Perseverance pays off.

If there is one phrase that can be used to describe the restart of Interactive Behavior at the beginning of the Gardens of Death, it is this one.

What trembled at the exit as another asymmetric multiplayer output is reborn as a game with serious competitive potential.

The whole thing looks a lot like Dead by Daylight by Behavior Interactive – a group of players who compete with each other. The Deathgarden selects an extra spot in the player group and puts it at 5 to 1 over Dead by Daylight’s 4 to 1.

Although the changes may not seem so radical on paper, in practice they can be incredibly important.

Where death in broad daylight saw the survivors flee from the massive patrols of a deadly killer, unable to really defend themselves: The bloody harvest gives the treacherous scavengers more than one way to avoid the legs of the loner.

Each scavenger has a role to play in the group, and a combination of skilled scavengers will be essential for survival in the arena.

The Garden of Death is a modeled gladiator arena that serves both as a punishment for those who disobey the wishes of the enclave – the public elite – and as a means for those who want to rise from the slums and go to heaven.

The road to paradise, as fate would have it, is one of uncompromising cruelty. The resurrection brought not only more balance and brilliance to the game, but also a much darker interpretation of the nature of the gardens of death.

Collecting blood the way you’d like to feel is disgusting when you pump blood from a pile of corpses a little bigger than a small tower with spikes covered with the bodies of the scavengers that came before you. Not to mention the squeaks that sound like one of his co-perpetrators ends the hunter’s execution prematurely.

Some things make the blood clot worse than your comrades’ screams echoing through the forest.

Despite the improvements, the Garden of Death: Blood taking always seems to be an early entry game.

Pooling can often take longer than optimal, and lobbying is still full of problems. The main game is presented in a way that was simply not possible in the previous iteration of the game.

Although bad luck on the road is never welcome, we are thankful that there is a way this time.

If you add the right progression system, players have a lot more planning and acquisition options because they end up dead or alive at the end of each game.

Pens can be unlocked and aligned, and there is even a prestigious Call of Duty option to reset progress for additional rewards, cosmetics and other electronic arena related items.

With a lot of time, the Garden of Death: Blood sampling can be a powerful force for interactive behaviour.

They have already shown that they are capable of creating niche games that not only stand out from the crowd, but also offer something truly unique and innovative: with Deathgarden : The blood samples, they might have the perfect vehicle for that.

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