Illuminated assemblies are popular because they don’t have a 5-cent unit and don’t need a selected unit. With a fan of doubling the mana generation, they will spam the skills of mages and do incredible damage. In this illuminated building guide from Teamfight Tactics we show you the most popular TFT illuminated Teamcompacts and how to play them in the beginning, middle and end of the game and how to transfer and position your equipment.


Bodybuilder – Duelist – Hunter – Gunner – Shadow of the Spirit – Twilight – Elder – Warlord – Divine – Administrator

Reduced synergy bonus

Lighting produces more mana.

2 → 40% More mana
4 → 70% More mana
6 → 100% More mana

Most illuminated team Comp

  • Fiora
    • The Fiora goes into a defensive position for 1.5 seconds, making him immune to damage and the effects of enemy spells. When she leaves this position, she turns around and hands out magical damage to a nearby enemy and knocks him out for a few seconds.
  • We
    • We catch the next enemy in a bubble, inflict magical damage and stun him for a few seconds.
  • Janna
    • Gianna protects her weakest health allies for four seconds. The armoured allies are damaged during an attack for the duration of the attack.
  • Pike
    • Pyke goes after the furthest enemy, creating a residual image that causes magical damage in seconds and stuns enemies in their path.
  • Irelia
    • Irelia unleashes a torrent of blades resting on her, causing magical damage and shock effects. Enemy victims will be disarmed for a few seconds.
  • Morgane
    • Morgana sanctifies the ground beneath her goal by treating magical damage to enemies for more than 5 seconds and reducing their magical resistance by 40% while they are inside. Morgana’s repairing 20% of the damage.
  • Shen
    • Shen overtakes the target and protects himself from damage and irritates all enemies in the area for 4 seconds.
  • Talon
    • The Talon hits its target and hits them for a percentage of the damage caused by the attack. If he kills them, the heel becomes irrepressible, unfocused and invulnerable, because he jumps on the enemy who did the most damage in this turn and gives him back his mana.

Illuminated manual for the command compilation

Start of the game

Four reconnaissance units are easily accessible: Fiora, Nami, Gianna and Irelia, but they have no back problems, so we are often in a series of defeats in the first few rounds. If you are on a losing streak, you need to save extra gold, because you will want to click on level 8 before the others reach level 7.

Average evacuation

The average game is purely a matter of the units you get – if you already have Morgana and the Talon, the choice of (6) Illuminates is a very feasible one. Otherwise, you can stay on the four units of the Lights and add Pyke & Shen as you will use them later.

Leave Part

A click on level 8 is crucial for this building, because you’ll miss the right front line (Shen) and need a higher level to deploy Talon and Morgana quickly. The last team should look like this: Fiora, Nami, Gianna, Irelia, Morgana, Talon, Pike and Shen. Since these units get a mana-bonus, this means that they develop mainly based on the damage done to their capabilities – which means you should always focus on improving these units!

Recommended products

Morgane – Blue Buffalo, Morellomycon, Hextek Gun

Shen – Gargoyle Stone Plate, Sunny Cape, Varmoga Armor.

The heel – Bloodthirsty, Sword of Death, Mercury.


Shen, Fiora and Irelia are border guards in this building, because their job is to evacuate and distract until Morgana and the Talon destroy the enemy team. Pyke is in the rearguard, but he will take out the enemy and also go forward. Gianna and Nami are in the background because they’re supportive.

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