In the movies, we often hear people waiting for their Prince Charming to come on a white horse and take them away.

Not having watched television in years, I thought it would be interesting to see what the anime offers us on the way to the princes.

So let’s look at the ranking of the best prince characters in anime.

14. Vegetables

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta had shouted his title of Prince of all Saiyans so many times that it immediately came to her mind.

He is our favorite Tsundere King and is instantly recognizable by his long spiky hair and terrible parenting skills.

But it’s probably because he’s so hard and cruel that every moment of sincerity with this man is a moment of tears.

I can’t say much about his qualities as a true prince, because you know the whole planet is about to blow up. But I’m sure he’d be great.

13. Hakuryuu Ren

Anime: Wise men: A maze of magic

I don’t know why, but the characters with burns on their faces seem to work well. And Hakuryuu is no exception.

He really is a reliable prince because he doesn’t have that stereotypical snobbery. The man even knows how to cook, says Chef Hubby!

He tends to worry about trivial things, like an angry mother usurping the throne. But he can also be very quiet.

His taste in women is impeccable, and his jeans skills are probably the coolest on the show, so a wise choice to be sure!

12. Boruto Uzumaki

Anime: Boruto

Put down the pitchfork and let me explain.

Even if the argument that Hokage is basically a king isn’t enough for you, we have to remember that Hinata was a Hyouga princess, so Boruto technically has that title.

And as much as I hated Boruto in the beginning, he’s gotten much better. Especially in manga.

He is incredibly talented, brave and powerful, so I have no doubt he would make a great leader.

He has a lot of daddy issues that need to be addressed first. But we take small steps.

11. Channel

Anime: The Vinland Saga

In a series full of maniacal Viking killers, a character like Canute can’t keep his head down.

He has very soft and feminine features, would rather pray than fight, and is generally a coward. However, the Vinland saga does know how to create character arcs. So Canute’s sympathy began to grow without him realizing it.

And before you know it, boom, you’re completely sympathetic to Kanutha and realize that he’s doing everything in his power to fight adversity and build a just kingdom.

He probably would have been higher if he had more of a presence on the show, but he still deserves to be mentioned.

10. Soma Asman Kadar

Anime: The black butler

Soma is definitely made to be a stereotypical prince.

He lived in a large mansion with a concierge and a butler, who, as you can imagine, spoiled him to death.

But you know what spoils you more than the average butler? That’s right, a hot demon butler.

When Soma met Heaven, some of his most positive qualities appeared. And he even showed himself to be a very caring little prince. So… breaking the stereotype?

9. Meliodas

Anime: The seven deadly sins

The melodies don’t fit the stereotype of the prince at all.

But since he is the son of the Demon King and is even fighting for this title now, he fits perfectly into this list.

Meliodas is actually two characters in one, because when he is happy, he is the sweetest and most relaxed of all time.

But when he gets angry, and I mean really angry, and starts showing his demonic side. Then the smiles stop altogether, and many people die.

But I guess you can’t be a prankster if you want to be a demon king.

8. Ryuuki Shi

Anime: The story of Sayounkoku

Ryuuki is one of the few characters who has had to deal with the business prince.

As is the custom with princes, all of his brothers killed each other to find out who would be the next emperor, with Ryuuki ironically being the real candidate. Even if he didn’t want the job.

One of his brothers survived, but was exiled, so Ryuuki must take the throne.

And if things slow down at first, Ryuuki makes real progress.

For example, a law has been passed allowing women to become civil servants. And if you’ve ever picked up a history book, you know it’s important.

7. Prince’s house

Anime: Gintama

I’ll be honest with you: I think this character is just hilarious.

Don’t get me wrong, he looks like a terrible prince and a terrible alien. But he’s so funny and awful I love him.

The man sits so high on his horse that he cannot see how everyone despises him. He is so delusional and hypocritical that his love for animals almost drove him to suicide on several occasions.

Why animals always had to be like lions and not rabbits, I have no idea.

Since Gintama is a comedy, why not invite Buck?

6. Arslan

Anime: The heroic legend of Arslan.

Now that I’ve gotten rid of the laughter, it’s time to talk about the prince of divinity: Arslan.

The man makes his princely resume look good, as at just 14 years old he was more than capable of beating opponents three times his size.

He also had the natural charisma to rally the forces around him, and a comrade really needed to befriend his subordinates.

Even when it came to slaves, Arslan refused to be haughty. He even hid his title for a long time.

So he gets all the points from the good guys.

5. Clarins Zen Vistalia

Anime: Redheaded Snow White

You know Prince Charming is an unrealistic standard?

Well, Zen sets an unrealistic standard for what it means to be a Prince Charming!

This guy sounds perfect.

He sees the damsel in distress, immediately rescues her and gives her a home.

But is he abusing his power? You can’t!

Is he totally snobby, spoiled or arrogant? Also no!

Is it at least short-lived? I’m telling you, there’s not a scratch on his armor.

4. Wolfram von Bielefeld

Anime: King now!

Unlike Zen, tungsten has many bumps.

He’s a snob, he’s spoiled, and he gets angry very easily.

Which is probably a bad combination because it also has firepower.

And yet he never looks like a bad guy!

First, he is so incredibly beautiful that just looking at his face can cure an incurable disease. And his accidental marriage to Yuuri, which incidentally is the most charming and satisfying act of male love in history.

3. Bruno de Granzreich

Anime: The Royal Guard

There are not one, not two, but four princes in the Royal Master. That way you can vote fairly.

Personally, I liked Bruno the best. In my opinion, he is the most suitable leader.

Of course, he needs to work on his attitude a bit. But his willingness to learn and his desire to be the best (as no one has ever been) are not only admirable, but necessary if you want to rule an entire kingdom.

Other princes can be more fun at parties.

But when inflation or famine hits the streets, I have a sneaking suspicion that only Bruno can handle the situation.

2. Sinbad

Anime: Wise men: The Adventures of Sinbad

Sinbad is just a fantasy of power. It seems like all of his stats are just exceptional.

He has enough charisma to make people naturally flock to him, and he has enough power to make entire armies change their underwear.

His style is impeccable, his womanizing skills are legendary, his courage is boundless, his mind is sharp, and the list could go on and on.

Even after he became emperor, he never stopped perfecting his art.

Of course, sometimes he can pass out half-naked in the jungle. But he is always moving and trying to increase his influence.

1. Lelouch red lamp

Anime: Code of Gees

I’d be shocked if anyone didn’t see it coming.

Although he had Geass’ powers on his side, Lelouch himself overthrew an entire country.

He was literally a high schooler with a felony and a last name, but he managed to turn that into an entire army and community support.

But above all, Lelouch really wanted peace, not power.

Spoiler alert: That’s why he finally gave his life and took all the hate that would have otherwise fallen on his comrades. Lelouch staged his own murder so that public order could die with him.

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