Between us, InnerSloth has announced a new release date for the Blimp card. Blimp is a new map to get under the United States, it’s the biggest map in the game so far, and we have a release date and time for it.

Below is the issue date of the new Airship card

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It is a pretty popular game among us right now and it is one of the most anticipated games in the gaming industry. The Among Us consists of many cards, and these cards play a very important role in the game, but there are not many cards in the game. There are a total of 3 cards among us that are currently available to play: Skeld, MIRA headquarters, and Polus. These cards are pretty small.

If you use mods among us, like the 100-player mods where you can put up to 100 players, it’s almost impossible to play with 100 players on such a small map, you can’t even play with 50 players on these maps, that’s how small these maps are, so the new airship map is great for those who use such mods among us.

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The next card below us, called Airship, will be the fourth card in the deck. Since the game is free to play, the map will also be free to download on all platforms. The Blimp cards are inspired by the Innersloth series of games called Henry Stickmin. The blimp card belongs to the Toppath clan.

An Airship Among Us map was revealed at the 2020 Game Awards. Innersloth also published a teaser for this map, in which they showed the outside of the airship and some of its interiors. Pool is the last card to appear in the game. The Polus map was communicated to us in November 2019, and it has been over a year since it was updated for us.

Now let’s take a look at the current release date of the new airship map below.

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Below New Airship Card Date of issue

It has already been reported that the Blimp map will be revealed by Innersloth in early 2021 at the Game Awards in December 2020. Innersloth is pushing fans towards this new map, they also discovered a picture of the map where you can see a plane flying in the air and crashing on one side. Fans have guessed when the Blimp card would be released on Valentine’s Day or another important date.

There are many rumors and speculations on social media that there is a new blimp card among us. For your information, let us tell you that there is no official information yet, but it is possible that the new airship map will launch at the same time as the Xbox version of From Us, which will also launch in 2021.

In addition, Innersloth closes his game for the third time. At our place on the 15th. Maybe they’ll publish a new map around this date, but that seems too far away at the moment. For now, all we can say is that the new airship map will probably be published in the next few months. This was the date and time of the launch of the Among Us New Airship card.

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I hope you will appreciate our approach to the date and time of publication of the Among Us New Airship Map.



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