Expeditions is one of the funniest modes in Legends of Runetter. Taking a random selection of cards and trying to build the best game is fun, but can also be a challenge. With all the different card games available, you may not know how to build the strongest card game. Although you can’t trust that every card is the one you want, here are some types of card games that can simulate your own expedition.

You can’t kill what you can’t see.

The first type that will help you succeed is the misuse of the elusive keyword. Fugitive adepts and champions cannot be attacked unless they are challenged or blocked by another fugitive character. Creating a hard-to-reach chase board allows you to get free damage to the enemy core. Ionia has the largest number of elusive followers. Even if you don’t have a large number of elusive followers, the Young Witch Card can dramatically increase the power of your game board with guaranteed fast attack support every time you have an attack token.


The elusive disciples you will want to catch from Ionia are Gringlade Duo, Kinku Lifeblade, conspirator Navori, young witch and Shadow Killer. Don’t forget that you also want cards that excite your elusive followers. Although the key word in itself is strong, you’ll need a little more help to realize the full potential of this game, especially in collecting the high health units to avoid damaging your workbook too much.

Solid numbers

Another strategy for winning expeditions is to drop as many followers as possible and bet your opponent won’t get a full board for free, he probably won’t anyway. By bringing great power from your side of the board, you lead the players to the Shadow Islands. The Shadow Islands are the ideal region for expeditions with maps such as Calista, which brings back to life the partisans who fell in each attack, and Hecarim, which evokes a large number of partisans.


The goal is to summon an infinite army of Misty Ghosts that grows stronger with each invocation. The cards needed for this game are Stalking Shadows, Chronicler of Doom, Risen Mists and Wraithcaller. All of this will help you to constantly conjure up more and more foggy spirits.

Actual performance indicator

Sometimes you can win by hitting the enemy very hard. It is the easiest archetype when it comes to expeditions, making a list of forts that support Demacia and Freljord. Demacia offers a wide range of trailers with solid basic characteristics and a long service life. Hard opponents can be a big obstacle in expeditions, that’s why you want to have them in your game.


Freeljord, on the other hand, is the place where you will create your overwhelming characters. A combination of hard, overwhelming units allows the enemy to break through your blockade or stop your attack. The best champions of this attack are Garen and Tryndamere, while the units you need to invest in are Scarmaiden Reaver, Alpha Wildclaw, They Who Endure, Vanguard Cavalry and Vanguard Defender. These options should be the most important ones if you have access to them.

Cards to infinity

Sometimes a player does not have enough cards to play because there are no cards in the deck to fill or draw. A card game that focuses on collecting will never have this problem. With the help of a Summon you can always have your hand ready and draw spells or followers that perfectly fit the situation you find yourself in.


The champions you want to pick up for this type of game are Zoey, thanks to her infinite creation of Supercool Star Chart, and Aurelion Sol. You can also use Leona or Diana with twilight and night charts belonging to the reference. The adepts you want to record are the Traveller, the Moon Priestess, the Sun Priestess, the Month Dreamer and the Mountain Dreamer.

Although these are cards that you as a player will want to draw, sometimes you will be forced to choose other options. One of the recommendations is to stay away from champions like Swain or Gangplank, because it will be incredibly difficult to pass a level and win the condition without a card game aimed at these champions.

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