This can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure what to do. Here are some tips for growing your local Warhammer gaming group and keeping them engaged with each other!

The “games workshop” is a company that produces games and miniatures for the Warhammer franchise. The article discusses 4 tips to grow your local Warhammer gaming group and keep them engaged.


It’s no secret that organizing a group to play Warhammer on a regular basis is difficult. You must all agree on some fundamentals in order to form and keep a regular group that meets. It also need some community support for this game. Warhammer requires a significant time and expense investment, both of which are considerable. However, there are several ways that players and communities may help one another.

Here are four starting points for developing and sustaining a neighborhood Warhammer organization. 

Establish group norms, goals, and decorum.


You all have one thing in common as Warhammer players: the capacity to engage with, master, and love the game. You may have various lifestyles, histories, experiences, and financial situations as individuals. Additionally, since everyone has a unique background, a player’s previous groups may shape how they see Warhammer and the expectations they have for your group.

It’s the ideal time to explore the culture you have inside your organization when it’s founded or when there are significant changes (like new members joining and leaving). Here are some topics worth talking about:

  • What are the deadlines your group has set for getting the models finished and playable? Are assembled, unpainted troops permitted in your house game? What about dummy models to stand in for other models? 
  • What type(s) of games do you like playing and hope to do so with your group? Are open play, match play, or story play more appealing to you? 
  • Your group’s level of lore focus? Do participants want to discuss the specifics and background of the armies and factions, or are they primarily interested in the battle? 
  • What kind of speech and conduct are permitted in the group? Do some members have children with them, or is it only adults? 
  • What are the aims of the group? This might be as simple as “gather once a month” or as complicated as putting up a webcast. 
  • Will you meet outside of battle games? Some groups like to have painting days (in person or virtually), and others like to add other types of games (like Magic: the Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons) to the itinerary in a separate type of gaming day.
  • Are any of the people in your group keen about competing in tournaments? How can you assist the interested players? 
  • What are the group’s financial limitations and, therefore, the demands placed on its armies?
  • Do you want to be a social club or are you all just there to play and not become involved in each other’s life in any other way? 

Select a Leader


Every gamer is aware of the fact that events frequently disintegrate without someone to take on the task of planning them. The job of starting and sustaining group discourse, as well as scheduling, has to be offered by someone. Informally moderating talks may also be helpful since disagreements about whether army is superior or whether a favored army performs poorly under the new rules may cause groups to disintegrate. 

Setting an example in accordance with the established etiquette and group standards, as well as promoting voting or agreement on crucial matters like whether to switch to the most current version and when and where to meet, are all responsibilities of a leader. A group leader must also reassess or provide new discussion ideas, even if doing so isn’t always pleasant. 

If you’re in charge, you need to keep an eye out for your backup. You’ll eventually fall sick or face a difficult life event, you’ll burn out, or your schedule may get too hectic due to job and family commitments. You’re a badass, but you need to take a step back while another capable fighter rotates in. Think of it as a strong shield wall. For you, who is that person?

Create the Battlefield by selecting the Real Environment


Although it may not seem significant at first, where you play Warhammer may be just as crucial as the other aspects of collecting. Examine the alternatives that are accessible and take them into account from various perspectives:

  • Are you depending on an erratic or unreliable group member for a location?
  • Is the planned location large enough to accommodate your group?
  • Does the location accommodate everyone in terms of travel time and other logistical considerations? (One man cave may cause an asthma attack in another person.)
  • Do you intend to play at the same spot each time, or would playing Warhammer in a nearby game shop make more sense? 
  • What problems within your organization influence venue choice?

The best option when looking for trustworthy gaming locations is a decent, amiable local game shop (FLGS). Some FLGSes provide extended hours, private room rentals, and group table bookings. Generally speaking, the more invested you are in supporting the local economy, bringing in new clients, and making purchases there, the more flexibility you’ll get from a FLGS. It’s often rather simple to come to an agreement with the proprietor of a shop that is independently operated. To discover one that is really committed to provide a venue for Warhammer games, you may need to scout out a few.

Stores run by Games Workshop provide excellent play areas. They are there to support your ability to play Warhammer and other Games Workshop goods by providing assistance with anything from painting to rules inquiries. They are also available to sell you whatever you need. 

Games Workshop provides a storefinder to make it simple. You may acquire a list of independent merchants that offer Games Workshop items as well as information on nearby Games Workshop and Warhammer store locations. Additionally, if you want to save money, establishing yourself as a player at an independent retailer or having purchases transported to a Games Workshop store (which is free) can be very beneficial in the long run. 

Keep in mind that local gaming shop has high overhead costs, so do your bit to support them by patronizing them, telling your friends about them, purchasing your snacks and goods there, and being involved in your neighborhood. 

Adopt Technology: Make Use of Shared Tools


There is lots of technology available to assist your game experience and to make it simpler for the group’s organizer(s) even if we are not yet in the 42nd millenium. The following list of free Warhammer resources may be helpful to you:

  • Create a gaming-specific calendar on Google Calendar and distribute it to your community. Everyone will be able to see when your next play date is, and any scheduling modifications will take effect immediately for everyone.
  • Doodle is a totally free web planner. Make a list of potential times over the week and invite participants to add their availability whenever it suits them. One of the most difficult aspects of leading or taking part in a regular Warhammer group is getting a group together at the same time and same location. Utilize Doodle to lessen that issue.
  • Most gamers use Discord, whereas a lot of office professionals have Slack accounts. These open-source, group-based communication tools may be used to plan activities, discuss the most recent developments, and stay in contact in between games. You may divide communication into channels in Discord and Slack, which is very helpful when you only have time to check on the most critical things. For scheduling, rules discussion, personal chat, memes/humor, and a general discussion space, we advise establishing channels. More channels may always be added as necessary. Make careful to provide details for your new group members if you have a large group.
  • Google Drive: Do you need to share files with others, such as army lists or pictures of how your painting is coming along? Simple: arrange everything on a shared Google Drive. Make sure that everyone has the ability to add things as necessary.
  • Warhammer army list builders: In order to facilitate information sharing and building, it could be beneficial for your group to utilize the same Warhammer army list builder online.
  • You must have a simple method of getting in touch with everyone at once. Group text messages are necessary for day-of communication and to inform the group of any last-minute changes, even though most individuals would prefer to confine their lengthy talks to an app like those mentioned above. Effective communication is crucial to the long-term viability of your organisation. I was forced to work late. When appropriate, a courteous note like “Be there in 20 minutes” is an excellent one to use.

Consider what prevents groups from meeting whether you’re starting from scratch or have experience with a failed Warhammer club. Then, attempt to take proactive measures to fix the issues. While some organizations are aggressive and attempt to meet more often than is practical, other organizations may not have a main organizer who can make Warhammer events happen. What do you and your community need? Respecting others’ time, schedules, real-world obligations (which should always come before gaming), money, and overall person may go a long way in helping a community work well.

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