who are far enough away from the hook. Additionally, when you hook a Survivor for the first time, you will get a bonus in all Bloodpoint categories.
  • Basic assaults force Survivors to lose their clutched object, resulting in Franklin’s demise.
  • Survivors knocked out by your basic assault can’t be seen by other Survivors far away, and their eyesight is impaired.

The Horrible Nightmare (Freddy Krueger)

1626768857_769_Best-Killers-for-beginners-in-Dead-By-DaylightImage courtesy of Behaviour Studios

Freddy Krueger, well known for his Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy Vs. Jason films, returns his nightmare-inducing abilities to Dead By Daylight. Survivors will fall asleep during matches with this horror symbol, putting them in more risk than previously. He can teleport to a generator and crawl out, and he can create traps that slow Survivors down when they are sprung. When he is far enough away from waking Survivors, he is likewise invisible to them. His benefits include:

  • When the escape gate is open, Blood Warden may see the auras of survivors standing there. If you hook a survivor at this period, the Entity will temporarily close both escape gates.
  • When a generator is completely restored, you will get additional speed for smashing pallets and walls, scooping up survivors, vaulting, and destroying generators.
  • Remember, after all generators have been restored, each time you press the Obsession, the escape gate will take longer to open.

The Pig

1626768857_437_Best-Killers-for-beginners-in-Dead-By-DaylightImage courtesy of Behaviour Studios

The Pig is a character from the Saw franchise that is as cunning as she is lethal. After creeping up on Survivors, she may kneel for a more covert approach, and when they are fallen, she can put reverse bear traps on them. Even if they are dragged off a hook, they are given a certain amount of time to remove the bear trap from their head by one of the Jigsaw Puppets stationed around the arena. If the timer runs out or the Survivor attempts to flee while the trap is still active, they will perish immediately. Her benefits include:

  • Hangman’s Trick: Get alerted if a hook is being sabotaged or if a Survivor is transporting another Survivor near a hook.
  • Make Your Choice- Anyone who rescues a hooked Survivor while you are gone will get the Exposed status effect and will be able to be downed in a single hit.
  • Surveillance- Keep an eye out for regressing generator auras and when they are fixed.

The Darkness (Michael Myers)

1626768858_628_Best-Killers-for-beginners-in-Dead-By-DaylightImage courtesy of Behaviour Studios

Michael Myers is a name that all horror enthusiasts (and even those who don’t enjoy horror) are familiar with. The iconic character from the Halloween franchise is designed to watch Survivors before introducing them to his kitchen knife. You grow more strong as you follow Survivors, giving them the Exposed state effect and killing them in one hit. His benefits include:

  • Hooking Survivors other than the Obsession will force all Survivors save the Obsession to heal, mend, and sabotage at a slower rate.
  • Play With Your Food- You get a quicker Haste status effect each time the Obsession avoids a pursuit from you.
  • The Best Is Yet To Come- Harming Survivors other than the Obsession reduces the cooldown on assaults.

The Swindler

1626768858_400_Best-Killers-for-beginners-in-Dead-By-DaylightImage courtesy of Behaviour Studios

The Trickster is a ranged Killer with 60 throwing knives at his disposal at the start of each round. To put a Survivor in the Injured or Dying condition, hit them six times with a throwing knife. This also fills a bar that allows him to throw blades indefinitely with no cost to his mobility until it is full. His benefits include:

  • When a Survivor does a hurried leap through a window, the Entity closes it off.
  • No Way Out- The Entity will block both escape gates for up to a minute for every Survivor you hook at least once. When this occurs, you will also hear a noise indication.
  • When you carry a Survivor, all other Survivors are Exposed when you get near enough to them.

The dead by daylight beginner builds is a guide that includes the best killers for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best killer in Dead By Daylight for beginners?

The best killer in Dead By Daylight for beginners is the Nurse.

What are the best killers in Dead By Daylight?


What is the best killer in Dead By Daylight 2021?


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