Like other horror stories from the super massive game developer, The Dark Pictures : Little Hope can end in different ways, depending on the choices and actions you’ve made in the story. While your five protagonists can live or die in almost any combination, Little Hope has three important endings for the protagonist Andrew, played by Will Powlter. On the way to the end there are two important points to take into account: A stranger and a little girl. Remember, these are not 100% guaranteed recipes to achieve the desired goal – there are so many properties and fates that can be crucial.

How to make Vince (foreigner) happy

In a scene called Vince, you meet a lonely stranger in a bar. Vince may seem suspicious at first glance, but the way you talk to him and treat him is crucial to the purpose for which you come to Little Hope. In this introductory chapter, Vince will offer you a drink. It will be good to judge your character in relation to him, so give up the drink to stay on his side, or take the drink to do the opposite. Then you’ll see Vince on his bike in a scene called Lost, but he won’t see you if you succeed with QTE. It’s a pretty inconsistent order, no matter what.

It’s the result of meeting him in a scene called Surrounded. Taylor and Daniel join Andrei and the others as the demon pursues them. The group seeks refuge in the church, but not before Andrej confronts Vince. Vince will be completely disoriented, and since the demon seems to be approaching behind him, Andrei will get the chance to shoot him, provided your Andrei still has the gun he found. To stay on Vince’s good side, don’t shoot. Otherwise, if you pull the trigger and shoot the demon behind Vince, he gets very angry and thinks the shot was meant for him.

To make Vince happy, you generally have to talk to him calmly and kindly. Trust instead of aggression and distrust. If you kill him surrounded, you will see him again before you enter an abandoned factory in a scene called Heavy Burden, and he will be pretty angry. The importance of Vince for the story becomes very clear when you get to the end of the story.

Little hope Photo of Bandai Namco

Good Ending – Snackhouse

The end depends on what you want to do with Mary, Little Hope’s creepy girl. At that time, in the seventeenth century, Puritan colleague Andrew Abraham testified against Mary, and now Reverend Carver is calling for her execution. However, there are important indications that Carver is behind the false accusations of witchcraft and the subsequent executions of several people.

In a scene called Wave Story, which leads to a scene called Stalking, Daniel and Taylor finally reach the Witch Museum. There you’ll find a mystery called the Old Bible – open it and you’ll see occult and demonic symbols on the pages. This is an important key to the end, because the Bible undoubtedly belongs to Reverend Carver.

Since you’ve seen the Old Bible, Andreas Abraham can point out that Carver is the root of all evil in Little Hope. If Abraham asks your advice, follow the outrage of your moral compass and say Carver is bad. When you click on what else you can do, select the Persistence option and announce that you need to stop Carver. The judge will then examine Carver’s Bible and find the demonic inscriptions, purify Mary’s name and bring Carver to justice.

However, the number of surviving characters and the way you’ve treated Vince will determine whether or not you’ll end up in a good final. When a large number of characters have survived and you are at Vince’s mercy, he will find you on the main road and take you to a restaurant where you can make contact with the outside world. If it’s just Andrew, Vince will find you in that burned-out house and tell you where the restaurant is.

Wrong end

The worst end for Mary can also lead to your own worst end. Instead of insisting that Carver is responsible, you can redouble your efforts by saying that Mary is the source of all the magic in the city. Instead of voting by force when Abraham asks for your advice, you can vote for anger and say something very normal: There’s something wrong with this town. Be the next Callus and tell me: The baby has to pay. As a result, the young Maria is burned at the stake, and that’s not pretty.

When you return to the present, Andrei will leave the house and the other four characters will fall into a trap to be killed by demons. Even if you’re nice to Vince and he tells you where the restaurant is, if Andrew still has a gun, you have a dark and cruel ending for the character.

End of alternative contract – Order

If you’re not prepared to condemn Mary or Reverend Carver, you can follow the dialogue route instead. Something’s wrong in this town, and you choose Hope to destroy the model. The judge and the priest will obey, but as you have seen in the prologue of this game, the burning dolls are not too hot – it will cause a huge fire that will burn down the entire courthouse.

No matter which characters survive, Vince’s antagonism will have consequences. Whether he finds you on Main Street or in a burned down house, Vince will charge you with murder and call the police. You can see it on the picture with the preconceptions of the chains.

Dark images: The end of little hope, explains.

Little hope Photo of Bandai Namco

As a player, you’ve always been looking for a bus driver who mysteriously disappeared. Turns out you’re a bus driver. Will Powlter portrays Andrew for most of the game and Abraham in the 17th century. Century, but he also portrays Anthony in a flashback prologue. If you remember correctly, Anthony lost his whole family in the fire, and the city blamed Anthony for the accident. At one point it becomes clear that Senior Anthony is the bus driver – Andrew’s actions were his, and the characters John, Taylor, Daniel and Angela – from his own imagination, based on his family members.

Vince was friends with Anthony’s sister Tanya. He will know Anthony and how you treat him will determine whether or not he will help you in the end. He’s still in a lot of pain from Tanya’s death, so you have to prove to him that you mean well.

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