If you’re looking for a spicy Atlas Prime building that maintains its position at the end of the game and lets you clean the nullifier, scrambler or even other barphramies off your toes, then this is your building. Atlas Prime is a good mediator between the stationary Nidus and the winged Inaros with great emergency forces. To make full use of this mounting you need to use a shadow shape, fill in the 3 shadow modules and add the 3rd shadow module. Arcane Grace Square.

This Atlas Prime guide is very detailed. If you’d rather go deeper into a specific topic, here’s a handy list of everything that’s covered in this article:

Is Atlas Prime really a tank in the war?

Yeah, Atlas Prime is a tank.

It’s not as talkative as Inaros, but Atlas has equipment that makes it more useful in defense and mobile defense missions. Rhinoceros and Chroma’s abilities will stink even more than Atlas Prime. But as soon as there are large hordes of Nullifier, Scrum or Comba, this advantage easily disappears. This makes Atlas Prime more versatile in Corps Missions and especially in Corps Arbitrage.

Vitality of the atlas under construction: Impact resistance and invulnerability

There are two things that increase the chances of survival of the Atlas before you make any changes to it.

One of them is his passive immunity to precipitation: As long as Atlas keeps both feet on the ground, he can’t be tilted. There is no need for a hand spring, constitution or prepared safe foot. With certain types of enemy patterns Atlas gets a short and amazing animation, but stops. The pain threshold will also be lower. This immunity serves very well against the explosive effects of grinning, corpus bursas and most boss fights. It also enables the precise use of Arkhangelsk high kickback loads such as Corvas, Velocitus and Larkspur in ground battles.

There is also a phase of invulnerability in which Atlas makes use of its landslide capability. If it gets too difficult in the fight against hordes, bosses or even feelings, a landslide on a few swings will let you breathe.

Atlas Game Mode #1: Shock paratroopers

Atlas Prime is best used as a frontline fighter, such as skydivers with shock effect. He’s got the next three places on the team:

His first, and for me the most important task, is the aggressive pursuit of neutralization units. When you see a Nullifer, Scrumbus or Combine hit in the middle, it’s best to jump over it and wear a heavy attack helmet. This way you can take down most enemies and get to work to find out who is still alive. Don’t forget that most combat missions depend on your skills and you won’t just run into a tank. You can and must – always.

The second task of the Atlas is to eliminate large hordes by falling in. He should be a classic shock paratrooper. The tactic is similar to your zero-defect hunt. They look for the largest enemy group and send a heavy attack helmet in their midst. Press the button for a few seconds and then move on to the next group. Don’t get too involved with a group of enemies. If you play in a team, softening large chunks of opponents will do wonders for your team.

His last task is the resurrection of his fallen teammates. It doesn’t matter if the place is crawling with zero units or filled with powerful enemies. If possible, start wearing a sturdy helmet on your head to get some air to breathe. Depending on the situation you can use Petrifi, the third option, the biggest enemy piece, or Tectonic Wall, the second option. So start reviving your teammate. The usefulness of tectonics should not be underestimated, because it is invulnerable in 3 seconds and any damage caused will turn into health.

Do these 3 jobs in turns, call your Rumble constantly and you will be useful Altas other tennis will fall in love.

Atlas Game Mode #2: Weapons platform with patrol

Playing a shock landing is not always the right decision. Sometimes you have to shoot enemies from a distance or protect allies. It is then time to transform the Atlas into a solid platform of cannons. It’s already a heavily armored shell that can take a beating.

You have to make sure you keep throwing away your Rumble, your fourth skill. They attract the aggression of the enemy and soften it.

Then you must try to protect the allies with your tectonics. Just place them on mobile and static defensive targets. They are also useful to protect your teammates for a short period of time or when you need a few seconds to enjoy the recovery.

If you do all this, you can use your familiar weapons or ergonomic guns to destroy the enemy troops.

Atlas leads a second squadron in everymission.

I’ve told you several times you have to use your mugs all the time. They attract enemy aggression and damage enemy units. Every enemy that is occupied by your tampering is one less to worry about, and also offers the opportunity to strike from behind.

If you add Kubrow or Kavat to the mixture, you will be protected by 3 accomplices. You can increase this number to a full unit by adding a Clem or Old Healer.

In defence missions, especially raids and arbitrations, the ability to bring your own personal team to distract the enemy is highly appreciated.

Building : 1 Umbra Forma all-rounder, late match

After reviewing all the tips and tricks for playing Atlas Prime in a late game, we can now look at the real setup. You only need one form to make the umbra work, but I also recommend adding an aura form for more flexibility.

The basis of this building are the 3 umbric modes. This combination brings the health of Atlas Prime of 1872 and the armor of 1389. With such an armour she has an effective health reserve of more than 10,500.

To further increase storage capacity, you need to add an adjustment that greatly reduces the impact of incoming damage.

Primed Continuity ensures that your bullies stay away for a long time and ensures that you maintain the combinations of landslides, even if you take short breaks between shots.

By stretching, you can increase the distance for enemies you want to reach by a landslide and increase the petrifaction cone. In this way Petrifi becomes a useful tool in emergency situations.
Stones petrified by the fall of the enemy form a second layer of armor. But with almost 1,400 basic shields, this additional shield is practically useless.

The pursuit of adrenaline acts as a frenzy that converts the damage inflicted on Atlas into energy. If you do too much damage, you have more than enough power to get out of a landslide. And in a landslide, you’re invincible.

If you only put one Umbra shape on your base structure, you are limited to the steel load once you have a usable Aura Mod. I recommend adding a form of aura to the location. This gives you more possibilities to choose your aura. Usually I prefer to rejuvenate myself to bring extra healing to my partner, my teammates and myself. But I’ll trade it in for steel fibre, corrosion spray or enemy radar, depending on the mission.

To ensure a different level of survival, I prefer all three. The rank has equipped the Arcane Grace. The second secret can be chosen at will. I like position 3 of the Arcane Strike because it increases the speed in close combat by 40%. And that allows me to possess a slower, heavier weapon. Mysterious mercy, mysterious rage or tanker 3. Rank would also be a very useful alternative to orbital combat.

Close Combat Weapon for Atlas

Atlas Prime is designed for training weapons such as Tecco Prime, Furax Wraith or Aubeca Prism. But the disadvantages of all combat weapons are their limited range and limited position, which can be very disorienting.

They have to deal with melee weapons with greater range and effect. Hammers are a very solid choice. Fragor Prime, Volnus or Kuva Schildeg do wonders with the aggressive game of shock landing.

The Volnus with Hybrid Critical Formation is a variant with the smallest stroke, but with the fastest attack speed.

Fragor Prime, with a similar hybrid design but more subject to criteria than status, quickly wreaked havoc on enemy forces.

The Kuva Schildeg is the best in its class, and even without a crow or steel charge it will mow with ease on routes and hordes of referees.

If you prefer heavy drums or knives instead of hammers, you can use them.

Atlas of Umbria Initiating a hit / landslide hand to hand combat building

If you really want a single boring build shot, you have to understand that the damage caused by a landslide is mainly due to the increased damage caused by the mods of your melee weapon. Strength is important, but a weapon adapted only for landslides increases the damage yield tenfold. Changes to your melee weapons provide an amazing multiplication factor for base damage caused by landslide.

Your melee assembly must dispose of any form of utility, including range, attack speed or combo counter. Optimized for both Landslide and Onepunch, pure hand-to-hand combat should include the following modes

  • Ground pressure point (+1.65)
  • Preparation for a serious injury (+1.65)
  • Impact force (+1.2)
  • Strike ruined (+1)
  • Fever attack (+1.65)
  • Shocking touch (+0.9)
  • North wind (+0.9)
  • Impact of the merger (+0.9)

The numbers after each mode represent an increase of the corresponding damage multiplication factor. To calculate the damage of the first blow.

350 x (1 + error modes) x (1 + element modes) x (1 + current)

After I pick up the numbers, everything will be fine:

350 x (1 + 5.5) x (1 + 4.35) x (1 + 0.66)
350 x 6.5 x 5.35 x 1.66 = 20 204

This means that with our Atlas Prime Design you cause 20,204 damages on the first stroke, 40,408 damages on the second stroke and 80,816 damages on the last stroke. If you need even more fatigue, you can add the steel load to increase these figures slightly.

I advise you to only modify the weapon for landslide damage, as you will have to pass 4 or 5 forms, depending on the number of initial slots.

Personally, I don’t use any racket personality because it makes me play a rather boring game.

Kubrow and Kawat Synergy Atlas

Atlas Prime was published in collaboration with Detcoob Prime. Although they work well enough together, the beasts really shine with Atlas Prime. The reason for this is the fashion for Link Health and Link Armor, which make good use of the large health and armour tank of the Atlas umbral tank. This in turn creates extremely temperamental shoemakers and kawats that can be safely taken away for escape, arbitration or theft in the Orbit Profit-Taker.

You need three mods to fully enjoy the Atlas Health Pool and the Shock Paratroopers game mentioned above. Link Health brings your Kubrov or Kawat health to 3300-3700. Link Armor protects your health with 1600-1700 armor. This means that incoming losses are reduced by more than 80%. To ensure that your pet continues to heal, you must provide him with a Packmaster. This will allow you to heal your beast based on the damage the atlas inflicts in close combat.

Building your pet can and should heal your atlas. Restoring the hunter is the right way to equip yourself, because every damage your monster suffers is used to heal the Atlas.

The next two fashionable slots for your beast should include Fetch to collect thefts and Animal Instinct to detect thefts and enemies. This leaves you 4 slots with the mode of your choice for damage or mode utilities.

A caustic die, a breakwater and two additional elementary damages – a monster capable of fighting.

The same can be said of the Adarza Battle Cat, which tears animals to pieces.

To get the most out of your beast, you have to complete a lot of formalities. But any kind of investment in your favourite Kubra or Kawat is a good investment. These cute four-legged friends not only help you with your missions, but also make it fun to watch them.

The Ural Atlas: A Serial Killer

Just one more thing: The Ural Atlas is ideal for hunting and destroying living enemies. The Umber mode increases dew resistance and the use of landslides against the senses makes the Atlas invulnerable. If you apply all Sacrificial Mods to your melee weapon, you will also cause +41% extra damage to your senses.


Atlas Prime will face all enemy factions and will be independent of its survivability. He works well as a drummer, smells like a fighter plane and a shock parachutist. In combination with Kubrow and its two screens, it is a worthy addition to any troop to do damage and bring fallen comrades back to life.

This guide is a guide to love. I played at Atlas Base for almost three years before I finally got Atlas Prime. I love losers, and that stupid frame opened the door to my heart. I’m proud to play Atlas as one of the few tennis matches.

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