When it comes to PvE, most of us know the basics of what we need to do to be successful. Use your best gear. Try to avoid damage. Do not get hit. Don’t die. With a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of luck, we can come out on top of many encounters. However, there are some encounters that you just can’t win, no matter how prepared you are. This is when you have to rely on people to save you. Every time I hear a Warlock yell “I’m a Guardian”, I can’t help but think of a song from the Game of Thrones series.

Dungeons and Dragons is an exciting game for players at all levels, but there are some characters that are exceptionally fun to play. One of the most popular of these is the Warlock, the mysterious sorcerer with an arsenal of spells that can wreak havoc on an enemy party.

Since Warlock’s lost some of its popularity, many people are interested in trying it again, but they aren’t sure what they want to play. Warlock is one of the most flexible class in the game with the most diverse load outs. I’m going to show you two different builds with different styles in mind in order to make it easy for you to say “Yes, I want to play this class.”. Read more about elemental well build titan and let us know what you think.


With the new modifications and weapons we received in Season of the Lost, I wanted to try make my old warlock builds more sexier this season. They’re similar to ones I’ve done before, but this season they’ve been spiced up a little. I’ve tried these builds in a variety of environments, up to legend-level nightfalls in PvE, and they perform well — the stasis build in particular. But after a week, with additional solar shields, holy crap, this is going to tear! Note that I’m going to write what you should strive for IN GENERAL. There will be certain parts of these builds where you may add your own flavor (for example, what heavy dps weapon you want to use).

Here they are, without further ado:

imVBa80 - A song of fire and ice: Two wild PvE Warlock builds using busted combos that will make you FEEL like a guardian (Solar melee/grenade build) A Song of Fire

  • Recovery and Strength are the stats to concentrate on (add str/recov modifications whenever you can).

The Fantasy: Use elemental well and light modifications to become a warlock who always has melee energy to trigger sunbraces and never stop tossing grenades.


The Details: This top-tree dawnblade build employs a novel technique to restore melee as quickly as possible, ensuring that you never have to stop utilizing it. sunbracers - A song of fire and ice: Two wild PvE Warlock builds using busted combos that will make you FEEL like a guardian

Sunbracer’s ability to launch grenades. Essentially, you want to obtain a solar melee kill to activate Melee Wellmaker. This will drop a solar well of light, which when gathered will offer you two charged with light stacks. When your solar melee returns, use heavy-handed to consume a charged with light stack while regaining the majority of your melee energy. When you kill it with melee, it drops a solar well, which you may pick up to re-charge your light meter by x2. Furthermore, when you score a melee kill, sunbraces proc, allowing you to gain a lot of grenade kills and additional solar wells from elemental ordnance. You’ll most likely need a supercharged mod to assist you retain more of the light charges you’ll be receiving from all those solar wells!

In-Depth Analysis


  • Ticcuu’s Divination is my favorite since it can easily take advantage of top-tree dawnblade’s flying nature, but you may use anything you wish! With its modifications and powers, this construct is really self-contained.

1.Head (affinity for the arc):

Sunbracers! 2. Armed Forces (Any affinity):

  • Charge of the Elements
  • Any anti-champion modifications you’d want to include here?

3.The Human Body (Any affinity)

4.Feet (Any affinity)

5.Item of the class (Solar)

  • Supercharged
  • Any champions modifications you wish to deal with (Thermobaric Strike is fantastic!)

Breakdown of the classes

  • Dawnblade, you’re at the top of the tree! It’s as simple as that!

  • Stats to concentrate on: Recovery and Discipline (add disc/recovery modifications where you can)

The Fantasy: Become a warlock capable of destroying up to four stasis turrets at once by obtaining stasis kills with Vulpecula in order to use Verity’s Brow.


The Specifics: In order for this shadebinder construct to function, it relies on a number of factors. First and foremost, this build is predicated on the usage of Vulpecula, this season’s hand cannon, as well as the perk that comes with it, headstone. It summons a stasis crystal if you get precise kills with it. This will replenish your grenade energy with the Fragment Whisper of Shards. Combine this with Verity’s Brow, a perk that now increases grenade damage and regen speed for kills with the same energy type (rather than energy weapon kills). So far, every precise kill you acquire will not only raise Verity’s brow, but it will also allow you to break her brow for additional grenade energy! But it doesn’t stop there: Combine it with firepower, taking charge, and/or precision charge, and you’ve got STASIS GRENADEs on your hands.

In-Depth Analysis


Verity’s Brow (Solar affinity) is the first head.

2.Arms (Any affinity)

  • Taking command
  • Any anti-champion modifications you want or require!

3.The Human Body (Solar affinity)

4.Feet (Solar affinity)

5.Item of the class

  • Charge with precision
  • You may use whatever anti-champion modifications you wish (Thermoclastic Strike is AMAZING!)

Breakdown of the classes

  • Shadebinder, Bleak Watcher, and Iceflare Bolts (all of which may be obtained from Vulpecula!) You may use whatever grenades you choose.
  1. Whisper of Chains is useful for the damage resistance from all the individuals you’ll be freezing, as well as the +10 recov.

  2. Whisper of Torment for grenade energy on damage, which we can take more of thanks to the whisper of chains!

  3. For the grenade energy from Vulpecula’s stasis crystals, a whisper of shards

  4. For the lengthier sluggish with the turrets, a whisper of durance. Build geeks – tell me if I’m wrong, but I think it also extends the lifetime of turrets.

That’s all there is to it! Turrets and solar explosions, fire and ice, melee and grenades!


These are only a few examples of loadouts. Because most of them don’t need armor with specific affinities, the solar build may have modifications moved around to various armor pieces. Weapons for solar may be fairly versatile, but a good outlaw/headstone Vulpecula will make the builds feel much better. Lorentz Driver is an excellent choice if you want to test out this season’s Linear Fusion weapon. When you pick up the telemetry, it provides you ability energy, which may be useful if you miss a kill or need some extra energy.

Please send me your thoughts and recommendations!

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