Farmering in dark souls has always been a great way to get many souls, better quality materials and great equipment for your perfect environment.

DS3 has several tools to help you improve your efficiency. It doesn’t matter if you grow souls, objects or rare drops of weapons!

In this guide I will give you a short overview of the best equipment for agriculture, as well as the best ways to reach the best minds and the most coveted items!

Best agricultural chassis

Good installation is almost essential to ensure you get what you need as quickly as possible.

Note that all bonuses are in the pile! It is therefore necessary to prepare as many of these elements as possible for maximum effect.

Covent Snake Ring (Soul acquisition)

Snake Ring (Soul Gain) in DS3.

CSR gives a fixed bonus on earned souls, ranging from 10% on base to 35% on +3.

They’ll want it, period. Besides, I keep it even when I’m not farming most of the time!

Where did you get that (base)? For the basic level of this ring you can get it from the beginning of the game. Climb on Firelink with a tree jump seed (instructions) and go to the end of the rafters, the ring is in the chest behind the illusion wall.

How to get it (+3) : Interestingly, you can get CSRing version +3 without logging into NG+ and more! It is located in the Ring City DLC, just after the first angel, on the balcony that you reach through the door on the right.

Screen wanted (soul acquisition)

Soul Prick of the Dark Souls 3

Another fixed percentage stimulant, the wish shield, gives about 20% more souls.

You can do it in your free space at any time while traveling on the farm, or quickly change places right after killing a boss!

Where’d you get that? In a steaming lake, over a corpse next to a sandwich.

Helping (improving the mentality)

Screenshot of healer's staff (Soul Booster) Dark Souls 3

This illusory staff still gives a fixed bonus of 20% per soul.

However, since it is quite weak, it is advisable to have it in the main slot and switch to it immediately after killing, although it can also be used with considerable efficiency in the final game.

Where’d you get that? An extremely rare fall of the human vertical in summer on a dragon of ore.

Avaris symbol (acquisition of a soul and discovery of an object)

Avaris (soul acquisition and discovery of objects) in DS3

The symbol of greed is a helmet that turns his head into a terrifying facial expression.

It is incredibly powerful, giving 50% more souls and 100 objects of discovery at the same time.

But greed has its price, and this helmet will cost you 10 horsepower per second while it’s resting you.

If you plan to use it to cultivate enemies, make sure you’re ready to fight – otherwise you could end up in a dead end!

Where’d you get that? Interrupted by the mime players. Although mimics are not rechargeable, they can be grown while you still have a live mimic in the game. When you put the spell of a non-animal hunter in the mime, he opens up and becomes agile. Every time this happens, it counts as a new role, so do it again and again until you get it!

Sage rapier crystal (item discovery)

Sage Rapier's Crystal (object discovery) Dark Souls 3

The CSR paper is a reconnaissance weapon which, once equipped, increases the number of found objects by 50 (can be carried by the hands or even on the hip while 2 persons can carry another weapon).

In fact, it damages the assistants’ structures pretty well and piles up, allowing intelligence users to use it twice to detect more than 100 objects! (NG+ required).

Where’d you get that? Sage-crystal-cream shower.

Gold snake ring (uncovered item)

Golden Snake Ring (object discovery) of Dark Souls 3

CGSR is the equivalent of CSR for item detection.

It accelerates article recognition from +50 at the base level to +115 at +3!

Where did you get that (base)? Found at the bottom of the Irish dungeon, just outside the desecrated capital. Go to the church in the swamp and jump into the cell where Zigward is imprisoned during his mission – the ring on the corpse in the corner.

How to get it (+3) : As with CSRing, you can get the +3 version of CGSR without going through NG+ and beyond. It was in the outskirts, at the top of the high stairs on the left, at the beginning of the swamp. Cross the bridge to the room where you meet Lapp, and you’ll see a corpse.

Rusted parts (item discovery)

Rusty parts (Uncover Object) Dark Souls 3 Screenshot

Rusted parts are consumables that speed up the detection of articles by about 60 seconds.

2 kinds of rusted coins – copper and gold.

Copper gives 50 points, gold 100, but they don’t add up!

Where did you get it? (gold) It is very likely that you will almost exclusively use copper coins, as there are only 7 gold coins in the game – moreover, you cannot buy them, and it is an extremely rare drop of the good from the corrupt capital.

Use them for very rare things, but beware, they’re limited.

How did you get it? (copper) : Copper coins, on the other hand, can be bought in unlimited quantities from Patch once he has become a merchant, for the modest sum of 200 souls each!

Best companies

Okay, so you’re ready. What’s the next step?

There are a lot of options for all the showers/elements you’d like, so we’re going to list some of the best!

Routes of the Soul

Screenshot of Soul Movements Dark Souls 3

Agriculture in DS3 is forgiving.

If you have soul acquisition equipment, you can cultivate wherever you feel comfortable, at any stage of the game, although generally the heaviest enemies tend to drop more souls.

You can make your own routes on this basis, but if you need a few, read on:

  • From the bonfire of the large archives take the lift to the Twin Princes Bridge. Go up the stairs and kill the 3 winged knights, then blunt and repeat. Depending on the core amplifier, approximately 90,000 cores per stroke are networked.
  • Inner wall surrounded by a bonfire in a circled city, a complete evacuation of the crowd until you can donate fantastic souls, up to 30,000 souls per race.
  • White Maids off Yorma Arena is a fast-paced and risky farm that will bring you around 20,000 souls per race and earn you coveted rusty gold coins.
  • The repeated killing of NPCs evoked by a human pilot in Peak Arhdragon is a popular strategy, although rates vary depending on your backstabbing skills.
  • Another popular strategy where the boss uses your challenge token and the stakes vary depending on which boss is killed.

Article Agriculture

The DS3 has an unlimited offer, thanks to the axial loading system of the Sanctuary Maid.

After all, you can buy most things from him if you give him a certain amount of ash. For this purpose it is recommended to play a late soul farming game, where you can just buy the items you need.

But it’s not that easy in the beginning and the middle of the game, so we mention a few ways to get the most coveted things!


The cinders of the Dark Souls 3

Embers are rare in the world of the Dark Souls 3, and if you die enough, you’ll soon be exhausted!

Fortunately, you can easily topple the embers with the Knights of Lorraine on the High Wall and in the Castle of Lorraine – or, if you want a challenge, with the Knights of the Ring City!

Titanite shard

Titanite Sharp Souls 3

Titanite shards are important at the beginning of the game, especially if you want to change weapons regularly.

To get more, they can be cultivated from the caves by using the roads that cross the high wall, the undead camp and the road of sacrifice.

They can be bought indefinitely, once they have been given to a temple keeper the ashes of a dreamer or a grave official.

large titanite shard

Large titanite flash in DS3

For weapons on a higher level you need bigger shards.

They can be cultivated by the Fire Witches and Silver Knights of Irithill, most enemies of Lake Smoke, and the Snake Men of the Archidragon!

They can then be bought indefinitely from the sexton after they have given him the Easter ace.

Titanite part

Screenshot of Titanite Piece Dark Souls 3

The pieces are the highest level of titanite you can grow. They are needed to bring most of your equipment to +9.

They are unleashed by some of the fiercest enemies, namely the Dom Knights and the Pus Men in the sunken Royal Garden, the Corvian Knights in the Painted World, and the Knights of the Rings and the Knights of the Harald Legion throughout the City of Rings (the Knights of Harald can release up to 4 at a time!).

You can buy them endlessly from the shrine girl once you give her the ashes of a dragon slayer.

Shimmering Titanite / Titanite Scale

The shimmering scales of titanite and titanite frighten dark souls 3

Necessary to upgrade unique and main weapons, the shimmering titanite flakes and titanite flakes are very popular.

There are many of them in the game, but both can be raised relatively efficiently, from stone lizards to snapdragons (fire-breathing enemies that look like large stone crystal lizards).

You can also buy them indefinitely (but for a high price) from the maid, once you give her the ashes of a dragon slayer.

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