This is a tutorial video that explains how to install Bad Girl Clothing for The Sims 4 game. In 2014, a user named chiibihime released some clothes for The Sims 4 game. The clothes were a lot more revealing than the previous outfits in The Sims 4 at the time. This video will show you how to get those clothes and install them.

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Being a bad girl can mean many things.

It could mean a rebellious spirit.

This could mean that you are a fashionista or that you have a problematic past.

Anyway, we’ll take all these stats and show you the different aspects of how to be a bad girl in The Sims 4 – with the best possible CC.

So put on Rihanna and let all those good girls become bad girls.

Gothic Pleated Skirt

Check out this AC.

Let’s start with the gothic style skirt.

This will be perfect on almost any simulation you develop.

Adorned with crosses and thorns, it’s definitely more suited to evil spirits than a bad girl.

An outfit like this could appeal to a vampire simulator or even a teenager in a rebellious phase.

Hipster punk outfit

Check out this AC.

This is a skull and crossbones top and shorts.

Perfect for any summer day, right?

CC’s designer, IzzieMcFire, definitely hit the tone of a lost Sim with this outfit.

It features a skeleton torso on a top and a skeleton arm on the back of shorts. This outfit has all the makings of a naughty girl in action.

She was definitely mischievous and sassy.

Hipster Jungle Shirt

Check out this AC.

This shirt is one of the trendy items on this list.

These girls tend to be arrogant and use things like the clothes they wear to show how cool they are.

To be honest, this outfit is a good excuse for arrogance.

The leopard print denim jacket makes this piece incredibly unique and certified.

Rockstar Vest

Check out this AC.

Turn on the lights!

This vest is for Sims rockers and probably represents a badass more than a bad girl.

Anyway, this cardigan is a beautiful shade of purple and black, with red piping as an undergarment.

Cool, elegant and stylish in a rock ‘n’ roll outfit.

I say we need a reminder.

Bad Girl Top

Check out this AC.

Here’s another punk outfit, but with a different style of dress.

Here we see a knitted t-shirt with cool graphics, like a skull holding the ace of spades. It’s a really cool feeling.

This top also has 15 unique designs and can be worn from your Sim’s teenage years to old age.

Who doesn’t love a mean old lady?

Top with gothic neckline

Check out this AC.

The manufacturer CC Helsoseira presents us the following item – this gothic top with a unique cut.

Each t-shirt has small graphics such as a crescent moon or a Judas star, and a strap cut in the middle of your daughter’s thigh.

This CC is certainly unique. And if it’s all black, it could be on that list.

Present this top with 12 unique designs in your CAS.

Bad Girl Dress

Check out this AC.

Another one for the cool fashionistas.

This matless bad girl dress comes in many modern variations.

My favorite of the 11 looks is the black dress with smoky graphics and anonymity – or V, which stands for V for Vendetta.

This is an unusual look that offers a cool design to anyone wearing these swatches. So this outfit fits every sim except the average cute girl.

E.T., Satan and Baby Doll

Check out this AC.

CC manufacturer MaruChanBe tops our list with these simple yet effective tees.

Like the previous cut shirts, these shirts have mean girl phrases that make it clear that your Sim is not the nicest of the group.

Despite their simplicity, these T-shirts are very attractive. The black color and gothic style of the writing only enhance the effect.

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