Elderberry units are fun because they spread during the rounds and get more and more power to melt their opponents. In general, elderberry is an incredibly light and stable floor structure. In this Elderwood Building Guide, we show you Elderwood’s most popular TFT comps, how to play them at the beginning, middle and end of the game, and how to transfer and position your devices.


Cultivist – Duelist – Hunter – Gunner – Shadow of the Spirit – Twilight – Enlightened – Warlord – Divine – Leader

Elderberry synergy bonus

Every two seconds, every Elderwood champion grows up with a bonus statistic. This effect is added up to five times.

3 → 15 Armor and MR, 5 AD and SP.
6 → 25 Armor and MR, 5 AD and SP.
9 → 40 Armor and MR, 5 AD and SP.

Best Elder-Compteam

  • Maokai
    • Maokai crushes his enemies, handles magical damage and slows down their attack speed by 50% for 3 seconds.
  • Lux
    • Lux fires a dark sphere at the furthest enemy. Enemies in his path inflict magical damage and are stunned for a few seconds.
  • Nunu
    • Willamp bites his target and damages it like magic. If a Willump target is less healthy than before the bite, it suffers 50% more damage and instead causes actual damage.
  • Weigar
    • A Weigar explodes an enemy with an energy blast and causes magical damage. If he kills the target, Weigar will have magical power forever.
  • Ashe
    • It gains attack speed in 5 seconds, and its base attack fire a barrage of arrows inflicting physical damage.
  • Warwick
    • Warwick gets the attack speed, steal life and moves faster until the end of the battle. When Warwick receives a bribe in this state, he screams in seconds for fear of all the enemies nearby.
  • Ezreal
    • Ezreal fires at the enemy with the highest attack speed, heals allies he crosses and gives them 50% attack speed in 5 seconds, deals magical damage to the enemy and slows their attack speed by 50% in 5 seconds.
  • Rules
    • Make sure he catches the target and throws it forward, treating magical damage to all enemies over a large area. Enemies further away from the epicentre have less damage.

Guidelines for the composition of wood teams

Start of the game

Fortunately, Elderwood is available at an early stage, so your main goal should be to present Maokai, Hecarim, Nunu and Veigar as the core of this building. Work on the economy and keep a good amount of gold in the bank, because later on you will have to roll for two high ranks at the same time as replacing Hecarim.

Average evacuation

Elderwood can be a ridiculously powerful intermediate level game if you manage to get six Elderwood fans (either by finding Ashe and Ezreal or by getting the selected Elderwood unit instead of Ezreal). This is crucial, as is the equipment of Nunu & Veigar, which is the team’s main support, as it allows you to win a snowball victory.

Leave Part

Old trees tend to fall in a late game if you do not have both the ezrealistic and the set, which requires luck. Level 8 is sufficient for this, but a lot of gold is needed to hunt 2 five-star units and also to reach level 8, so be prepared for that.

Recommended products

Nunu – Gargoyle – stone plate, knife and Varmoga armor.

Weigar – Bluetail, Hexagon and Precious Guantlet.


Maokai, Noonu and Warwick are the main front line for Elderwood, and Sett is in the same place behind Warwick. Ash, Ezreal, Weigar and Lux are scattered in the back so they don’t die from the AoE damage.

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