I know it was an unusual quarantine year because of Kovid-19, but that didn’t stop the gaming community from playing. Do you want to know how I know that?

Because there are many board games <> online = board games simulated and converted into online versions, the KICK BUTT, and in this article ** I give you 5 great board games that you can play ONLINE**.

It’s not like it’s an SECRET, like your friends or groups don’t know about it – it’s not that easy to recognize – so look and see, here we go!

1. Code names

This family board game works pretty well online – so have fun with your friends or family. It’s easy to place 4, and you can go up to 8+, so a good social walk.

**individual version – https://codenames.game/

View a board game – Show prices for code names

Table of code names

2. Cards against humanity

I dare say if you’ve never heard of CAH, you can live under a rock. A very entertaining game for everyone, and there is even a family version that you can play online.

**ONLINE VERSION – https://allbad.cards/

Watch the deck of cards – see the price of cards against humanity.

Maps against humanity

3. Avalon

Of course I mention Avalon in my article about the best social deduction games, but it comes with a warning: If you are very addicted to games, beware of Avalon online. There’s no such thing… …it devoured a man of my spare time during this pandemic.

**ONLINE VERSION – https://avalon.fun/

Watch a board game – Price to see Avalon

Avalon game about social deductions

4. Werewolf

I love this game of social deduction, it’s probably still my favorite game, precisely because I think people attach great importance to ease of reading. Yes, there are roles and of course there are mechanisms, but I still think it’s the purest social disappointment my Ted Alspac has created.

There is no online version for WW, because the equivalent is the zoom game. Werewolf player game + moderator on the zoom, and it is very well translated. This can lead to hours of werewolf hunting and endless fun. I should know.

But of course, as we are in the age of the web, someone has created this great application on Heroku that allows you to build your village and easily fulfill our roles. Players easily add their roles and get them easily, saving time and playing more!

Application for the establishment of a village in Werewolf – https://play-werewolf.herokuapp.com.

What’s more, since the release of Le Loup-garou de Béziers in 2008, it’s time to take stock, isn’t it?

The version of Ultimate Werewolf Extreme released on Kickstarter in just a few days was funded in 18 minutes !!!!. This new game features 84 reel cards + 30 bonus reels, plus everything else, including a 200-page strategy guide, map sleeves, player certificates and even miniatures in the Super Collector’s Edition.

For an overview of the game, read my Werewolf Ultimate Review and you can read the game here.

Deduction system for werewolves

5. One

But because I’m a big fan of all the board games and cards mentioned above, I think it’s a BIG discovery for a small or large group (since 12 people or 4 people can only play one). As I said in another article, Just One won the 2019 Game of the Year award, and now you can play for free!

**ONLINE VERSION – https://oneword.games/

View a board game again – A price overview

Just one.

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