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by: Insolence / Melanie THESE

Sony’s Playstation 4 offers great games for all ages, but it’s the great selection of the best PS4 games for kids that really sets it apart. From multiplayer to racing games to motorhome games, there’s a huge world of children’s games for every Playstation owner.

However, it can be very difficult to find the best games from this wide range. If you’re having trouble deciding which PS4 games are good for your kids, you’re in luck: Read on and discover the top ten recommendations from players and old Playstation fans, grouped by genre and category.


10 Best ps4 games for kids

The best PS4 games for kids.jpg

by: Pexels / EVG images

The best PS4 children’s games are designed so that all children aged 5 to 15 can enjoy endless hours of video games. Each game in this section is manually selected from all available games to combine the best of different genres.

Here are the 10 best ps4 games for children:

The best PS4 games for kids - Cars 3 Driven to Win Games

by: Amazon/brand: World Games

1. Toys trolleys 3: Slave to win

Cars in the Disney Pixar series have been children’s favourites for almost a decade, thanks to a combination of super cool characters and interactive gaming features. Driven to Win is a narrative racing game suitable for children of all ages.

Best ps4 games for kids - carnival games

by: Amazon/brand: 2K

2. Carnival games

Carnival games combines half a dozen classic carnival games in one affordable video game. It is a super fun and affordable game that children can take along and save at any time.

best children's games in ps4 - rolling leg patrol

by: Amazon/brand: Playing with nutrients

3. Rolling patrol

In the film On A Roll, all television dog lovers are caught in Paw Patrol, where these charming furs are taken on a large platform of adventure, perfect for curious young men.

The best PS4 games for kids - LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakes

by: Amazon/brand: World Games

4. Star Wars Lego: Power generation

After the events of the cinema, but in a form of LEGO brick adapted to children, Star Wars LEGO : The Force Awakens offers an incredibly challenging game with different modes to choose from.

best ps4 games for kids - Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 + arcade game series

by: Amazon/brand: Bandai Namko

5. Championship Pac-Man edition 2 + Arcade series

Pac-Man’s Championship Edition 2 makes the game a real time puzzle classic and includes, in addition to Galaga and Dig Dug, an updated version and a traditional arcade version.

the best PS4 games for kids - Disney Classic Games Aladdin and the Lion King

by: Amazon/brand: Interactive night hawk

6. Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and the Lion King

Two old Disney games updated for PS4 and sold for an affordable price? It’s a must for all fans of Disney films from the 90s.

The best PS4 games for kids - LEGO Harry Potter Collection

by: Amazon/brand: World Games

7. Lego Harry Potter Collection

The Harry Potter LEGO collection follows the history of Harry Potter books and movies through two games and is a great way to make twice as much money with just one game.

The best games for kids in ps4 format - Hasbro Family Fun Pack

by: Amazon/brand: Ubisoft

8. Hasbro Family Entertainment Package

With four classic Hasbro board games in a handy package, the Family Fun Pack is the perfect way to bring the tradition of family games to life at night on a modern game console.

cest ps4 games for kids - Nickelodeon go-kart driver

by: Amazon/brand: Speelmolen

9. Nickelodeon card racer

With drivers from Sponge Bob, Ninja Turtles, Hey Arnold, Rugrats and others, Nickelodeon’s Kart Racers is an entertaining and interactive racing game that is very suitable for both younger and older children.

the best PS4 games for kids - Stardew Valley Collector Edition

by: Amazon/Fire: 505 games

10. Stardy Valley: Collection number

Take on the role of an imaginary farm in Stardew Valley and watch the hours pass in a simple and fun game.

4 cheap ps4 games for kids

cheap ps4 games for kids.jpg

by: Insolence / Melanie THESE

There are many cheap PS4 games that are ideal for children in almost any genre. It’s a great way to reward good behavior or get your babies to do something in the summer that never seems to end.

Here are the 4 best cheap PS4 games for kids:

The super villains of LEGO DC (1)

by: Amazon/brand: World Games

11. LEGO DC super villains

The biggest villains in the DC Comic universe have been transformed into LEGO bricks to be unmasked by heroes from different worlds!

Cheap PS4 games for kids - Walmart Exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3

by: Walmart / Square Enix

12. Walmart Exclusive: Kingdom of Hearts 3

Available only on Walmart PS4, Kingdom Hearts 3 combines popular characters from the Disney and Sony-franchises in a massive action-adventure game with child-friendly graphics.

The best cheap ps4 games for kids - plant against the war of zombie gardens

by: Walmart / Electronic art

13. Plants versus Zombies: Garden war

Strategy and tactics in an endless garden game, plants versus zombies can teach children of all ages to think and plan quickly.

The best ps4 games for kids at low prices - Scribblenauts Mega Pack

by: Amazon/brand: World Games

14. Mega Package with washing instructions

The foundation of the Scribblenauts appeals to the place of thought, where celestial bodies are mentioned exclusively by means of spelling. This is a great way for children to learn games and solve problems.

4 Ps4 children’s multiplayer games

multiplayer games ps4 for kids.jpg

by: Pexel / Pexel

Are you looking for something your children can play with their friends? Multiplayer games ps4 – an ideal alternative for days when it rains or it is too hot to play outside.

Here are the 4 best ps4 multiplayer games for kids:

The best cheap PS4 games for kids - Little Big Planet 3

by: Walmart / Sony

15. Small big planet 3

Guide the knitted hero through a world of adventure and problem-solving threads in the latest version of Little Big Planet, a cult classic that has more than a decade of history.

The best cheap ps4 games for kids - FIFA 20

by: Walmart / Electronic Art; Electronic Art

16. FIFA 20

With FIFA 2020, the latest officially licensed football game for PS4, you can participate in local and online multiplayer tournaments.

The best cheap ps4 games for kids - Fairy Tale Games Mincraft History Mode 2 season

by: Walmart / Onion Entertainment

17. Perfide-defended demining sets: Story Mode Season 2, Episode.

Ask almost every child today what game they’ve chosen, and chances are you’ll hear Minecraft as the answer. With this version of Story mode, your child can play with friends to build and protect their own world.

88 Heroes

by: Valmart / Crescent marketing

18. 88 Heroes

Play with up to 8 people in this long-term 2D platform and puzzle-solving game with 88 unique character options that never grow old.

4 best racing games for ps4

best racing games for ps4.jpg

by: Inconspicuousness / Joan Ferrao

From go-karts to flat tracks, some of the best ps4 racing games are also very child-friendly. They learn hand-eye coordination and planning using different game modes.

Here are the 4 best racing games for ps4 :

Racing games on PS4 - need for speed contests

by: Amazon/brand: Electronic art

19. Required speed: Rival

The new edition of Need for Speed Rivals, one of the most award-winning racing games in history, features rich racing games and stunning graphics.

best racing game on PS4 - Garfield Kart

by: Amazon/brand: Maximum number of games

20. Garfield card

Surprisingly responsive gameplay and multiplayer modes make Garfield Kart, with its cute and friendly graphics, an exceptional product in the racing category and the perfect choice for young children.

Best ps4 racing game - monster jam titanium steel

by: Amazon/brand: Nordic THQ

21. Sample Jam Steel Titans

Race with classic Monster Jam legends like the gravedigger and crush your opponents in Monster Jam Steel Titans. It’s quite intense and better for older children.

Best Ps4 Racing Games - Team Racing - Refuelling

by: Amazon/brand: ACTIVITIES

22. Team race – Nitro fuel

Join Crash Bandicoot and your friends in story, tournament and multiplayer modes in an incredibly exciting combined race/adventure game.

4 best ps4 RV games for kids

the best ps4 VR games for kids

by: Pexels / Julia M. Cameron

Virtual reality is the latest achievement in gaming technology, and many of the best VR ps4 games are also suitable for children. For all these games you need the right helmet.

Here are the 4 best ps4 VR games for kids:

PS4 Vr - Rescue operation ASTRO BOT VR

by: Walmart / SONY

23. ASTROBOT: Rescue operation RV

The 360-degree game allows you to control ASTRO, the captain’s robot that must save all his shipmates in deep space.

Ps4 VR - Ball bearings (1)

by: Walmart / AtGames

24. Ball bearing

After taking the old series to new heights, Roller Coaster Tycoon VR finally gives you the thrill of a roller coaster ride once you’ve built it! I highly recommend it.

PS4 VR - Foam

by: Walmart / Sony

25. Foam

Amazing combination of puzzle and platform game with treacherously difficult puzzles. The foam is ideal for children thanks to a handy mouse called Quill, which prevents you from getting stuck on a puzzle for too long.

Ps4 RV - Robinson The RV trip

by: Walmart / Critek

26. Robinson: RV trip

Immerse yourself in the modern history of Robinson Crusoe as it takes place in the distant land of Robinson’s space: Travel. This is a very entertaining search game that will make your children come back for more.

4 2 ps4 games for children

2 games for children with ps4.jpg

by: Pexels / Ketut Subianto

If you have an extra controller, your child and their best friend can enjoy one of the many 2-player ps4 games available today.

Here are the 4 best games for children with 2 players ps4 :

2 Players - LEGO Miracles Superheroes 2

by: Volmart / Whv Games

27. Lego Superhero Prodigy 2

Combining the best cartoon characters from Marvel with the fun attractions of LEGO, this game is absolutely fun from start to finish and is ideal for children of all ages.

Surviving Mars

by: Walmart / Hamimont Games

28. MarchSurviving party

In this incredibly entertaining and challenging puzzle and business game, you and your friend are responsible for building the first human colony on Mars.

Speed 2X Critical Mass Production

by: Walmart / the Badland Games

29. Speed 2X: Critical Mass

Velocity 2X is a shooting platform game that comes straight from the 80s arcade. Velocity 2X offers two players surprisingly challenging teamwork, ideal for developing teamwork skills.

Legends of Rayman

by: Amazon/brand: Ubisoft

30. Reiman Legends

Reiman, a feeble miracle, can join a friend in this classic platformer adventure. Two players will have more and more fun taking on the challenge as a team.

4 best games with ps4 split screen for kids

best split screen ps4 game for kids.jpg

by: Pexel-/Roller-Stoke

The best games on ps4 with a separate screen can belong to different genres: from racing to shooting, from puzzles to strategy. See the best children’s lists below.

Here are the 4 best PS4 split-screen games for kids:

World series of mini cars

by: Amazon/brand: Low silver content

31. Micro Machines World Series

Split-screen battles and competitive racing modes make Micro Machines a racing game with lots of replay for kids.

Snack between meals 2

by: Amazon/brand: Playstation

32. Key 2

With vivid colours and incredibly detailed graphics, Knack is one of the funniest split-screen games we’ve ever played on PS4.

The battle of the zombies for the neighborhood

by: Amazon/brand: Electronic art

33. Measures against zombies: The Battle of Najorville

Join the plants against. Zombie Moulding in this first-person shooter on 3D split screen, which is more suitable for children thanks to the colorful and tame graphics.

Mira Lego

by: Amazon / Whv games

34. Lego worlds

This game offers a common split-screen gameplay that includes the giant LEGO worlds in all their variations, and has one of the longest two-player gameplay on the list.

4 best ps4 games for kids

The best ps4 chicken games for kids.jpg

by: Pexels / Ketut Subianto

Learning teamwork and mutual understanding are the main benefits of the best pool games offered by ps4. The following options are ideal for children, and each has different levels of difficulty for all ages and abilities.

Here are the 4 best ps4 chicken games for kids:


by: Amazon/brand: Transmission Publications

35. Astronomer

Play with 4 friends to dig and reshape dozens of planets in this building and plundering adventure game. It is also available in local or online multiplayer mode.

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition

by: Amazon/brand: Konami

36. Super-Bombermann R Brilliant Edition

Play with 4 friends in a local online game or multiplayer Super Bomberman R, a classic real-time game.

Asetto Corsa

by: Volmart / 505 Games

37. Corsas assets

The Assetto Corsa is a high-speed simulator with impressive physics and control that makes the exciting driving experience accessible to all ages.

Roman junk in Las Vegum Asterix and Obelix.

by: Volmart / Maximum Play

38. Roman Cry in Las Vegum: Asterix and Obelix

Roman Rumble offers a winning combination of battle and comedy, following the cartoon characters Asterix and Obelix through different levels of cooperative madness.

3 best children’s games exclusively for ps4

best ps4 games exclusively for kids.jpg

by: Pexels / Julia M. Cameron

Every game company fights for exclusive games, and many of ps4’s best exclusive games are made especially for kids! In general, these games are one of the most popular among children.

We offer you the 3 best ps4 games exclusively for children:

Ratchet and latch

by: Walmart / Sony

39. Ratchet and pawl

The new Ratchet & Clank for PS4 revives the iconic PS2 classic and contains even more that kids love: Cool animal characters, inventive robots and weapons, and exploration of the open world in the storyline.

Kingdom of Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX

by: Amazon/brand: Anix-square

40. Heart kingdom HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX

There is no doubt that Kingdom Hearts is the best exclusive series for Playstation. Here are two new editions included in a set of available games.

Marvel's Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition

by: Amazon/brand: Playstation

41. Wonder Spider-Man: Game of the year Edition

An exclusive PS4 version of Spider-Man of the Year is available at the best price. It has a surprisingly exciting storyline and great multiplayer gameplay.

3 ps4 Children’s horror games

horror games ps4 for kids.jpg

by: Pexel/cotton

In the horror games that PS4 offers to children, you can be scared without being terrified. They’re all pretty soft, offer a few jumps without causing nightmares.

Here are the 3 best ps4 horror games for kids:

Hello, neighbor.

by: Amazon/brand: Transmission Publications

42. Good morning, neighbour.

An exciting stealth style game that never turns into supernatural territory. Hello Buurman is a breathtaking tension game that your children will hold on to for hours.

Bendy and the coloring machine

by: Amazon/brand: Maximum number of games

43. Folding and ink-jet machines

In a beautiful cartoon world full of first-person battles, your baby can control Bendy to defeat the evil cartoons hiding behind dark corners.

Don't let a mega-pack starve to death.

by: Amazon/Fire: 505 games

44. Megapacities do not starve

Play with a friend in a local co-operative with a split screen, and you will be challenged to survive in a strange world. No instructions or directions are given, which makes this game as complex as it is fascinating.

Guide to other fantasy games

Want to discover even more amazing games on competing Playstation systems? Please also refer to the following instructions for information about Xbox and Nintendo Switch software:

  1. Microsoft has a surprisingly large library of Xbox games for children of all ages.
  2. With exclusive console games and series, this list of the best original Xbox games is a gold mine.
  3. As convenient as they are for children, many of Nintendo’s commercial games are suitable for both children and adults.

How to choose the best PS4 games for kids

How to choose the best ps4 games for kids.jpg

by: Inattention / Nikita Kachanovsky

Are you ashamed of the way you choose a PS4 game that your children will enjoy? Follow these three simple steps to make a good decision to buy the next game.

Learn how to choose the best PS4 games for kids:

1. Select gender

Select the .jpg genre

by: Insolence / Kelly Sikkema

The child you buy the game for prefers the racing game? Or maybe adventure, puzzles or platform games? This will help you limit your options.

2. Single or multiplayer ?

Single player or multiplayer?

by: Pexel/cotton

Does your child want to play with his or her friends or is this game meant for them?

3. Animated or realistic?

Animated or realistic?

by: Unsplash / Ion Shipilov

Younger children tend to give more support to highly animated games and cartoons, while older children appreciate the shift to more realistic images.


This is it: A comprehensive list of the best PS4 games for kids, with all the genres and options you need. Next time you’re looking for a great PS4 game for the whole family, check out this list before you go anywhere else!

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