AMD has completed its $35 billion acquisition of FPGA inventor Xilinx. The deal is the largest-ever acquisition by a semiconductor company, and will help AMD realize their goal of building next-generation data centers for machine learning applications at scale.

AMD has completed the acquisition of FPGA Inventor Xilinx. The price that was paid for this acquisition is $35 billion.

AMD Completes $35 Billion Acquisition of FPGA Inventor Xilinx

AMD-Completes-35-Billion-Acquisition-of-FPGA-Inventor-XilinxImage credit: AMD

AMD has issued a press statement announcing the completion of its purchase of Xilinx, a move that would help the company expand its fast expanding data center business.

According to AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su, the company’s recent purchase would effectively convert it into the industry’s high-performance and adaptable computing leader, thanks to Xilinx’s portfolio of key technologies such as FPGAs, adaptive SoCs, and AI engines. AMD had previously said that it will acquire Xilinx in October 2020 in an all-stock deal valued at $35 billion.

Victor Peng, the CEO of Xilinx, will join AMD as the head of the Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group (AECG). It will be in charge of “pushing leading FPGA, Adaptive SoC, and software roadmaps,” according to the company.

AMD has completed its purchase of Xilinx (AMD)

AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) announced today that it has completed its all-stock purchase of Xilinx. The purchase, which was first announced on October 27, 2020, transforms the company into the industry’s high-performance and adaptive computing leader, with considerably increased scale and the broadest range of leading computing, graphics, and adaptable SoC technologies. In the first year, AMD expects the purchase to boost non-GAAP margins, non-GAAP EPS, and free cash flow generation.

AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su stated, “The purchase of Xilinx brings together a highly complementary collection of products, customers, and markets, as well as distinctive IP and world-class personnel, to establish the industry’s high-performance and adaptive computing leader.” “With Xilinx’s industry-leading FPGAs, adaptive SoCs, AI engines, and software expertise, AMD can offer the industry’s strongest portfolio of high-performance and adaptive computing solutions, capturing a larger share of the $135 billion market opportunity we see across cloud, edge, and intelligent devices.”

Victor Peng, the former CEO of Xilinx, will lead AMD’s newly established Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group (AECG). With the added size of the merged business and the ability to provide a broader range of solutions, including AMD CPUs and GPUs, AECG is focused on advancing leading FPGA, Adaptive SoC, and software roadmaps.

“The rising need for highly efficient and adaptable high-performance computing solutions is being driven by the fast proliferation of connected devices and data-intensive applications with embedded AI,” said Victor Peng. “By combining AMD and Xilinx, we’ll be able to define this new age of computing faster by offering the most complete portfolio of adaptive computing platforms capable of powering a broad variety of intelligent applications.”

For each share of Xilinx common stock, Xilinx owners received 1.7234 shares of AMD common stock and cash in place of any fractional shares of AMD common stock. The NASDAQ stock exchange will no longer offer Xilinx common stock for trading.

Investors are advised to visit the AMD/Xilinx Acquisition web page for further information on the deal.

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