At the turn of the century, the MMORPG genre started to explode with new titles offering players more choices than ever before. From smaller, more casual games like Runescape, to the massive behemoths like World of Warcraft, the industry has never seen such a large variety of games. In recent years, the genre has gone into overdrive, but which games are the best? In this review of Asha In Monster World, we look at the biggest and most popular MMORPGs, and find out which are the must-play titles, and which should be avoided at all costs.

Asha In Monster World is a puzzle game similar to Cookie Click and Cookie Jam, where you have to guide a monster through obstacles to reach the exit door. The game is beautiful and the animations are excellent, as are the sound effects.

It has been a while since I reviewed a game, and I am glad to say that I have been able to finally keep up. As one can imagine, the last few months have been quite hectic for me, as it was my birthday last month. I have been trying to catch up on most of my games, but I still managed to play a few. I have been meaning to write a review on Asha In Monster World for quite some time, so this is a perfect occasion. So, here is my review for Asha In Monster World.

The past four years have been incredible for Switch owners who crave playing classic 16-bit games updated with modern visuals and gameplay mechanics. From remasters to remakes and new sequels to beloved series like Blaster Master Zero and Streets of Rage 4, there’s no shortage of games to return to and scratch that nostalgic itch. word-image-4706 One of the series I missed in the 80s and 90s was Wonder Boy on the Sega systems. I tried to right these sins by playing all the versions that came out on Switch, and there were quite a few! The last one is called Boy Wonder :. Asha in Monster World is a remake of Monster World IV, a game that originally appeared on the Sega Mega Drive (the Japanese version of the Genesis) in 1994 and came to us many years later via the Wii’s Virtual Console. So it’s good that it’s now available to a much wider audience, with a complete visual update. word-image-12854 It’s not often that a member of the original game’s core team returns for a remake, but in this case the director and creator of the series are on board, as are the character designer, sound composer and creative director. Fans of the original will no doubt be happy to hear this, but as a newcomer I was not impressed with the game as it felt very formulaic and just lacked the fun exploration I found in the last two games released on Switch : Wonderboy: Dragon Trap and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. So be warned, this game is a little different, it’s more linear and has a somewhat forgettable stage design, but I’ll get to that later. First of all, let me give you the history. You play as Asha, a female warrior who must reclaim the land from evil. You begin by traveling to a nearby city that quickly becomes your central world. Immediately the game reminded me of games like Zelda II:. The Adventure of Link and Ys III, with its side-scrolling level design and light RPG gameplay mechanics. You have a gun shop where you can buy the best swords and shields, and lots of locals who give little or no useful advice. The game play is as follows: You enter the portal that leads to the level where the boss is. When you have completed the entire stage and defeated the boss, you will return to the city. Little things will change, and you’ll probably want to talk to the locals again to see the new dialogue and find the next stone key that unlocks the next level of the story. It’s a pretty simple and easy to understand game, but it doesn’t bring anything new. word-image-12855 Most of the game takes place on a single two-dimensional surface where you can move left and right, and sometimes up and down. You run, jump, slash and punch, and have a shield to block incoming attacks with projectiles. You must buy a suitable elemental shield and equip it according to your current level. It is very simple and requires no strategy or experimentation. I was immediately drawn to the town and castle there, as there are waypoints that allow you to move around the screen and beyond. Here you find secret treasure chests and stuff, and it really reminded me Kirby Triple Deluxe on the 3DS with its many rail levels, or even certain areas in some games Donkey Kong Country . If they applied this style of level design to the action scenes, I think they could create some really interesting scenes to explore, but for the most part they are nothing special. Some elements may confuse you for a minute or two until you find your way around, but it’s all so simple that I’ve never had a problem. The battles and platforming are also pretty straightforward. I miss the ability to change into different monsters like in the previous two games in the series. Here you have a cute little creature that goes with you, named Pepelogu. It helps you through the levels by giving you a double jump, as well as other abilities that are released as the creature grows. word-image-12856 It is in the area of graphics and animation that the game really shines. The characters are very cute, especially Asha who wiggles her butt when opening the boxes. The environment is very bright and colorful, and the enemies are also very nice. The problem is that the backgrounds of the levels seem to be repeated over and over again as the levels progress. It almost reminded me of the old Scooby-Doo cartoons with their repetitive settings. While the graphics are nice to look at and seem quite detailed, I couldn’t help but feel that the game was hollow. There weren’t many enemies on screen at once, and the game sent me the same enemies over and over, screen after screen. It made the game boring, but at least the animations and graphics in general were great! I noticed some slowness on some screens, oddly enough there seems to be framerate hiccups on the save screen. This may be a Switch-specific feature, but it is sometimes noticeable. The music is pretty good for the most part. The melodies fit the scenes well and are reminiscent of the motifs from Arabian Nights. The dubbing is in Japanese, but there are subtitles. The digital version of the game does not come with the original version of Genesis, so you will have to buy the physical version if you are interested. In the end, I still had fun playing Wonder Boy :. Asha in Monster World, but it is a product of its time. It’s reminiscent of a 90’s action/platform game, which may not appeal to those looking for something more. Fans of the original will no doubt be pleased that this game doesn’t deviate much from the basic gameplay and level design of the 16-bit version, but for a newcomer like me I had hoped for something more.

Wonderboy: Asha in the world of monsters Overview
  • Graphics – 8.5/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Playability – 5/10
  • Long-term attractiveness – 5/10

6.5/10 Closing thoughts: VALUE Fans of the original Mega Drive/Genesis game will certainly appreciate the hard work that has gone into updating Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World for the modern age. Despite the beautiful animations and enchanting soundtrack, the gameplay and level design leave a lot to be desired. The game isn’t too long, and at the price of $34.99, it’s hard to recommend it to those who don’t know what they’re getting into. word-image-12857 Craig has been involved in the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published in various media. He is currently editor-in-chief of Gaming Age magazine, where he writes.


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Asha In Monster World is an iOS/Android MMORPG that has been developed by ZQGame and is based on the famous Asha In Monster World anime series. The game’s storyline is set in a world where monsters and human beings are living in harmony, and the protagonist Asha has been chosen to lead the invasion against the evil villains who have taken over the world.. Read more about wonderboy 6 and let us know what you think.

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