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Death Trash is a game we’re trying to play with our friends, in which the goal is to keep a small group of people alive for as long as possible. It’s fast-paced, frantic, and sometimes a bit violent. But it also pushes us to make decisions that will impact everyone’s chances. It’s a game of skill, of hand-eye coordination, mental agility, and opportunistic thinking.

Combat is the hardest aspect of Death Trash to master. Each encounter requires you to combine melee and firearms, regardless of the skills at your disposal. In this article, we have collected some tips for mastering battles in the game, so that you can fight against a group of enemies without hesitation.

Use both weapons


It’s so easy to get into the habit of shooting enemies with a gun or hitting them with a weapon. However, you will only get a benefit if you combine the two methods. Instead, start each encounter with a few shots, then go for the kill. They soften your opponent and make it easier to tear him apart with direct contact.

Turnback schedules

If you only have a melee weapon in hand, it may seem impossible to take out an enemy with a firearm. However, you can fool them by using your role carefully. First you wait for the opponent to point his weapon at you, then you roll to the side. You have enough concentration energy to make three quick throws before you need to rest. Once you’re out of the way, you can roll towards your opponent to deliver a few hitting blows while they prepare for their next attack. It’s risky, but with the right approach, you can dodge every shot.

Avoiding scary auras

Some mutant enemies radiate a red aura around them when their health runs out, when you strike last. When you see this, roll away from them as quickly as possible and remove yourself from that aura. The enemy will explode, and if you get caught in the explosion, you will turn into a pile of meat. This usually only happens to mutants with tentacles protruding from their skulls.

Never underestimate the backstroke


Stealth allows you to stab some enemies in the back. Don’t underestimate this ability and use it as often as possible before going into battle. Usually enemies get a critical hit, but don’t die. It does make the ensuing fight easier. If you reach a high enough level, some enemies die instantly when stabbed in the back, meaning you don’t have to enter the fight.

Distract opponents from their group


It may seem that the only way to destroy an enemy is to attack the entire group. But if you pay attention, you’ll see moments where you can pull one opponent after another towards you. Wait until the enemy looks in your direction with stealth, then appear in front of him. They should be chasing you, so you can trap them and shoot them relatively calmly.

Or keep an eye on the enemy’s patrol route. Some enemies will go through a series of rooms and rest in certain places. Sneak into a position where you can stop them. As soon as you get the chance, hit back and follow up with all the melee attacks you can to kill your opponent before he can react.

Don’t forget to use your skills and implants


Instead of magic, Death Trash gives you the ability to enhance your character with implants and skills. They can be active or passive, but they are easy to forget. Make sure you go into each fight with the skill you want to use. We love Z. B. Shock because it does short damage to enemies and allows us to take out difficult enemies faster. There’s no point in earning these upgrades if you don’t use them, so make sure you always know what’s available to you.

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