Although the Internet and online subscriptions have made it easier than ever to connect and play with players from all over the world, nothing beats sitting together in person to experience cooperative gaming adventures.

There has always been something special about enjoying a game with a loved one by your side, and fortunately there are still many games that give you that experience on the latest consoles such as PlayStation 5.

To help you find the right game for you and your game partner, here is a list of our favorite games.

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The cooperation is usually carried out ex-post, with one or more actors being given priority. A Way Out is an exception, because the game is designed for the banking club and cannot be played without another person at your side. This narrative adventure tells the story of two men escaping from prison. What follows is a unique and entertaining experience, different from what we have experienced so far.

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The latest installment in the Marauding Shooter series from Gearbox is, in our opinion, one of the best and thanks to the optimization of PlayStation 5 is easier than ever to play. Each player can choose to play as a Vault Hunter, which gives them unique opportunities to use and level. The game contains some of the best and fastest actions that we have seen in recent memory.

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Each new addition to the Black Ops series is the latest addition to the long-standing Zombie mode. Working with a partner and facing swarms of undead enemies, trying to stay alive and solving puzzles on the map has been a constant source of entertainment in this series for years. And when you get tired of it, switch to multiplayer mode to compete against other players.

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If you are looking for a sofa, Diablo III should always be on your list of games to consider. It may not be as complete an update for PlayStation 5 as the other games, but it still seems to work well. You can play with up to three other friends as you fight hordes of enemies, collect material and level the situation. This is one of the best examples of collaboration, don’t forbid it, and you should definitely try it.

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For racing fans: With Dirt 5, you can play the entire campaign from start to finish with another player by your side. It’s a simple feature, but it adds a whole new level of fun to the game. In terms of gameplay, it’s as good a racing game as you can ask for, and it’s absolutely amazing.

NBA 2K21 Image via

We know it’s not exactly cooperative to enter a competition, but listen to us: You can always play in the same team and compete against the computer in the latest entry of the popular 2K franchise. While there are certainly some concerns about intrusive advertising and micro-transaction in the game, the fact remains that the game offers the best and most realistic basketball experience.

Exaggerated! Anything you can eat. Image per order17

This set of two overcooked games, with their DLC, in one package is the perfect way to dive into games for the first time. And because it’s designed for PlayStation 5, it has improved graphics and always plays perfectly. The gameplay is hectic, temperamental and will surely entertain you for hours.

Bag: A great adventure Image via

This charming 3D platform game in the LittleBigPlanet universe is fun in single player mode, but it’s better suited to play with another player by your side. It’s best if your group is larger and the levels match this number of players perfectly, you can have up to four additional players.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 Image via

These remakes of the first two Tony Hawk games are faithful and brilliantly crafted, bringing back the great gameplay of the originals and bringing a nice touch of nostalgia. And having someone to play with, skate for free or even have a friendly game with is an absolute joy that takes us back to easier playing time.

Heating hammer: Chaosbane – Killer Edition Image via

If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned hack and slash, this is the updated version of Warhammer: Chaos is the right choice for you. It has the same fun and no-frills gameplay as the original version, with better graphics and 4K resolution. It also comes with all the extra CSDs so you and your friend can immerse yourself in a multitude of content.

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