Here is a list of the currencies that are often found in games. There are many more, but this will give you an idea about what these different currencies can be used for within games:
• Lightning Bolts-This currency comes from mining and also has a limited number of mints every day.
• Diamonds-Diamonds come from mining or purchasing them with real money. They have no fixed maximum supply in most game worlds where they’re usually only obtained through crafting items using resources like wood and stone.
• Tokens-Tokens typically function as transactions between players on your server or other servers who wish to trade goods or services with each other without having to use gold (which doesn’t exist) or diamonds(which do not exist). Sometimes tokens might allow players to buy premium content, offer exclusive benefits when trading certain kinds of items, etc..

The “lost ark currency” is a type of in-game currency that can be found and used in the game, ARK: Survival Evolved. There are also other types of currencies that you may need to use for different purposes.

All currencies, where to find them, and what you need them for

There are several currencies in Lost Ark, including silver, gold, crystals, coins, shards, and pieces. We’ll go through which ones are available, where to acquire them, and how to use them.

Anyone who has ever played an MMORPG like World of Warcraft is familiar with the problem: you may gather and trade a plethora of currencies, tokens, and shards in addition to gold.

Lost Ark also offers a plethora of various currencies that you can earn through completing missions and dungeons, fighting monsters, and discovering treasure.

This guide lists all presently known currencies and their uses so you can keep track of the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark on February 11, 2022.



What exactly is it? Silver Coins are the game’s primary money, and they may be used for a variety of purposes. It allows you to purchase basic products from NPCs, such as healing potions, as well as pay for services like as repairs, item enhancements, and quick travel.

where can I obtain it? Silver may be used for nearly any activity, including quests, dungeons, events, and just killing creatures.



What exactly is it? The gold coins are used to purchase products from other auction house participants. Gold may be used to purchase equipment and trade endgame goods. Crystals of the color blue may also be swapped for it.

where can I obtain it? Gold is given out as a reward for completing certain tasks. Daily and weekly missions, island events, dungeons, raids, and, of course, auction house transactions are all part of this.

In the Russian and Korean versions, however, gold may be bought via the in-game shop.

Crystals of Royalty


What is that? The Crystals of Royalty are Lost Ark’s premium in-game currency, which can be used to purchase cosmetic items in the in-game shop, such as skins, pets, or legendary mounts.

where to get them After release, the crystals can only be bought for real money. Anyone who buys one of the Founder Packs will receive up to 4,000 Crystals of Royalty in their account at the start of the game, depending on the Pioneer Pack selected.

Crystals of the color blue


What is that? The Crystals of the color blue are a weakened form of the Crystals of Royalty, which you can use to purchase selected items in the in-game shop. Legendary item bundles with skins and mounts are usually not included.

where to get them You can convert your Crystals of Royalty into Crystals of the color blue. Alternatively, you can exchange your earned gold for Crystals of the color blue.

Courageous Coin

What exactly is it? Courage Coins are the PVP money, as the name implies. This may be used to purchase stuff from the PVP merchant. It also provides resources and upgrading materials in addition to aesthetics such as titles and mounts.

where can I find them? PVP activities, such as the Arena, provide Courage Coins.

Bloodstone of Silmael

What exactly is it? This cash may be exchanged for a variety of upgrade materials at the Guild Trader.

where can I find them? Bloodstones may be obtained by completing guild tasks or participating in guild battles.

remnants of a crack

What exactly is it? Rift Fragments may only be used to purchase crates containing cards for your decks from a merchant.

where can I find them? Rift Fragments are obtained by successfully completing Chaos Rifts.

coinage of pirates

What exactly is it? These coins may be used to buy a number of things. Exclusive cosmetics like as emotes, music, and other collectibles are available in addition to extra resources and consumables.

where to get them You get coinage of pirates for all sorts of activities you complete with your ship on the ocean. You can also get them as a reward from the sea dungeon.


What exactly is it? Pheons are a form of premium money that is required for purchasing and selling things at the auction house.

where to get them You can buy them for Crystals of Royalty or Crystals of the color blue in the in-game shop.

Providence’s Stone

What exactly is it? These heart-shaped artifacts may be traded for a variety of prizes with NPCs. The majority of the goods on this list may boost affinity for certain relationship partners. Exclusive skins are also available for large amounts of these stones.

What store do you get them from? The Stones of Destiny are obtained via a variety of activities, including dungeons, quests, and simply killing creatures.

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The “lost ark how to get peons” is a question that has been asked by many players. The answer to this question is very simple, you need them for breeding and also to be able to build your own base. You can find the currency in any of the following locations:

  • lost ark carnelians
  • lost ark royal crystals
  • buy lost ark gold
  • lost ark royal crystals shop
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