After a cold and harsh winter, spring is finally here. We celebrate this feast on the vernal equinox, just like the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. What better place to grow honey locusts than Ravensthorpe? In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, there are 18 of them. March to 8. April, as part of the Ostara festival, for a limited time, lots to do and discover. So drink, hunt, fight with your Raven clan, and when you have time to yourself, hunt for Easter egg baskets. In this article, we reveal the 15 Easter egg hunts and the solutions to the riddles.

While Avor thinks that egg hunting is something for children, Alvin assures him that it’s not easy. Elvis always wrote clues about the place like riddles to be solved. They also made sure to hide the eggs in hard-to-reach places. But with your vision of Odin and a healthy mind, this task will be easy for you. Without further ado, find out where to find all the Easter eggs during the Ostara Festival in AK Valhalla.

Where can I find all the Easter egg hunts in AC Valhalla?

Once you talk to Alvin, he will give you the first clue to start the hunt. The council said:

  1. The hunt is on and the eggs are hidden.
  2. You need your eyesight for most of them.
  3. Six of them will have a clue.
  4. The other nine are up to you.
  5. When the fifteen eggs you found
  6. Return her safely to Alwyn.

This clue refers to the six riddles you must solve to get clues about the location of the egg hunt.

Festival Ostara Egg Hunting Solutions

You can skip reading all these tips and start with the slightly more challenging egg hunt. For reference, the six paddocks:

  1. A symbol of the conquerors of the greatness to which they aspired. Today it lies in ruins, its reign long over.
  2. Old, new, and some have been rotting for a long time. Here they are, remember.
  3. Musical pleasure and lots of honey wine. But stay calm, there are eggs to be found.
  4. With a thunderous roar, I scraped the ground. If you step on me, you will fall unexpectedly.
  5. Put your hands down, your fight is over. Drinking and partying until the sun comes up. Tip: There’s more than one.
  6. Our gateway to travel and trade is vital to launch and invasion.

All 15 hunt basket locations with hidden easter egg in AC Valhalla

Now that you’ve turned your attention to the riddles, here are the solutions to the riddles for the Ostara Festival egg restaurants:

  • On the green grass roof of Alvin’s house.
  • On the floor behind the Norvid booth, between the store and the apple table.
  • In the fair of Ostara, behind the throne of Maida.
  • On the eastern edge of the main pier where you anchor your drakkar.
  • On the ground behind the forge.
  • On the right, next to Reda’s tent store.
  • Stand on the dock and look at the fighting pit.
  • By the river, under the bridge, in the archery field.
  • The bench at the foot of the waterfall, which is next to the Sire building.
  • Pay close attention to the tree in the western cemetery.
  • Above you can see the ruins of a Roman column next to Maximilian’s tent.
  • On the ground next to the large western tree behind the nave.
  • Outer east eaves of the nave.
  • In the rafters above the main dining room of the ship.
  • Finally, on the western level of the ship, except for a few fillets.

Here are the 15 Easter eggs you can find to complete the egg hunt during the Ostara festival. When you have all 15, go back to Alwin to collect your reward. You get XP, 140 festival tokens to buy Ostara items, and Alwin as an available opponent for Brawling.

While you’re here, don’t miss our guide on how to complete the Holiday Page and Spiritual Protection missions, which give you extra rewards.

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