The price of a new 8K TV is over $10,000. The market for this technology remains small because consumers don’t want to shell out that much money for it yet. However, the industry has been slow to change by bringing down prices or improving quality and production. If not done soon there may be no room left in the market at all.,

The “sony 2022 tv release” is a TV that was released in early 2019. The new model of the Sony TV will be available with 8K resolution and HDR. However, it has failed to appeal to consumers.

8K TVs Are Failing to Appeal to Consumers: Omdia

8K-TVs-Are-Failing-to-Appeal-to-Consumers-OmdiaImage: LG

Consumers are content with their 4K TVs and have little interest in upgrading to devices with an 8K resolution. According to the newest data from analyst and consulting company Omdia, which looked at the adoption rate of 8K TVs and uncovered “failed” figures, as shown by the limited and falling shipments of the technology from key manufacturers such as Samsung. According to Omdia, just 2.7 million households will have an 8K TV by the end of 2026, compared to fewer than 1,200 houses now.

1651402102_111_8K-TVs-Are-Failing-to-Appeal-to-Consumers-OmdiaOmdia (photo credit: Omdia)

Consumers are still skeptical about the advantages of 8K, according to Omdia study (Omdia)

In 2021, shipments of 8K TVs amounted for just 0.15 percent of total TV shipments, according to Omdia. This amounted to little over 350,000 copies sold worldwide. Samsung sent 65 percent of its 8K TVs to the United States, but none to Japan.

8K TVs seem to have lost traction, particularly when the following factors are considered:

The marketing is failing in terms of numbers since there is no compelling incentive to purchase 8K TVs (very little native content is available). Shipments were lower in 4Q20 and even 1Q21 than in previous quarters. In comparison to a year ago, Samsung supplied 18% fewer 8K TVs. Despite the high set sizes, China will not push 8K in comparison to North America or even Western Europe. The price pressure is excessive. We don’t see a compelling market need for further 8K service development. Even in Japan, where a real 8K channel (from NHK) is available, adoption has remained low.

Samsung’s Neo QLED Smart TVs and LG’s premium SIGNATURE ZX 8K OLEDs, which start at a hefty $19,999 for the 77-inch model, are two examples of 8K TVs now available on the market. In September 2015, Sharp started selling the world’s first 8K TV, an 85-inch screen, for $133,000, around the same time that Samsung announced its first Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

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The “qd-oled 8k” is a new 4K TV that has been released by Omdia. It uses OLED technology to produce a wide range of colors and has an ultra-thin bezel. The qd-oled 8k is also compatible with HDR, which makes it ideal for gaming.

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