From the moment Horizon Zero Dawn launched in 2017, Aloy has been criticized for her size. Many players assumed that a slender frame on a curvy character like Aloy was a deliberate aesthetic choice, because it was supposedly “in” to be thin and sexy in video games right now. But, as a woman who’s worked for a decade struggling with an eating disorder, I know that’s not true.

The newest video game from the creators of Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world, action-adventure game set in a unique world where humans are outnumbered by robots. Think Far Cry 5, but with a more realistic and relatable protagonist.

People need to stop body shaming Sucker Punch’s character Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. While the game is a work of art, the developers have clearly taken some cues from the female form and decided to use it as the basis for Aloy, the game’s protagonist. But those figures are pretty clearly a result of a skinny model being strapped into the exoskeleton for the game’s promotional images, instead of a real person with a sick body shape.

The protagonist of Guerrilla Games’ upcoming game finds himself in the crosshairs of the internet. Last week, Horizon Forbidden West was featured on a broadcast of State of Play, which we also reviewed. However, protagonist Aloy did not receive the full support of the audience due to her appearance, particularly her face, which has become rounder thanks to the render upgrade from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 (although in terms of story, only six months have passed since the events of Horizon Zero Dawn). However, the magnitude of the changes is not as big as what Sonic got (and was heavily condemned for) after his first appearance in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. From this point we move on to more detailed images. Scarlet’s face is modeled after Hannah Hextra’s, since the game doesn’t just use the appearance of the voice actor (in our case, that’s Ashley Burch). (Mind you, we’ve seen examples of this before: Think Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077). So the first set of photos is from Hoekstra, followed by Aloy from Forbidden Western Horizon. So far, so good. That didn’t stop people from using their favorite photo editing programs (and in some cases alcohol) to give Scarlet a mock edit in, say, Photoshop. They usually use the hashtag #My2cents or a comment referring to Hire fans. Let’s start with a small and innocent photo montage that shows that Aloy could have been an advertisement for any toothpaste. And from there, we’ll list the images that were mostly parodies. The first picture shows Ripley from Alien (which made us smile, we have to admit), then Nathan Drake from Uncharted with an unnatural look, then Kratos from God of War. interestingly, then Baraka from Mortal Kombat got a makeover. We also see Jackie Fiasco from the indie game Going Under, then Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 Remake, and finally we have… BRA. We’ve already seen similar critical comments on The Last of Us Part II, which said that the female protagonists were a little… masculine. I guess I should say that history is repeating itself. Source: JVL word-image-203 word-image-204 word-image-205 word-image-206 word-image-207 word-image-208 word-image-209 word-image-210 word-image-211 word-image-212 word-image-213 Fans hire lol – Rob (@robrousseau) 30. May 2021 Is it just me, or does Sony make their male protagonists look fucking masculine? …. …With almost no curves or robust, non-female features… Unlike the average man. For example *cough* Joel from TLOU1…. And so on. Just saying #My2cents The photo on the left is from the match, the photo on the right was taken by fans. Fans hiring lol – Natey on twitch (@NateyBeak) 30. May 2021 Hiring fans – OBLACKTHUNDERO❄️ (@BT_BlackThunder) May 30, 2021 Fans engage – Timothy / Conquest of Terror (@dreadconquest) 31. May 2021 Pictured left is Jackie Fiasco from Going Under, pictured right is a fan’s work to fix it. Still recruiting fans – AGGRO CRAB (@AggroCrabGames) 31. May 2021 Is it just me, or does Capcom make their zombie protagonist look fucking masculine? …. With almost no curves or rough, non-feminine features. Unlike a normal zombie. Like a *cough*… Minecraft Zombie… And so on. Just to say #My2cents The picture on the left is from the game, the picture on the right is taken by fans. Hiring fans lol – ksio (@KsioEstaCogido) May 31, 2021 word-image-214This week a small indie game called Horizon Zero Dawn was released to high praise in the gaming community; it managed to take the gaming world by storm and many called it the best game of the year. However, some reviewers complained that the game’s protagonist, Aloy, seemed to be a victim of body-shaming because of her “thin” and “bony” appearance.. Read more about aloy horizon forbidden west fat and let us know what you think.

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