Elliot lives alone on the beach south of Pelican Town. He’s one of 12 suitors in Stardew Valley.

Full gift list for Elliott

If you give Elliott gifts, his friendship with you will grow or shrink. He talks about a unique dialogue for each gift, whether it is loved, neutral, unwelcome or hated.

Below is a complete list of gifts for Elliott.

Gifts for Elliott in stardew valley

List of gifts Elliott likes

If he likes your gift, he will say:

(Name), it’s a great gift! Thank you.


A birthday present? That’s very kind of you! I like it.


You remembered my birthday! Thanks, that’s great!

Name Source Ingredients
Crab cakes Kitchen 1 butter
1 egg
1 wheat flour
1 shrimp
Duck feather. Ducks
Hummer Scratch Pad
Pomegranate Grenadier
Tom Ka Soup Kitchen 1 x mushroom
1 x shrimp
1 x coconut


  •  Golden pumpkin (version 1.3 only)
  •  Pearl
  •  Prismatic shard
  •  Rabbit’s foot

List of gifts Elliott likes

He loved your gift.

Is this for me? That’s great.

  1. Octopus
  2. Squid
  3. Sweet pea
  4. Tomato
  5. Topaz
  6. Trout soup
  7. Tulip
  8. Wild honey
  9. Wine (blackberry, cranberry, crystal fruit)
  10. fried fish
  11. Rösti corners
  12. Apple
  13. Amethyst
  14. Aquamarine
  15. Bean soup
  16. Beer
  17. Blackberry
  18. Blueberry
  19. Blueberry pie
  20. Blue jazz
  21. Cactus fruits
  22. Cheese
  23. Cherry
  24. Chocolate cake
  25. Fabric
  26. Coconut
  27. Coffee
  28. Cookies
  29. Corn
  30. Cranberry
  31. Cranberry Sauce
  32. Crocus
  33. Crystal fruits
  34. Diamond
  35. Earth Crystal
  36. Eggplant
  37. Emerald
  38. Fabulous Rose
  39. Fire quartz
  40. Baked mushrooms
  41. A frozen tear
  42. Grapes
  43. green beans
  44. Hot Pepper
  45. Ice cream
  46. Jade
  47. Jelly (blackberry, bilberry, cherry, grape, spice berry)
  48. Pink cake
  49. Pomegranate
  50. Potatoes
  51. Ruby
  52. Lettuce
  53. Sashimi
  54. Snowdrop
  55. Spaghetti
  56. Spruce
  57. Strawberry
  58. Summer Spangle
  59. Sunflower
  60. Lemur roll
  61. Maple syrup
  62. Mayonnaise (all kinds)
  63. Melon
  64. Scrambled eggs
  65. Pale Ale.
  66. Pancakes
  67. Pasternak
  68. Pepper Poppers
  69. Pickled (corn, tomatoes)

List of gifts with neutral reaction


Oh, a gift! Thank you.

  1. Fried eggs
  2. Halibut
  3. Herrings
  4. Hop
  5. Shell
  6. Oyster
  7. Perch
  8. The opening
  9. Sardine
  10. Tilapia
  11. Shrimp
  12. Truffles
  13. Anchovies
  14. Bread
  15. Oyster
  16. Shell
  17. Coral
  18. Crab
  19. Egg (only for chicken and duck)

List of gifts Elliott doesn’t like

I don’t like it.

Um… I’m not a big fan of that.

  1.  Hardwood
  2. Hazelnut
  3. Holly
  4. Malachite
  5. Milk
  6. Opal
  7. Orpiment
  8. Pizza
  9. Teddy bear
  10. Snow pits
  11. Spring U-bolt
  12. The thundering egg
  13. Wild horseradish
  14. Wild plum.
  15. Winter carrot
  16. Sea urchin
  17. Lika
  18. Apricot
  19. Calcite
  20. Root pine
  21. Chanterelles
  22. Clay
  23. Coal
  24. mushroom
  25. Copper
  26. Daffodil
  27. Dandelion
  28. Driftwood
  29. Fiber
  30. Campaign Snack
  31. Geode
  32. Gold (ingots and ore)

Elliott’s wish list hates

I hate

This article makes me nauseous. I have to get rid of him.

  1. Poppy
  2. Salmonberry
  3. Sea cucumber
  4. Sea urchin
  5. Seagrass
  6. wet paper
  7. Pierre
  8. A strange sandwich.
  9. Torch
  10. Wood
  11. Amarant
  12. The bat wing
  13. Broken windows
  14. TV budget
  15. Copper ores
  16. dried starfish
  17. Dwarf helmet
  18. Green algae
  19. Joya-Cola
  20. Nautilus shell

Weekly gifts

You can give Elliot up to two gifts a week.

Birthday gifts

Birthday gifts for Elliott have a multiplier effect on your friendship with him.

What’s Elliott’s birthday in Stardew Valley?

Elliott’s birthday is on the 5th of every fall.

Who is Elliott in Stardew Valley?

According to Dev Update #12

Elliott lives alone in a house on the beach. He is a writer who dreams of writing a great novel someday. He is a sentimental romantic who has a penchant for flowery and poetic tones. If he can afford it, he’ll have a drink at the Stardrop Saloon. Could a humble peasant like you be the inspiration Elliott seeks? There’s only one way to find out …..

Elliott Stardust Valley Quests

  • Board of Directors wanted
    • Elliot may accidentally ask you to leave an item outside Pierre’s main shop on the work board.
    • Price
      • 3 x the basic value of the article
      • 150 x friendship points

Some FAQs

How old is Elliot in Stardew Valley?

Elliott’s age in the game Stardew Valley is about 28-35 years old.

Can you marry Elliot in Stardew Valley?

Elliot lives alone in his beach house and has no family. You can marry him, as he is one of 12 men available for marriage in Stardew Valley.

Where does Elliott live in Stardew Valley?

Elliot lives in his beach house and has no family.

frequently asked questions

What kind of gifts does Elliott like?


What is Elliot’s favorite gift in Stardew Valley?

A popular gift is that of the writer who dreams of one day writing a great novel. He is a sentimental romantic who has a penchant for flowery and poetic tones.

Who gives the most beautiful gifts in Stardew Valley?

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