Let’s be honest: As a techno-man, we can’t imagine a single moment without our smartphone. It is still very exciting to have this little device with all the knowledge of this world in your hands.

It is believed that our dependence on this technology has made us lazy. But it also enabled us to use our spiritual abilities for good. The main concern of an ageing population is to stay mentally healthy, and smartphones are doing their best to provide sufficient opportunities to stay mentally healthy.

If you want to give your mind the stretch marks it so desperately needs, you need to immerse yourself in the wonders of your phone games to train. You’ll be surprised how many games test your mental abilities. They activate your neurons and amplify them to make you even smarter.

Games have been significantly improved by the development of technology, and their benefits have been multiplied. Many types of research have shown a positive correlation between play and learning.

In a study conducted by BBC Horizon, a selected group of elderly people took part in a popular racing game for 15 hours over a period of five weeks. When their mental abilities were assessed after this period, attention and memory levels improved by almost 30%.

If you want to improve your brain function by playing games, we have compiled a list of five games for you. These games will improve the performance of your brain.

1.     Powers

If you have an Android device, Skillz is a game. This brain stimulation game is absolutely free. It can improve your memory skills by providing you with appropriate thinking exercises. There are small games that improve the memory, flexibility, speed and concentration of the brain.

You can start the competitions by taking a fitness test. This test automatically calibrates your current skills, mind, speed and attention span. The best thing about this game is that it won’t bother you. Instead, with equal pleasure, it should gradually improve.

Important features :

  • It improves your cognitive skills through scientific methods.
  • It helps you train every day to take on a new challenge.
  • You can follow daily, weekly and monthly training programs.
  • The flexibility of the game is what sets it apart; you can keep track of your achievements.
  • This allows you to compare your game with that of other online players.
  • Increase speed and accuracy while improving memory and touch capabilities.
  • It helps you in your training and also in your reflexes.

2.     Luminogeneity

Luminescence is nothing new for gaming enthusiasts. This is one of the best puzzle games for Android users. You can customize the game to train your mind with different interactive puzzle games. This will help you develop problem-solving skills.

Important features :

  • Learn a lot of tips to improve accuracy, speed and strategy development.
  • This allows you to define the gameplay to equalize the level of your action in it.
  • There are lessons to be learned in obtaining rational evidence.
  • Increase your computing power and question the effectiveness of your evaluation.
  • Improve your reading skills as well as your vocabulary.
  • Creatively designed learning games are suitable for both children and adults.

3. peak

Peak is a very popular application in the Play Store. It offers more than 45 fun games that test your mental abilities to the limit. This mind game application helps you improve your problem solving skills and train your memory. After extensive research, it has been designed to be suitable for all age groups.

This game improves concentration, mental agility and creative coordination. Thanks to his coaching function, he offers you the right time for your training.

Important features :

  • So you can measure up with your friends online and see the results.
  • They organize many brainstorm sessions for both children and adults.
  • You can customize the training plan and set reminders for the selected days to give you time to play.
  • All games are available for a small monthly subscription fee.
  • It allows you to play online, which means you can play even without an active Internet connection.
  1. Moles in the holes

Moles in Holes is a simple but challenging game that is fun for people of all ages. It includes a simple game and you have to pass the test to win the game. Look out! Look out! The simplicity of the game doesn’t mean you can win it easily. It tests your brain like any other mind game.

This game was developed by Limitless Gamez Moe. It is an online platform that offers a variety of games in different categories. You can play online on your mobile phone after paying a small subscription fee.

It’s a strategy game. In this game, the player must connect each mole to his food via an underground tunnel. However, you must be careful that the tunnels do not overlap. This game requires intensive planning to complete.

Important features :

  • An extremely simple game.
  • It is easy to play for people of all ages.
  • It honors your intellectual abilities.
  • Have fun.
  1. Increase

You won’t find anything better than Elevated if you want to test your brain. This game application is designed to improve your conversation skills, computer skills, memory, attention and speed.

There are 40 minigames to help you improve your cognitive skills. It offers you regular brain activity with three to five small games. The most interesting thing is that each game defines its purpose, which gives you a sense of satisfaction. You will receive a monthly, weekly or daily progress report.

Important features :

  • This game will help you improve your speaking, writing and reading skills by increasing your IQ.
  • You can analyse the detailed results of your work and receive feedback.
  • There are over 40 different games developed by specialists.
  • This allows you to compare your indicators with online indicators.
  • A training calendar helps you keep track of your progress in maintaining your motivation.

Final reflection

Our identity is revealed through the qualities we possess. The human spirit is of fundamental importance here. It is very important to stay in good condition. So choose one of the above games to develop your mental skills and sharpen your mind.

Let us know what you think of these games by leaving a comment below.

Good game!


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