The God of War series now includes eight games and is based entirely on ancient mythology. While the iteration of 2018 was reversed in favour of the Norwegian legends in 2018, the titles of the past were mainly devoted to characters associated with ancient Greece and Rome. So at this stage we can say that this series is dedicated to mythical gods in general.

Few other games or series capture these characters and themes with the same quality of excitement and adventure and with the same beautiful detail. However, for those who like to delve into myths, there are many other games on a variety of media that address a similar theme. From outdoor adventures to slot machines and everything else, these are some of the best alternatives worth considering.

1. The creed of the killer: Odyssey

Playing as god of war

You can play this role-playing game on the main consoles and computers, it allows you to go back in time and manage a mercenary who participated in the Peloponnesian wars. In ancient Greece, the city-states of Athens and Sparta fought for power and control. The game takes on this very real story and creates an alternative adventure in which your character (of your choice) tries to reunite his family in the midst of a conflict. Like other titles in Assassin’s Creed, all this takes place in an open and absolutely breathtaking world, and is strongly influenced by the ancient gods.

2. Titanium Radio

Games like God of War 2 Funky Titans

For an unusual take on mythological games, this indie game based on Steam needs a turn. In this game Zeus made funk music as music of the gods, and Perseus must protect it from the pagan rhythms of rock, rap and pop music. You can’t take yourself too seriously while playing, but it’s actually quite fun. It’s also pretty fast, although it has about 40 levels, which means it’s a good option if you want to immerse yourself in a simple mythology.

3. Age of the Gods

Playing the God of War The Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods – a game presented among the online slots on offer in New Jersey Although it is essentially similar to the other slots available on the Internet, the themes are all about ancient gods. You’ll deal with familiar characters like Zeus, Poseidon and Athena as you try your luck on the reels. And in the background you can see rich surroundings and beautiful waterfalls, vaguely reminiscent of images of Mount Olympus. Be careful not to collect too many Hades coins, otherwise your bonus round is over!

4. The gods of Rome

This is a mobile fighting game where you touch other gods, titans and heroes to fight them and try to restore peace on earth. Gods of Rome, released by Gameloft, can play for free with the applications you buy, making them perfectly accessible, although it’s a bit frustrating if you’re looking for quick progress and improvements. Known for its beautiful graphics, the game plays its battles between bright scenes such as mountain peaks or forums and the ancient Coliseum.

5. Next Penelope: Odyssey Races

Next Penelope

Instead of playing in the distant past, as in most games with ancient gods, this racing game gives shape to things and takes you into the future. In 3044 you must take your spaceship and find the Odyssey to prevent Poseidon from destroying your home. It is a dynamic and visually appealing game for consoles and PCs, which perhaps better than any other proves how dynamic ancient gods can be as game characters.


It is not always easy to find the best games, but if you know that you are interested in mythology and ancient legends, you can limit the list. These games test your patience, skill and cunning by letting you work with and between old games in different ways. Whatever platform or support you prefer, there’s probably something for you.

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