Having a reliable source of credit in the beginning, middle and end games is one of the most important things in Warframe. Everything you build in your foundry needs credit, all the platinum you trade needs credit, and everything you buy from Baro Ki’Teer needs credit. With this guide I want to show you 9 different ways to earn credits without burning yourself for the same mission.

Different credit strategies apply depending on your position in the game. If you want, you can go directly to the subject:

  1. Double loans, first mission of the day
  2. Dark sectors for early retirement loans in agriculture
  3. Farm Credit Index in Mittelstand
  4. Profit of the tenant for an overdue deer breeding loan
  5. The credit enhancer is worth it.
  6. Hidden credits in your inventory
  7. Sale of loan duplicates
  8. Alternative agricultural credit centres to avoid exhaustion
  9. Indirect exchange of credits with other actors

#1 – Double loan first mission of day

When you start your daily work in Warframe, the first mission after receiving the daily tribute will be counted twice. It’s called Daily First Win Bonus and has been in the war for a long time.

The easiest way to take advantage of your double loans is a short but high loan order. Personally, I propose a solo race of a single exhaust system on Jerakon (Pluto). A single hood plus the time it takes to get to the exit takes 3-4 minutes and gives 50,000 credits.

If you’re new to the game and don’t yet have access to the hierarchy, just choose another Dark Sector mission as your first mission of the day. Gabi in Ceres or Cholistan in Europe is a good alternative, but the reward is a few thousand credits less. Whichever mission in the black sector you choose, don’t forget to reach the minimum required number and aim for the exit.

If you’re late in your game, you can plan your last mission after the Daily First Win bonus. You get 100,000 credits when you start your day with the last excursion. For experienced players there is also a profitable battle (Phase 4), where 250,000 credits are awarded as the first mission of the day. A profitable taker requires a good installation, a good experience, but only takes 10 minutes of your time.

#2 – Dark Sectors for First Game Credits in Warframe

If you are limited to the first game planets on the star map, your Farm Credit options are limited, but there are a few left until you can reach Neptune. The digging mission on Tikal (land) rewards 12,000 credits and you can leave after the first shovel. Gabii on Ceres is a survival mission that grants 20,000 credits in 5 minutes, which is also very popular. The best dark sector is Jerakon on Pluto. An excavator takes about 3-4 minutes and gives you 24,000 credits.

#3 – Average Wartime Credit Farming Index

Once you have arrived in Neptune, you can play in the corpus-arena, which is called the index. This is a very popular place for increasing the credits among players in the middle of the game and even at the end of the game. In these arenas, you bet on winning. The stronger the enemies, the higher the stakes, but also the potential victory.

The index has three different difficulty levels: low, medium and high. With a low risk you bet 30,000 credits on your profit. If you win, you get 105,000 credits. On average, you risk 40,000 credits for 175,000 credits after winning. And for a high risk you bet 50,000 on a potential profit of 250,000 credits. If you lose the credits you have wagered, they are completely lost.

In the Index Arena you have to defeat the enemy team by collecting glowing diamonds that kill the abandoned enemies. You must bring these diamonds to your marked location in the bank to receive index points. The low risk should reach 50 points, the medium risk 75 points and the high risk 100 points within a given time period. Each earned point extends the duration of the mission by 10 seconds. If you have more than one referral point, you will receive bonus points. – But the intake and transfer of index points will seriously affect your health.

To make it a bit spicier, your frame constantly loses energy and you can’t use this energy for your free time. You can’t bring a satellite into the arena, and your enemies won’t throw ammunition. They are completely dependent on fixed locations to pick up energy balloons, medical balloons and ammunition.

While high-risk missions have the greatest impact, medium and low-risk missions are very short. In this way you can carry out various missions without burning yourself and without running the risk of losing credits.

The enemies mentioned in the index are specialized types of corps enemies, which carry a thick shield over their allied armor. We need to bring weapons that can go through both and do a lot of damage. Weapons with a high damage effect, such as Arca Plasmor, Vaykor Hek or Corinth, but also sniper rifles, such as Rubico Prime or Vulkar Wraith, provide the necessary effect. The simplest elementary combination for these enemies is cold and radiation. Look at my index finger damage manual.

One of the simplest war frames for the Rhino-Index has been modified for high performance and durability. His iron skin (2) will protect you if you lose your health, and his grunting (3) will increase your damage.
You can also use the Nova – usually called Slowa – to slow down your enemies with Molecular Prime (4). The Ash, Neja, Mesa and Trinity are also very popular.

Once you’ve found your batting pattern and weapon for The Index, you can easily earn credits.

#4 – A taker has arrived to reserve late matches in warframe.

Currently, the biggest drop at Warframe is 125,000 credits for the victory over Profit-Taker Orb over Fortuna. For the first mission per day with an active credit booster, 500,000 credits will be deducted. And if you’re luckier, you’ll even get 1,000,000 credits with Chroma Effigy.

It’s a very late game in the credit industry, where you have to be Old Maat in Solaris United to get into battle. This is the fourth. phase of the Profit Taker Heist award, and it also requires that you have a well customized Archangel installed with Gravimag.

The Battle Profit-Taker Orb is widely known as a combat simulator because there are many hull enemies that will destroy your battleframe if you try to take down this big boss. Boss combat is divided into 4 phases in which you have to shoot down shields, shoot down pylons and use your archangel Gravimag to destroy the boss units.

Removing the shield of the Profit Orb is a unique task because it is only vulnerable to random elementary damage for a limited time before a new type of damage is needed. You can change the element panel by dragging it with your operator, but be sure to bring as many combinations of elements as possible.

Right now, the best way to fight the Orb of Profit is Chroma Prime (Ice) with more energy reserve, more power, as well as knockdown control and adaptive mod. You must use Elemental Defense (2) and Vex Armor (3) when you shoot with your greatest damage in orbit around the traders in primary, secondary and melee battles.

The whole battle is the content of the latest veteran level game, because it requires not only a thorough understanding of modding, but also a large arsenal of mysterious, mods and primed rivna’s.

#5 – The credit accelerator in Warframeis worth it.

Among the 5 warframe booster offers, only one credit booster is really worth it if you want to play efficiently. An active credit booster doubles all in-game mission rewards. The only thing the credit booster has no control over are credit deductions from caches such as sabotage containers or generosity bonuses.

The credit amplifier can be combined with other credit amplifiers. If you have an active credit accelerator on your first mission a day, you’ll get 4 times more credits. A simple 3-4 minute run on a symbol as the first mission of the day will earn you 100.000 credits. By improving your creditworthiness, you can manage a passive economy with a reasonable number of loans.

Nice fact: If you accidentally play your first mission of the weekend with an active credit booster, you’ll get 8 credits.

You can get credit support for platinum on the market. A 3-day accelerator costs 40p and will be very useful at weekends. A 7-day gas pedal costs 80 pence and is handy when you are on holiday. The 30-day accelerator costs 200 pence and should only be purchased if you have an almost everyday warframe card.

The short-term accelerator can also drop like the Daily Tribute or reinforced containers. The Baro Ki’Teer sometimes sells a 3-day credit accelerator and Prime Accessories offers a 90-day credit accelerator.

If you buy a Credit Accelerator while your current Accelerator is still active, the time is simply added to your current Accelerator.

#6 – Credits hidden in WarframeInventory

You probably already have some hidden credits in your inventory. Each copy of a war drawing is sold for 3500 credits. When you were cultivating certain recordings, you probably had duplicates. Some parts of the combat framework can even fail during several missions; for example a torn harrow or Oberon parts of an Eximus unit. Sell them and any other duplicates of your inventory. You can find your inventory by clicking on ESC, then on Equipment and finally on Inventory.

You will also come across drawings of weapons such as the boar or the gorgon, of which you will have several copies. And if you carry out siphon or flood missions in Kuva, you’ll receive a fair share of the Orvius units of the Kuva Guardians and Jesters. Weapons drawings and details are sold for 2500 credits per copy. If you’ve already sold Nidus parts, you also have antiserum injectors that you can sell on credit.

All these items are hidden in the Miscellaneous tab of your inventory. And you can easily search for drawings to find any duplicates or unused weapons and military personnel plans. Add everything you think you don’t need to add to your sale. You can use the middle mouse button if you want to add all copies of the product to your sale.

With this in mind, the next time you receive a Harrow chassis or any other Oberon part, celebrate it as an extra 3500 credits.

#7 – Sale of dual models for credits in Warframe

The second place you can use for Fast Credits is your fashion channel. You can sell your fashion duplicate for credits. You will receive 200 credits for an ordinary mod (bronze), 500 credits for a rare mod (blue) and 1000 credits for a rare mod (gold). Fully charged (black) modems are sold with 50.000 credits each, polluted modems with 25.000 credits each.

You should never sell Riven fashion (purple) or legendary fashion (silver/platinum) to earn credits.

With your Fashion Station you can sort fashion by duplicates to facilitate the sales process. If you want to sell all duplicates from the mode, you can use the middle mouse button to add all duplicates to your sales lot. After you’ve added all the models you want to sell to your stack, you have to click on the Sell button for credits.

#8 – Alternative operating loans to prevent burn-out

If you’re afraid to run away and do the same credit assignments over and over again, there are two striking alternatives in the middle and at the end of the game. These two options are not as effective as the index or the orb of profit taking, but credit rewards are always above average.

Their first alternative to postponement is arbitration. This mission changes every 60 minutes and requires the fight against high-level enemies protected by shield drones. If you want to play Arbitrage, you have to complete all mission nodes on the star map. The mission rewards 50,000 credits plus everything the enemies throw in. In combination with a Credit Booster and a Daily First Win, you can earn 100,000 or 200,000 bonus points.

The second alternative is Laomedia’s destruction button on Neptune. If you manage to protect all 4 channels, you get 30,000 credits for round 1 and 2 each. And from the third round – since you protect all 4 channels – you have a 95% chance of getting 50,000 for each round.

#9 – Indirect exchange of credits with other players

It is not possible to trade directly with other players, because the credits are excluded from the list of exchanged items. But by exchanging Requiem modems you can exchange credits. A fully charged Requiem modem can be sold in your Modem Station for 50,000 credits. For example, each fully charged Requiem modem becomes 50,000 total memory and each contaminated Requiem modem becomes 25,000 total memory (at no extra cost).

This technique allows you to exchange up to 300,000 credits – 6 fully-loaded Requiem modems – in a single transaction.

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