Catalyst Black is a Sci-Fi adventure game set in the vast, rich universe of the popular video game franchise Mass Effect. Gamers play as their own custom character who belongs to one of seven distinct races: Human, Turian, Asari, Salarian, Quarian/Geth/Gethi and even an “unknown” race (click here for more information). Each playable race has its own unique story arc that weaves around other characters from different factions with similarly styled stories.

The “catalyst black characters” is a game that has been released on the Playstation 4. The game includes all playable characters in the game.

All playable characters in Catalyst Black

Catalyst Black is a cooperative shooter in which you wear masks to take on the guise of Primals and utilize their abilities to help your team win. There are five playable characters in the game at the time of writing.


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Issia is a damage dealer with ice-based powers. Despite her soft nature, she may take her team to win if played correctly.

  • Glacial Torrent – Summons a deluge of ice in front of her, causing damage to everything caught in its path.
  • Issia’s power is Deep Freeze, which causes her to solidify into an impenetrable shape and cause cold harm to all around her.
  • Polar Vortex — Summons a snowfall that does damage to opponents stuck within over time.
  • Power: Wing Sweep – Issia spreads her wings and releases a tremendous rush of wind that pushes everything in her path back.
  • Seeking Storm, Shiver Shroud, and Stillness are Issia’s three relics. Around Issia, Seeking Storm will emit a chilly aura, slowing opponents. Issia will be protected by Shiver Shroud, which regenerates over time. Finally, Seeking Storm will enable Issia to occasionally target one adversary in her vicinity, raining an ice torrent down on them.


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Jainx is a Primal who specializes in crowd control and is classified as a melee bruiser. You should consider taking him along if you want to completely disable a team’s ability to fight in a combat.

  • Violent Pierce – Thrusts his spear forward, inflicting damage on all foes in its path. When the spear reaches full length, it will fire a short blast of energy that will destroy everything around.
  • Power: Corral – Jainx chooses a location and pulls all of his foes towards it, hurting them in the process.
  • Power: Savage Charge – As Jainx charges ahead, whatever energy he collides with will be damaged and dragged along his route.
  • Dread and Spite are two of Jainx’s Relics. Dread will cause Jainx to emit a dreadful aura that drains HP from his opponents while restoring life to his friends. Spite enables Jainx to have whatever damage he causes to his opponents returned to him as health.


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Nock is a cute little Primal who is a movement-based Primal who can boost her friends’ damage.

  • Nock will dash and strike adversaries with his attack: Zoom!
  • Nock’s movement speed is increased, and all adjacent opponents are burned.
  • Poof! – Teleportation At the start and finish of the teleportation, nock to a target place, doing damage to adjacent opponents.
  • Power: Pay Attention! – A little ball of primordial energy will burst out of Nock. When it strikes an adversary, it causes a big explosion that affects the whole area.
  • Catch Me!, Hide and Seek!, and Playtime! are Nock’s Relics. Nock gets an additional charge of Zoom! from Catch Me!, although the cooldown is somewhat increased. For the time of her metamorphosis, Nock may freely swap between human and primal forms thanks to Hide & Seek! It will boost the movement speed of all surrounding teammates with PlayTime!


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Sunder is a strong and swift melee Primal who can close distances rapidly while doing significant damage. This is your character if you appreciate quick characters that can do damage and then flee before things get ugly.

  • Sunder lashes out with his mighty claws to rip through the adversaries in front of him.
  • Sunder launches a beam right in front of him using his power, Breath of Rage.
  • Sunder soars into the air before collapsing back to the ground and delivering damage.
  • Sunder’s Primal Rage gives him the ability to roar and expand in size. His strength, speed, and power will all improve. All incoming damage will be reduced substantially.
  • Feral Inspiration, Hunter, and Rampage are Sunder’s relics. Sunder’s and his allies’ damage is increased by Feral Inspiration. Sunder’s movement speed will be considerably increased thanks to Hunter. Finally, with each kill, Rampage will lengthen Sunder’s duration in Primal form.


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Torden is a Primal melee guardian that may enhance his teammates at any time. Torden is the Primal you need if your squad needs an additional dose of power.

  • Smash – He slams his hammer against surrounding foes, inflicting damage.
  • Torden’s Guardian ability will target an area and offer a massive shield to any teammates within.
  • Torden will teleport from one map to another with the power of reckoning.
  • Thunderbolt – A bolt of lightning will fall from the sky and hit an area, causing damage to everyone who is in it.
  • Blessing of Protection, Enter the Storm, and Smite are Torden’s relics. A nearby ally will get a brief shield from Blessing of Protection. Allies near Torden will get a shield if they enter the storm. Finally, Smite will infuse power into Torden’s hammer, enhancing both the area and damage inflicted by Smash.
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