The reserves on Assassins Creed Valhalla are the main strength of your character. Without proper armour, you can’t face the enemies in the game. Each tank in Valhalla consists of five parts, such as jacket, helmet, handles, chest armor, weapons and shoes – skills and fleece are separate. All these objects are located in different places in AC Valhalla. If you find the helmet in one place, the ghosts or the chest armor are hidden in another place. It will take a long time to find all the best shielding elements in AC Valhalla. To help you, I will give you a list of the best armor in AC Valhalla with the location of each item. I will also tell you how to find these parts and later you can combine them in your inventory and build the strongest armor in AC Valhalla.

What is AC Valhalla’s best armor?

I found four of the best armor suits. This is not my final list of best armor, as I will continue to update this manual. But if you’re new to AC Valhalla, you have to be wary of this armor.

  1. The armor of the conservatives: LD – average
  2. Thor’s armor: LL – Rigid
  3. Draugr Pack : I see.
  4. Yacht tanks: LD – average

DL stands for Level of Difficulty – my estimation of how easy or difficult it is to get this armor. Easy means, for example, that you can buy them in a shop or unlock them on the first levels. Each armor is connected to special conductors. In this article you will learn how to unlock each piece of this best armor.

Because it is AC Valhalla’s best armor, it is either buried somewhere in the ground or trapped behind a puzzle. Some kind of armor is unlocked after the battles with the boss. Getting armor is one thing, you have to improve each miniature to release its maximum potential.

Armor is associated with passive bonuses, such as increased damage, improved health, increased chance of a critical hit, etc. You can increase this number by adding runes to your weapons or vests. It may sound overwhelming, but it’s simple. Click on your armor or weapon and you’ll see slots to add runes. You can unlock them during missions, raids or open-world reconnaissance.

Valhalla AC Weapon System:

Each armor is composed of different parts to get the whole, you have to do more. Each transfer post has unique statistics that focus on building the type of material you need most. For example, melee, invisibility, damage or speed. Specifically, there are three types of armor in the Walhalla.

  1. The path of the Raven is a bonus for discretion.
  2. The way of the wolf is a bonus for archery.
  3. The bear is Mellie’s way.

Armored units that fall under the Raven’s Way are more focused on the Stealth Bonus. They’re ideal for entering suspicious areas without being detected. The wolf’s path is more focused on long-distance attacks, while the bear’s path is more suitable for fighting.

Bonus capacities can only be released if you have all five parts of your booking. If you complete the set, you can receive an extra bonus linked to your armor.

How can I upgrade my armor to Valhalla?

Upgrading AC Valhalla’s armor is a tedious job. Because you have to improve every part of your armor set. The renewal level of your reservation is visible in the warehouse, depending on the amount of raw materials you have available, which you can update regularly. It is very important that you upgrade your armor, otherwise you can never win battles with the bosses. Objects such as nickel, hard metal, tungsten, etc. can be found during reconnaissance, robbery, raids, etc. The Raid is the best source of raw materials for AC Valhalla.

To renew your armor, go to the forge. You have to pay it to buy upgrades or, if you have enough resources, you can buy them directly from the stock. Select a transfer and click the right mouse button to update. If not, you can always find a blacksmith near you. Pay him money to make a mask out of your armor.

Where can I find upgrade material for AC Valhalla bookings?

Valhalla equipment package

Ingots are the answer. Find rods and get enough material to maximize the resistance of your armor. Hydrocarbons of carbide, nickel and tungsten. Follow the blue and gold lights on the map to pick up the rods. But there is a short way to get raw materials in AC Valhalla.

I share an open map of England. This map shows the location of each object you can find in AC Valhalla. Such as gears, collectibles, raw materials, markets, traders, etc. Click on the link for a map and there is also a video with information about the area.

The focus is on raids and exploration of buildings or villages in AC Valhalla. Collecting items can be boring, but there is another way to get a lot of resources with a single click. He’s going through the arcade. You can buy a lot of goods in the shop, otherwise browsing is always an option.

So you can find the best armour in AC Valhalla. We’re not finished yet, the game can’t be compressed into a single item. I share with you an index of Valhalla’s amazing secrets. Follow this link to learn all about Assassins Creed Valhalla.

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