Ominous Mission Prediction is a sinister and mysterious journey set near the reef. Many have done this search, but few know the full story of what really happened on Glycon. So I’m here to give a simplified version of what really happened at Glycon.


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  • Catabasis is a male hunter in exile, in phase with an empty underclass and using spectral blades, shadowing Kalus (one of Kalus’ elite champions).
  • Gilgamesh aka Gilly – Spirit of the katabasis, angry, frustrated, doesn’t really believe in what Kata is doing anymore, and is more or less suspicious.
  • Emperor Calus is a lethargic emperor who uses his surrogate robots to hide his weakness.
  • Cincic is a female Psion officer assigned by Kalus to investigate contempt, but she is also suspicious of Kata.
  • Bahr’Toran is a relatively friendly kabala centurion who must protect Kata from another kabala who doesn’t like Kata’s team.
  • The Glicon Volatus is a Cabal-class warship of the Red Legion.


Catabasis meets the real and frail Emperor Calus, whose body is decomposing and weakening. Calus explains to him that Darkness broke his promise to elevate him to god some time ago, when they first met. This is how he wants to tell them and remind them. He needs Glycon Volatus, a warship that can house the creatures he wants to talk about. He entrusts this task to Catabasis. With the help of Cincic and Bahr, Kata manages to fly the ship and get it into orbit over the reef.

Cincin ordered Kata and Bahru to capture Skorn and hold her in Glycone. Kata questions Bahr’s loyalty to Calus. He believes Calus is using the darkness to take back Torobatl, the homeworld of the Cabal. Catabasis talks to Cincic and notes that she is studying the darkness in Scorne. It’s important to note that Gilly doesn’t spend much time with Kata, preferring to roam alone with Glycon. Glycon goes to a target simply called an anomaly, presumably where the darkness is strongest.

Calus comes with the crown of pain. With the help of his counselor Holiday, Calus bursts into the crown of sorrow with the darkness of contempt and tries to bind himself to the darkness. It’s a heartbreaking reality. Getting nothing, Caylus goes on a furious rampage of contempt while everyone watches. At this stage, the fungal shoots begin to appear. Kata often has nightmares about the last city that was on fire.

Calus tries again. Bahr’Toran told Katabasis that Gilly spoke to Skorn. Kata asks Gilly, but the little light says nothing. As Kalus reports, the reality this time is mysterious, taking all of Glickon to another dimension. Calus and his advisor Psion disappear. In the alternate dimension, parts of the ship break and move, reorganize, and free the Verachters from the cages. They teem with the contempt that comes with darkness, which attracts them with redemption to receive guidance.

Glycon is now consumed with contempt. Katabasis and Bahr’Toran fight Skorn as they go to Cincic, who has gathered the last remaining troops of the Loyalists. Gilly appears and sometimes disappears, causing Bahr to comment. Cincic attempts to return the ship to normal space with the help of the Crown of Pain, while the remaining Cabal and Katabasis protect him from Skorn’s impending attack. Even with the Lightbearer, the tusks fall quickly against the waves of Skorn. However, Qinziq is able to return Glycon to normal space before he dies.

Catabasis is revived by Gilly and flees from Skorn, who now has full control of the ship. Kata is in no hurry to bury Kabal, but he starves and eventually dies. Before he dies, he asks Gilly not to bring him back unless there is a rescue, to which Gilly agrees.

Gilly brings Kata to life in Full Vision Contempt. Catabasis is shocked and wonders why he did it. Refusing to take sides with Catabasis any longer, he explains that he is tired of all these races and that Scorrn is offering him an outing, an escape in exchange for Catabasis dismantling his light. If he doesn’t, contempt will tear Kata apart, and Gilly will revive him until he learns his lesson. Catabasis slowly realizes that his mind has succumbed to the darkness and pulls him along.

TLDR; Calus disappeared after communicating with Catabasis in the dark and releasing the hoon aboard the Glycon. Katabasi’s mind is damaged by the darkness, and Kata shoots him.

Montage 1: u/Neseleth brought up some good points about the darkness in Glycon. It is likely that Locus was influenced by the darkness in some way, more than the usual disdain, as evidenced by the fact that they rallied behind Locus as leader. Skorn needs a leader, as Fikrul and Hiraki saw, but now that they are dead, an eclipse or something sees its chance and invades Skorn’s consciousness with a vein of pain. Speculation: A powerful dark being, or perhaps the darkness itself, took control of the normal Scorn or manipulated it, turning it into a Locus and causing the growth of fungi that can be seen all over the ship, with the intention of assimilating the crew and environment, much like the Halo Flood.

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