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The Jackswikes of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are Viking mercenaries that you can take care of during your raids. The game allows you to build your own Jomsviking and make it available to other players. In the same way, you can recruit Jombswikes that are built and used by other players in Valhalla. But to get the most out of Yomsvikings, you have to learn how to unlock, recruit and use them. In this AC Valhalla Jomsvikings Guide we will guide you through everything you need to know about Jomsvikings.

Creed of the Valhalla Joneswickings Assassin’s Handbook

This guide explains how to unlock, recruit, configure and use Jomsvikings in AC Valhalla. We’re going through it one by one.

How to unlock Jomsvikings in ValhallaAC

You can open the Jomsvikings from the Ravensthorpe barracks. However, the barracks are not unlocked by default. That’s why you’ll have to build it once you’re in England. Fortunately, building barracks is very cheap and affordable once you’re in England, without having to expand your facility. The construction of a barracks in AC Valhalla requires 200 stocks and 30 raw materials.

how to unlock the Jackswikes in the Ac Valhalla guide.

With the construction of the barracks, the quarter-finals are open. As soon as the non-commissioned officer opens the door, he leaves the barracks and goes to work. From there you can make your own Jobswikings in AC Valhalla. The steward will give you a random Yomswiking. You cannot change the character, body or name of your fierce warrior. But you can change the weapon and the armor he or she wears. You can also edit the randomly generated Yomsviking until you find someone to add to your team. You can also choose the gender of the character. This is the only way to implement Jomsviking in AC Valhalla.

how to build your own jombswitch in an ac valhalla.

Once you’ve confirmed your character’s characteristics and stats, it will be corrected and you won’t be able to change it from there. You can equip Yomsviking with all weapons and armor available in your inventory. Anyway, it’s like a clone of Avor.

How to recruit Jobswikes in Valhalla AC

Simply put: You can recruit candidates for AC Valhalla by paying the 100 silver players they have created. You can find Jomsvikings on the game map, which is marked with the helmet sign. Follow the icon and you will arrive at the available Yomsviking. You can now communicate with Jomsviking and get all the information about him, including who made him, what his weapon and armor statistics are, and other similar details.

how to recruit Jackswikings for Valhalla CP.

Also, as soon as you confirm the statistics and functions, your own Jomsviking will be visible on the map as soon as you create it. Other players can see the character on their card. Then they can recruit your Jomswiking for their team by paying you 100 silver coins. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your Jobswiking if someone hires him.

Valhalla Joneswicks Creed Guide

You can recruit a total of 100 Jombswikes at a time. But you can’t take them all on a raid. You can only take six Jombswikes in one robbery. So you may need a lot of attention and statistical analysis from all your teammates before you meet the one you need to take with you when raiding.

Recruit up to 100 Jombsweets in an ac Valhalla

Use of Yomsvikings in ValhallaAC

Much has already been said in this guide about the use of Jomsvikings in AC Valhalla. In short, you can use them for successful raids to make money and get EXPs. Yes, you have read that the proper participation of the Jomsvikings in the raids not only allows you to benefit from extra members, but also to earn some EXP and make rapid progress.

how to use the Jombswikes in Valhalla.

This is the end of our AC Valhalla Joneswicks travel guide. We hope this will answer all your questions about Jomsvikings and their role in the game. While you are here, you can read our guides for disarming weapons and unlocking Excalibur in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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