It’s been a while since the game has been released in the pas, but now it’s time for it to get a new update. The latest patch brings a lot of changes to the game. A lot has been done to the locations and the challenges. It has also been done in the new update. This includes new items, weapons, skins, etc.

Apex Legends has been a huge success since its launch in February, and is one of the few new games to be a big hit in 2018 (and possibly 2019) but in the latest patch, there is a major change to the map and the way the game plays.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games around, and it has been providing us with new and exciting content on a regular basis. This week’s release of a new map – Decimated World’s Edge – is a great example of this.. Read more about apex world’s edge map season 6 and let us know what you think.

World’s Edge has been steadily being demolished throughout Apex Legends narrative and map updates, and Season 10: Emergence continues that trend with Decimated World’s Edge: a map update that stands up to its name in every way. This is World’s Edge’s third major map upgrade, and it is the only map that has had modifications in all three updates. With the World’s Edge Decimated map update, Apex Legends gains a slew of new Points of Interest and map modifications.

New Interest Points

Decimated World’s Edge includes three brand-new Points of Interest (POIs), each of which replaces an existing POI rather than adding a new one to the map. Climatizer, Siphoning Lava, and Landslide are three games. Let’s take a closer look.


ClimatizerRespawn provided this image.

Refinery was a former POI.

Climatizer is the newest addition to the map’s northern section. It is considerably larger than the previous POI in the same location, Refinery. The map’s outside sections focus on mid- to long-range fighting, while the interior sections focus on intimate combat in cramped quarters.

Lava Siphon

Lava SiphonRespawn provided this image.

Sorting Factory was a former POI.

Sorting Factory was demolished by a sinkhole, and new buildings were constructed on top of it. There is a second rotation to the railway tracks from this POI, as well as many nooks within the buildings for close-range fighting.


LandslideRespawn provided this image.

Train Yard was a former point of interest.

The Train Yard has been demolished, leaving behind a construction site known as Landslide. It will contain the same amount of loot as the previous POI, but it will have fewer buildings for teams to hold, allowing for shorter fights and rotations out of the area.

Changes/Additions to the Map

There are also a number of map modifications that aren’t new POIs but will have a significant impact on new or current POIs. Let’s take a look at some of the additional changes made possible by the Decimated World’s Edge map upgrade.

Extension of a Fissure

Fissure ExtensionRespawn provided this image.

The split in the earth that separates Fragment East and Fragment West has now reached all the way to the map’s icy northernmost reaches. It will not, however, contain an updrift and is traversable. Walking on lava will cause normal lava damage.


GondolaRespawn provided this image.

Gondolas, like the train in the original World’s Edge, are a new non-player-controlled vehicle. They will transport players around a particular POI and sometimes assist them in crossing Lava. The Gondolas can be found near Climatizer and Lava Siphon, two of the three new POIs. At Landslide, there are no gondolas.

Update on the Weather and the Skybox

1627322434_393_All-map-changes-new-Points-of-Interest-on-Decimated-WorldsRespawn provided this image.

It’s time to bid farewell to the orange sky. While the volcanic border of the map is still visible, the other end of the skybox is as blue as blue can be. It has a colder, snowier tone to it, but it isn’t completely grayed out. On the chilly side of the map, there is also a lot more snow, which contrasts sharply with the lava.

Rotation Updates are often overlooked.

Overlook Rotation ChangeRespawn provided this image.

Overlook has been updated to provide a new route out and three new supply bins for players on the edges of the POI. This is a fantastic improvement, since it always seemed like there should be more to that area of the map, and now there is.

Overlook-Geyser RotationRespawn provided this image.

The second Overlook rotation change also impacts Geyser, since a new tunnel links the two POIs, making Overlook seem less isolated and making rotating from and to the Northern portion of the map feel less strangulated in general.

In the game Apex Legends, the site World’s Edge is a place that is easily symbolic for the end of the world. Set on the edge of an ancient ocean, it is where the game’s most difficult challenge takes place, and is at the same time an area that is quite easy to navigate. And that very symbolic location, which is also the name of a new Legend Skin for one of Apex Legends’ characters, has been changed this week.. Read more about apex world’s edge and let us know what you think.

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