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Atari – one of the world’s leading brands in interactive entertainment and consumer products – and Plex, the popular media streaming platform for all your favourite media, have announced a partnership to showcase Plex at the upcoming launch of Atari’s VCS hybrid PC/console gaming and entertainment system in November this year. Plex at the Atari VCNS allows owners to show their personal collections of movies, TV shows, photos and music, but also to enjoy thousands of free movies and shows on demand from Warner Bros. content providers. National television distribution, Crackle, Lionsgate, MGM and others.

Plex is the most comprehensive streaming platform in the world, offering over 20 million registered users free movies and TV on demand, access to over 80 free live TV channels, as well as podcasts, webcasts, news, music, live and recorded shows, in addition to users’ personal media collections, all in one beautiful interface. With Atari Plex and ACS, users can completely transform any room into an ideal entertainment centre – for retro and modern gaming, streaming media and more.

From the very beginning we have been committed to making the Atari VCS a gateway to home entertainment that offers the versatility of a full-featured multimedia mini PC, with a focus on classic and new games and extensive streaming capabilities, says Michael Arzt, CEO of Atari VCS & Connected Devices. Plex is the undisputed leader in providing easy hosting and access to a wide range of content, from movies to television, tidal music and more, making it an exciting partner for Atari VCS, both online and offline.

The Plex is delivered as a free installation application on the Atari VCS. Beginners in Plex can create a free account to access many of the platform’s basic features. The Premium Plex Pass costs $4.99 per month, $39.99 per year or $119.99 for a lifetime subscription. Pay Plex Pass services include live TV and DVR features, movie trailers and bonus content, free use of wireless Plex Pay applications and much more. For more information about Plex, please visit

The brand new Atari VCS home video and gaming system is a unique PC/console hybrid inspired by classic Atari set-top boxes and PCs. Just like the legendary 1977 Atari 2600, VCS is capable of transforming gaming into a television and home entertainment experience. Users will enjoy the ever-expanding world of Atari, which consists of brand new games, classic and remastered favourites, streaming media and personal applications. The Atari VCS system works with a high quality AMD Ryzen 1606G Zen Core processor and Radeon Vega Graphics and can deliver games and video streams up to 4K HDR at 60 frames per second. Unlike other home game systems, owners can also install alternative operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, via PC mode and add a mouse and keyboard to turn the Atari VCS into an expandable micro-PC and enjoy many of their favorite games and applications. The Atari VCS video surveillance system combines the best consoles and PCs in a compact and ultra-luxurious device.

From November 2020, the Atari VCS line of video computer systems, kits and peripherals will be available for pre-order in North America at, and The basic Onyx Atari VCS 800 (8 GB) system is sold for only $299.99 USD, while the Atari VCS 800 all-in-one system kits include an Atari VCS Classic joystick and an advanced Atari VCS controller (sold separately for $59.99 USD each) for $399.99 USD. The Atari VCS Classic joystick and modern controls have been developed in collaboration with PowerA. For more information about the international sales of Atari VCS, please visit

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