Goalkeepers offer an interesting style of play, where it is difficult to give yourself and the whole team a lot of protection. It’s fun to play, but it doesn’t really work against the highest level of the team because most enemies have AoE damage that will destroy this team. In this editing guide for Teamfight Tactics Keeper we show you the most popular TFT-Keeper-Comps and how to play them at the beginning, middle and end of the game and how to transfer and position your units.


Culturist – Duelist – Hunter – Fireman – Shadow of the Spirit – Twilight – Elder – Enlightened – Warlord – Divine

Target Maintenance Synergy Bonus

At the beginning of the battle, the guards give themselves and all their allies a shield for 8 seconds. This shield is 50% more powerful against the Guardians.

2 → 175 screen
4 → 250 screen
6 → 325 screen

Best goaltending team Comp

  • Nidali
    • Nidalee throws his spear at the furthest enemy and shares magical damage plus 25% for each square he passes.
  • Eliza
    • Eliza turns into a spider, gets the maximum health bonus and provokes attacks to regain her health.
  • Jarvan IV.
    • Jarvan hits the furthest target with his spear within 3 hexes and approaches it, dealing with magical damage to passing units, stunning them and knocking them out for 2 seconds.
  • Yuumi
    • Yuumi storms next to an ally with a failing health, cures him as a percentage of his missing health and gives him an attack speed within 5 seconds. Then she repeats it for her furthest ally.
  • Get to know
    • Knowing causes a storm around him, dealing with magical damage for 3 seconds and stunting enemies inside for 1.5 seconds.
  • Jin
    • Obligations: The Genius converts every 1% of its bonus attack speed into 0.8 attack damage. Every four blows, Jin takes on extra damage.
  • Azir
    • The Azir attacks forward with a wall of soldiers, repels enemy attacks and inflicts magical damage. After reloading, the soldiers wall in front of Azir stops as impassable terrain for 3 seconds. Each General Lines SWAT team will accompany Azir to reload and then position themselves to protect him.
  • Zilean
    • Zilean places the rune of time protection on the allies he’s least healthy. When they die, they get up in a few seconds, return to fight and leave all the negative consequences behind them. If Zilean is still alive when the target completes the resurrection, time is not wasted.

Compilation Guide for Registrars

Start of the game

Goalkeepers have a very strong and safe game at the beginning because most of their units are very strong. Nidali and Kennen will be the main peelers for Eliza and Jarvan IV. Because you want to make a fast ride with this team, you have to work on your economy from the start and pave the way for a late race with enough health to survive.

Average evacuation

With Nidalee, Kennen, Elise and Jarvan as building blocks, we want to add Yuumi and Jhin to the team in the middle of the game. Although those two don’t play a big role and you won’t feel able to play right now just because this whole team is based on two five-star units – Azir and Zilean. Keep the level and spend all the gold above 50 to stay ahead of everyone in the field of xp.

Leave Part

When you reach level 8, a quick throw for Azir and Zilean to catch them in front of everyone. These two incredibly popular S-Level units are still catching up, so their presence in front of everyone gives you a huge advantage in the later stages of the game. If you improve your units and get the right items with the right positioning, in most cases you will be in the top three.

Recommended products

Knowledge – ionic spark, Morellomycon, guardian angel.

Jin – Giant Slayer, Hurricane Runana, guardian angel.


Setting up this team is pretty easy, put the guards close enough together to protect everyone around you. Kennen is in the front row, so he can quickly take advantage of his end, with Eliza and Jarvan IV in line behind him. Two sand soldiers defend the right flank, next to Yumi. Zilean and Azir are the most protected units here, and you can change them depending on whether you want Azir to protect others or not. Finally, Jin and Nidali are in the background to cover the damage remotely.

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