The Chocobo Racing Festival is a Japanese racing game series developed and published by Square Enix. The games have been released for various consoles, handhelds, mobile phones and personal computers since 2002. While the individual installments are usually only loosely related to each other in terms of gameplay, many feature recurring characters across multiple installments who take part in races alongside players’ racers’, including Choco’s fraternal twins Rina-Chan and Koko-chan; former rival racer Kazuhiko Hachiya; his granddaughter Kei Hachiyama; masked trickster Ninetails aka Neko Amane (known as Seiryu in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers); rabbit racing duo Luccia-Lopunny (aka Luca) & Ranka Lee (an homage to Ranma ½); white cat race car Taro Snidke

The “chocobo gp platforms” is a list of all confirmed Chocobo GP characters. This can be used to find out which characters are on which platform.

All confirmed Chocobo GP characters

While the Nintendo Direct on February 9 didn’t reveal anything about the upcoming Mario Kart game, fans of chibi racing can still look forward to Chocobo GP. Square Enix’s adorable racing game makes no apologies for its inspirations, copying many of Mario Kart’s enjoyable design decisions and coupling them with a familiar cast of Final Fantasy characters. So far, all of the Chocobo GP characters have been announced.

Maduin, Terra, and Asura

Final Fantasy VI has a diverse cast of characters, and Chocobo GP features at least three of them from the start. Asura’s talent allows her to generate a massive tidal wave and ride it forward across the track, guiding it automatically and taking out other players. Maduin, her father, has a similar power called Chaos Wave, although he doesn’t use it on autopilot. Terra, on the other hand, has the Magitek Missile ability, which allows her to conjure homing rockets in front of her that can target and knock out up to five other players.

Racing Hero X and Atla

On the cast of Chocobo GP, there are at least two Moogles. While Atla was a minor character in Final Fantasy IX, Racing Hero X is a fresh addition designed exclusively for this game.


Cid appears in almost every Final Fantasy game, and he is also playable in Chocobo GP. His aptitude Three-shot Burst may be manually directed and can target other automobiles to spin them out.

Clair, Chocobo, Mecha-Chocobo, Camilla, and Camilla’s Pa are characters in the game Clair, Chocobo, Mecha-Chocobo, Camilla, and Camilla’s Pa.

Naturally, the cast of Chocobo GP is stacked with enormous birds. Playable characters include Clair, Camilla, Camilla’s Pa, and the titular Chocobo. The robot Mecha-Chocobo is the group’s most distinctive Chocobo. When Mecha-Chocobo uses its Berserk ability, it fires its cannon, blasting all vehicles in front of it for a brief time and taking out any players caught in the crossfire.

Chocobo GP how toSquare Enix provided this image.


Gilgamesh, the recurrent Final Fantasy monster, appears in Chocobo GP, and he may fling swords at other drivers to immobilize them and perhaps knock them out.


In Final Fantasy games, sylphs are common, and one of them appears as a playable character in Chocobo GP. This charming but hazardous woodland faerie can create a torrent of Whispering Wind, which slows down and makes it impossible to manage neighboring vehicles.

Shirma and Irma are sisters.

Shirma and Irma are sisters. from Chocobo Tales fittingly make a return in Chocobo GP, the former having one of the very few defensive abilities in the game. When Shirma is using her Kurukuru Counter shield, any items thrown at her car will be deflected and will cause the attacking driver to be knocked out instead.

Shiva and Ramuh

In Chocobo GP, Shiva and her grandfather Ramuh are playable characters with tremendous elemental skills. Shiva can cover them in ice, stopping them from drifting or using abilities or things for a short time. Ramuh may summon homing thunderbolts that knock out other vehicles, and Shiva can cover them in frost, preventing them from drifting or using abilities or stuff for a short time.

Titan, Ifrit, and Ben are three of Titan’s friends.

Final Fantasy fans will recognize the formidable earth elemental Titan from a number of games, however he is a lot gentler and more calm in Chocobo GP. Titan’s ability causes rock pillars to appear in front of automobiles on the track ahead of him, causing other drivers to swerve or crash. Ben is a chibi Behemoth with a simple ability: he expands in size and radiates an aura that knocks out any automobiles that come into touch with it.

Steiner and Vivi

These two Final Fantasy IX characters have a similar backstory, yet they play quite differently. Vivi, the black wizard, is unusual in that he is the only Chocobo GP character with two distinct powers. He may summon the effects of various things picked up from the track depending on whatever ability he performs. The stern knight Steiner, on the other hand, has a basic ability called Moonlight Slash that wipes out any automobiles in front of him.

Squall Leonhart and Cloud Strife

At the start of Season 1, these two Final Fantasy characters will be accessible in the in-game store. There’s not a lot we know about them or their talents right now. As additional confirmed Chocobo GP characters are released, this guide will be updated.

The “chocobo gp price” is a list of all confirmed Chocobo GP characters.

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