All Darkness Rift locations in Destiny 2 can be found by following this guide on how to find them.

The “destiny 2 darkness rift locations” is a location in Destiny 2 where players can find the Darkness Ascendant. Players must enter the building and fight through waves of enemies to claim this powerful weapon.

All Darkness Rift locations in Destiny 2

Bungie has thrown a lot of new mysteries into its action MMO Destiny 2 with The Witch Queen DLC. Darkness rifts are one of these mysteries. These schisms are linked to a victory known as No Peeking.

You must first finish the Witch Queen campaign in order to access these rifts. This will start the quest for the Parasite exotic grenade launcher, which is needed for detecting and sealing the rifts. If you don’t already have this weapon, follow our instructions to get it. The Darkness Rifts are 10 in number, and this guide will teach you where to find them.

What is the best way to close a Darkness Rift?

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You must have this exotic weapon equipped to seal Darkness rifts. The Parasite is a unique weapon with unique benefits. Worm Byproduct, the perk shown above, is crucial to closing the rifts. Shoot the pistol down near your feet to activate this perk; not close enough to kill, but close enough to injure yourself. This will give you a ten-second bonus. This boost is active at the same time; switch to another weapon and fire the rift to permanently seal it.

Sector of Extraction that has been lost

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The first Darkness Rift is located near the end of the Sector of Extraction that has been lost. This lost sector is situated in The quagmire is a term used to describe a situation that is difficult, which is the area you spawn at when you load into the Throne World.

Miasma Temple is a temple dedicated to the goddess Miasma

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Once you’ve arrived in Miasma, go to the temple situated above the map and wipe out the Hive champions guarding the gate. On the right side of the door, look for the rift.

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The Reflection Altar is a place where people may come to reflect on their lives

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Select the weekly The Reflection Altar is a place where people may come to reflect on their lives mission to teleport directly to the Altars entrance. Make your way through the Altar side mission, and in the final room, don’t activate the memory. Instead, look to your left and close the rift floating nearby.

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The Temple of the Wise

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Head to Witches Echo and then deep into the tunnels below until you end up at the The Temple of the Wise location. Once you reach the entrance pictured above, leap down and make your way until you get to the sizeable middle platform. Once you go this platform, to your right up a sloped, curved hill, you will find the rift on top of a rock ledge.

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Lost Sector Metamorphosis

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Head into the Miasma region of the Throne World. Locate and complete the Lost Sector Metamorphosis. This one is a bit tricky to achieve. A green beam of energy will launch you out of the final room at the end of the lost sector. You need to close the rift at the top of the lift located above. Ensure you have your worm buff active and a weapon ready to shoot quickly when you fly right by it.

Bailey, Queens

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The next rift is located in Bailey, Queens. Head there from Florescent Canal. Once you reach the Bailey area, look to the left side wall. Clear out enemies near a fountain on the left side wall, then look to the sky. The picture below will help you locate it.

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Lost Sector of Sepulcher

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The next rift is located inside of the Lost Sector of Sepulcher. Make your way to the end of the lost sector. Once the final boss and all enemies are cleared, look for the rift to be situated to the left side of the final chest.

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Thorns’ Court

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This Darkness gap might be difficult to find. It is often bugged and invisible, yet despite this, it may be fired and closed. Stick to the red shrub on the right side in the image above, then gaze up at the higher platform with a Scout rifle, preferable. Shoot until you notice immune damage prompts at the position shown below. After you’ve locked down the spot, activate the buff and fire it to permanently shut the rift.

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The Canal of Colors

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This rift is located in an alcove located to the Eastern wall near the bottom of The Canal of Colors. Once there, the rift is located near the massive gate. Enable the buff and close this rift for good.

The quagmire is a term used to describe a situation that is difficult

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The final Darkness rift is located in The quagmire is a term used to describe a situation that is difficult to the South. The map pictured above will show you the precise location to look for. Once you get here, look for a small square-shaped temple. The Darkness rift will be floating in the center of the room near the open ceiling. Close this rift to complete the No Peeking triumph.

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The “destiny 2 darkness rifts locations” is a topic that many Destiny 2 players are looking for. This command-line tool will help you find all the locations of the Darkness Rifts in Destiny 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the rift in Destiny 2?

A: The rift is in the depths of an ancient tomb. Its a place where light and dark collide, but it can only be accessed by the chosen few who have been touched by destiny.

How do you close the darkness rifts in Destiny 2?

A: The darkness rifts are the way that players go back to orbit in Destiny 2. They appear very often, and they cannot be closed with melee attacks or grenades. Instead, you have to clear them out by shooting one of three weapons at a time repeatedly: your sword, primary weapon (rifle), or Special Weapon (pistol). If a rift is too large for your current loadouts ammunition capacity, then use an alternate gun until it can close on its own again.

How to close dark Rifts in Throne World?

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